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  1. Guhad, this place is invested by nabar and naxdin paid stooges who celebrated this incident, so please do not bring some one's personal info to this public.
  2. Galbeed, i am glad that you started asking questions that i have been asking my self long time. let's use our brains for a minute, why do we need more then 27 ministries with 54 ministers with $5000 - $10.000 salaries that 90% of them does not function at all. and more then 350 house and upper house representatives with $3000 dollars salary that does nothing. security comes first. every penny should be spend on security. armies should be paid at least $500.00 a month to insure their bills are paid and it becomes a profession that only those who qualified are hired. we need a leader whose first and second and third priorities are security.
  3. may be alshabaab is profitable business that no one wants to be defeated, it gives a blank check to failmajo and crew to loot the country and amisom the legitimacy to stay.
  4. You do not bite the hand that feeds you. Suldaan, Failmajo days soon will be over and will be remembered the worst president and most Ethiopian ass kisser who spends millions of dollars of public money Traveling around the world like his fulfilling his fantasies while millions of Somalis are starving and civil servants and militaries are not paid for months.
  5. Ahmed History begins with maxkamitii, and that was only time Somalia felt sense of stability and peace. since then he was fighting with alshabaab.
  6. Apophis, This dude has Langaab syndrome against OGs as general. the ones in Ethiopia, Kenya or jubaland. he sided with Oromo over none dir Somalis in Ethiopia saying that they are Dir Cousins. He refers ONLF as terrorist. Gableedi, you have to know your place in the world before yo open your none sense mouth. Failmajo represents only few kilmoters around Villa Somalia, his own salary is paid by Qatar, in other hand, Kenya is one of the top countries in Africa economically and is a hub for all central Africa countries, is also a base for UN. do the math, which one matters to UN or any other country. in this world of age, interest matters, so please tell me what a lawless, terrorist and drug invested country has to offer, in order to persuade any country to side with them. what makes you thing your support matters, If you want support any one, please help you helpless kin in Somaliland. Please do not let the beef between the OGs And MR Confuse you, by the end of the day Failmajo is my kin. and please go waste your time some where else, i can see you just graduated from ESL Class and your practicing your writing.
  7. Galbeedi, either you are Ignorant how the world functions or you are one of the low IQ kids who fall victim to Failmajo unfunded lies. A letter send by you to UN, will not even be used as toilet paper. stop entertaining your self. There is no Somali against Kenya and it was never one. Failmajo childish dream to hand his toll jubaland region is what igniting Kenya to give him the middle finger, he beg them and salute to their ass to have the control of kista but was told fuuck of, and then he want to Ethiopia and Eretria and did the same, with no result. this is simply a game between the OGs officials in Kenya and Failmajo Clan.
  8. galbeedi, that could be done only, when you have viable, sincere leader. till to day, he has not spend one minute of his time to create a national army that represents all the regions of Somalia. he travelers at least five times a month, renting a private plane, staying lavish hotels with a crew of more then 20 people while the people he was suppose to represent are dying for hunger and curable diseases. he is simply excited transforming him self from working 9 to 5.00 with salary of $40.000 a year after tax. to having $20.000.000 dollars budget to spend as he wishes.
  9. Miskiin. i can see, you are doing what you are being paid to do here. but you can not defeat madoobe with cheap propaganda. yo and yo crew could not defeat madoobe when jubaland was infant, let alone now.
  10. madoobe has more then 10.000 well disciplined army and equipped far more then hatters like can imagine. jubaland army are in deef dhobley, hagar, afmadow, qooqaani, kulbiyow guda, barsugaani bula gaduud, not included jubaland army in gedo nearest alshabaab in kismaayo is Jamaame, wich is almost 80 miles away. they consistently fight with alshabaab and recently captured hagar, which is half way to buale. with out amisom in villa somalia, yo uncle failmajo would have been beheaded by alshabaab. let's put kenyans a side, tell me what power yo weak ass has that can even dream to take one inch of land from madoobe, yo uncle failmajo has no army and can even secure hal wado im mugadisho, and alshabaab controls and takes tax from mugadisho resident.he has no support from mugadisho locals. I know what kinda of election yo imagining to happen in kismaayo, "the southwest style" Again Jubaland is not southwest and jubaland is out of failmajo league.
  11. you can not simply wish some one out office, unless you have the means to do so. yo uncle failmajo can not even handle the green zone, and he has nothing to show for the years he was in office, except handing Somali national to Ethiopia. you do not see Jubaland army complaining their salaries not being paid or robbing and killing innocent bajaj drivers. he had full support of real jubalanders, not the Diinis from Cowdwaaq whom he eliminated from jubooyinka.yo uncle failmajo admited that there was stalemate for the some of the issues, and madoobe choose not to sit around a meeting with no potential outcome and that is what a good leader would done who has better thing to do. jubaland is not soutwest and hirshabeele. madoobe has the Resources, man power and alliance to defeat any threat.
  12. Since day one. somalilanders has been promoting hate and animosity towards their fellow Somalis, for no apparent good reason. but they forget that he who harbors hatred and bitterness injures himself far more then the one towards. No wonder, there are where there are today. if any one visited their la la land, the animosity among them is an believable.
  13. Duqbilow is like Amin Arts that uses his mouth. He is one of thousands of paid Facebook characters, who are paid to spread Nabad Nolol Propaganda.
  14. Miskiin, base to your blended support of farmaajo, one can simply assume that you are another duq bilow. Wasted public money. Millions of Somali are starving, here is your faje president spending money on cheap propaganda.
  15. what actions? Telling Facebook president get lost. Madoobe at least is man enough to state why the meeting failed and excuse him self from None sense meeting. where the other hand, till to day. you are so called president did not address the nation and did not bother to state his standing on the issues, or did ever address the nations he represents when there is an issue.