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  1. It seems the Daily Mail has the knives out for Farah, for whatever reason, but I am very skeptical about that alleged "video" about the doorbell in his house. Has any of you seen the picture+audio clip (it isn't actually a video but a picture of Farah's house & a sound clip on top of it. Anyone can make that up)? I am not trying to defend him here but the way DM is repeating this story over and over again within a week and that dodgy-looking picture+audio clip made me suspicious. If he gave someone permission to get into house to prove that he couldn't hear the bell from his bedroom so where is the real video? And why does Farah's bedroom, a Pro athlete, married with kids, look like a dirty, single man's unkempt room? Did he say anything about the video, i.e. confirmed its validity?
  2. <cite> @Che -Guevara said:</cite> Elpunto. Waa Soomaali axadkaan. <cite> @nairobian said:</cite> This is the problem! You guys live in a parallel universe of bs! Up is down and you somehow see the simplest things inside out. What's obvious to blind men is a mystery to Abdi. You guys came here! WE ARE NOT IN ZOOMALIA! I suspect that reality is what you hate and therefore avoid with false narratives about Islii,the E and C African Hongkong,which fyi,is just a slum. Tell me;why can't you use your superior biz acumen and organizational ability for your betterment back home? Not Minniehopeless/Wood Green/Toronto/Holland or Sweden but back in the sacred soil of Zoomalia? Che -Guevara, you hit the nail on the head. Their use of words like 'Zoomalia' & 'Minniehopeless' are dead giveaway.
  3. I am not sure 100 % but I read somewhere that the plane saw in Aden Adde airport brought some Qatari dignitaries and has nothing to do with Qatar airways starting operations in Somalia. But it would definitely be a good thing if it happens though.
  4. <cite> @Nin-Yaaban said:</cite> Nolasheeyda dhan sadex goor lee wax jeclaaday. 1st. Markaan High School kujiray ayaa waxaan jeclaaday gabar Somali ah oo 1yr iga weyn. Halsano ayeey iga weyneed, isku class ayaan aheen, 6 months ayaan Saaxiibo aheen, kadib waxeey igu tiri Wadada ku qul qul, I am dating someone else. Aniga I was devastated, but I got over her and moved on. 2nd time. I was more mature and I was 26yr old. We were together for 2yrs until we went our separate ways. This time I wasn't heart broken as the first time. The first cut us always the deepest. So what about the third time?
  5. One of the most barbaric remnants of our old, mindless traditions. The sooner we got rid of it the better. I feel sorry for the poor little girls who go through this misery. I remember reading a book written by a Somali lady (I think it was Raaqiya Oomaar, not sure about the author) back in the 90's and to this day when female circumcision is mentioned I get terrifying flashbacks from the horrific scenes depicted by the women interviewed by that author in that book; from the mutilation process, during the unsanitary recovery period, the difficulties when they're having their periods as well as the agony they go through during child birth. And on top of all that, there's no evidence that it's even needed from the point of the religion.
  6. A great step forward. Once the locals start investing in their own economies & create jobs then the international investors wont be that far behind.
  7. <cite> @Khayr said:</cite> That is because we are a value centered people with a focus on the family and maturity. We don't need old kids aged 30+ living with their mothers. On another note, what is FML? Is that estrogen lingu? Oh yeah, welcome to the site. Khayr, I don't live with my mother, not even with any of my family members. And I think it's time that we, Somalis, learn to forget that collective, groupie mentality and that what's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander. And thanks for the welcome. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> Bro, there's no reason for a Somali man at the age of 30 who can afford to be married, being single. It makes no sense at all. You're not a child. You're a man We have different values when compared to the bachelor-types all over the United States who do nothing but attend strip clubs, date multiple girls and live a free life with no responsibilities. Your family generally wants the best for you. So if you're 20 and you're still not enrolled in school or working, then your relatives will wonder why. And if you're 30 and you're still not married even though you can afford it, then they'll wonder why. Kenney, I see where you're coming from but it aint that simple, mate. Back in the days when we were back home things were different. And as you mentioned (the West), one can't simply jump on the wagon & settle down because that's how society & and the family/relatives expect us to do. Responsibilities, financial & emotional readiness as well as many other factors need to be fulfilled before one decides to make a family. I would rather be 50 and miserable by myself than bring some poor kids that I am not ready for into this world "because that's the norm".
  8. One of the most irritating things about Somalis, from relatives to families and friends. It's like the most favorite pastime question that Somalis like to ask you if you reached 30 and you are not still married. FML for being the only one in my family who's still single! And hi everyone.