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  1. <cite> @Naxar Nugaaleed said:</cite> ^^^ there are Bantu Somalis, just thought you should know. There are bantus all over Africa,even in Ethiopia-not that it has fuck all with the topic! This is the topic: This was the aftermath of the AS ambush of some Kenya police in Garissa.Tell me,genius,are they winning? That's only a foretaste!
  2. Its simple-damn simple! The KDF went in to to defeat Al Shabaab. Mission accomplished. For purely emotional,easy to understand reasons,you're unhappy. Bantus aren't supposed to do that to Somalis-instead of crying and yelping over the net,why not just leave Kenya? It ain't complicated!
  3. In 2008 a Kenyan lawyer wrote we should annex Somalia For the usual reasons;which I and a number of Kenyans agreed with,though tbh many of his observations and conclusions needed more thought. Immediately after the annexation, we will invite our strategic foreign friends (not China please) to come and exploit the resources for us. DAH FUQ!! Anyway,what surprised Kenyans was the Somali response. A veritable volunteer army of cyber jihadis invaded our forums waving their baby fists/flexing chicken muscles/snarling threats and pouring racist vituperation on bantus. Here's an example of one of the more polite responses: The Islamist army on the other hand is currently reigning supreme in Southern Somalia and is becoming stronger as each day passes by. How could the small and poorly equipped Kenyan army ever succeed where the heavily western backed Ethiopian army failed? Anyway,all that has come to pass. The KDF is sitting pretty in Kismayu and will be for some time. We've used our army as a tool of foreign policy-successfully,I might add. Don't you think its time to drop the butthurt hostility and accept the reality instead of being misused by Zionists to sabotage fellow Africans?
  4. <cite> @ElPunto said:</cite> Somalis have done a lot for Kenya. They have started businesses that employ thousands of Kenyans and have invested hundreds of millions in the country. They have single-handedly turned Islii into the primary marketplace for East and Central Africa. Somalia's continued instability has created a multi billion aid industry employing thousands based in Nairobi pumping huge quantities of money and jobs into the Kenyan economy. The endemic corruption that is part and parcel of everyday income for Kenyans has gotten a huge boost as Kenyans prey on Somalis for bribes and that Somalis pay readily. In short Somalis are contributing massively to Kenya. Let's not create illusory stories about what Kenya has done for Somalis - they barely do anything for their own citizens. As if they have done special favours for Somalis! This is the problem! You guys live in a parallel universe of bs! Up is down and you somehow see the simplest things inside out. What's obvious to blind men is a mystery to Abdi. You guys came here! WE ARE NOT IN ZOOMALIA! I suspect that reality is what you hate and therefore avoid with false narratives about Islii,the E and C African Hongkong,which fyi,is just a slum. Tell me;why can't you use your superior biz acumen and organizational ability for your betterment back home? Not Minniehopeless/Wood Green/Toronto/Holland or Sweden but back in the sacred soil of Zoomalia?
  5. <cite> @Nin-Yaaban said:</cite> DoctorKenney, that's not entirely true. Kenya has done a lot for Somalis, and it's still the only country in the horn that let's Somalis start and own businesses. I would say 65% of all Somalis who fled the war transited thru Kenya. And there are still hundreds of thousands Somalis living there. Dadka laguma jizaaro. Exactly! This is obvious to anyone in the region with eyes. Nairobian, believe me if we Somalis were united, we would put you Kenyan dogs in your place. Wallahi, if Somalis from all the major clans gathered together and set aside our differences and worked together as brothers, there would be NOTHING you Kenyans would be able to do to us. Nothing at all. Your Kenyan government has sponsored different Somali warlords to kill our own people, your Kenyan troops are raping our Somali women, your Kenyan State is occupying 137,000 square kilometers of Somali territory, and you now have the nerve to claim we are the aggress Tell me,nin-yabaan,where does such loud mouth hate come from? Fyi,guys like this were even on Nigerian forums threatening Kenyans after the invasion,though tbh, they've now recognised the long term occupation for what it is and gone silent.
  6. nairobian, if i ignore your hate-motivated BS about IDF and stuff, for me as a principle i Please explain! I only clarified to forumers here why the KDF had to go in and what happened when the met the Al Shabaab in the field. Fyi,the few experienced AS survivors uniformly said they'd rather tangle with the UPDF any day than the KDF.
  7. <cite> @Naxar Nugaaleed said:</cite> Anyone ignorant and backward enough to say something like that should be more concerned about seeking knowledge rather then debating online about a third world army and the circumstance of the Uighurs. Kenya is a 3rd world country-of course the army is 3rd world! But that's not the point. They're idle in Kismayo with nobody to play with for now having drastically reduced the Al Shabaab manpower base. The point is: don't allow yourselves to be misused by the Anglo Zionists to sabotage our national progress!
  8. Your responses are,how can I put it-feminine. Emotional and totally devoid of sense. The people who gathered those stats used a host of metrics,everything from prosperity,gender equality,culture,international peace and security and contribution to world order. Have a good look at it here: Tell me if the KDF is so incompetent,how were they able to kill 3000 Al Shabaab? Have you heard of the fantastic KDF kill ratios in Jana Cabdallah,Miido,Xoosingo and those other dusty nameless places in S Somalia? I know guys there;they all say the same. Al Shabaab died massively whenever they tried to make a stand.
  9. I've just been lurking and some of the posts here show a regrettable tendency:many of you identify with the worst Al Shabaab elements,openly singing their praises and cursing the KDF. Fyi,the decision to invade has been pending since the collapse of Somalia. Once,construction of LAPSSET,transAfrica the oil pipeline/rail/highway began in Lamu it became imperative to safeguard the project. Kibaki wasn't under western orders,in fact they were shocked. Anyway its not just treason but you're morally supporting national stagnation when you slander the KDF,talking about 'thousands of dead Somalis' and other ish. You're playing the role of Uyghers,west Chinese Caucasoids. <img src=" ISA" alt="uygher leader" /> These are the fav ethnic misused by the CIA to stir up trouble with the majority Han Chinese. Kenya has made very very real developments as this study shows. A combi of different metrics shows we're the first 3rd world country at position 26 just behind Japan ahead of Singapore in individual contributions to the Global Good. I know its emotionally inconvenient to accept we're not a failed state but its true-should you decide to sabotage our progress,the price you will pay is ENORMOUS. Trust me. Don't let false pride lead you into national sabotage and derailment. If you feel you must react emotionally as is often your custom be prepared to reap the Apocalypse itself.
  10. Any one have any idea who the Tutsis really are? I was in Uganda long time ago;i met quite a few of them who told me they regard themselves Somalis.I do too.We very much look alike,besides Rwanda & Uganda(Museveni is Tutsi-Ugandan president)have peace keeping forces in Mogadishu. Rwanda & the US were the only two who were trying to mediate Ethiopia & Eriteria.They really care. May be we need to be conscious about our people who drifted 500yrs ago. Fyi,they're simply semi Kushite/bantu;like Kikuyus/kambas/Merus and Embus. I've been there and they thought I was one of them. Its just that they were very particular in their breeding and still are.