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  1. http://africanahgirl.com/2015/08/07/the-human-face-of-mogadishu-part-one/comment-page-1/#comment-4706
  2. <cite> @Nin-Yaaban said:</cite> Good for him, wish him all best in his new country. Warsheekh, my nigga!
  3. Somali and their fabricated stories ...kulaha "I was under threat for working for an nGO"
  4. Admin! Why was my question to the author erased? Why ? Is asking a normal question forbidden?
  5. http://hiiraan.com/news4/2015/Aug/101028/swaziland_calls_somali_migrants_health_hazard_and_nuisance.aspx
  6. http://hiiraan.com/news4/2015/Aug/100997/thanks_to_this_rockstar_djibouti_s_national_airline_gets_a_new_flight.aspx
  7. @tallabo..read the article again before attacking me. She said it in the article several indication that she is of another religion..."Politics was a lifelong passion, but his Muslim religion and family were also very important to him"
  8. That's what happens when you seek danger. Dude could've politicking in Somaliland, his ancestral homeland, where politicking don't kill you. Now, for the his daughter of his from an incident back in the 60s from the looks of it is gaalad ( disbeliever. Taasina wa qasaaro.
  9. @naxar..go to her IG and read it ...This chick was inside the building..she has survived by the luckiest of chances walahi...she narrates how it all felt in her long article she wrote about it .. I've seen too many pics of her hanging out there at this hotel and I took a wild guess
  10. I mean people are going nuts on her IG, she hasn't updated no one.
  11. This dude needs to capitalize on this short lived notorioty because his winning time is the same time a runner who finished last gets in the world stage such as the diamond league, world championships and Olympics. Once again folks keep in mind that this was the Pan AM
  12. <cite> @Nin-Yaaban said:</cite> Looks nice, they should take it and pitch it to Shark Tank, they can get national exposure. Nin-Yaaban here is what you suggested...they already met the guy from Shark Tank..according to my boy nothing came out of it ...besides he was at OSU for a lecture
  13. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2015/07/21/local-runner-wins-panam-gold What is it that makes them fast ?
  14. Somali towns ( all of them are towns from Hargeisa to kismayo relatively speaking). Nimanyahow isla weyninaa that we really are praising a towns that is one foot out of the medieval times. What infrastructure can we one detect in tgese picture ? None! No sewage system, no proper roads, no pedestrian sidewalk, no traffic lights, no light polls, no street instructions and no city codes. Somalis and their false pride!
  15. A forum member has embarked on a one woman mission to be the sole intellectual property of the overwhelmingly savage backward people of Somalia. Let's all take the time to congratulate her for her epic effort.
  16. Alpha..have you seen the hilarious dabdamis truck in Hargeisa with a loud speaker cussing at other cars to get out of it's way ..only in Somalia
  17. Why them dudes in Europe so petite. I've been to the UK and the Somali cats over their look malnourished
  18. That I was with before I got with my current wife. How can I stop this ? The ex initiates it and I'm so weak for her temptations