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  1. <cite> @Safferz said:</cite> ^ having a PhD and a cushy job does not make him an intellectual, or any less mediocre than he is. I am surprised we have the same ideology. Although you see me as a lunatic. I don't blame you cause I consider myself a lunatic.
  2. @Galbeed..I'm clean hearted that I can detect a poison from a mike away. Therefore I'm going there in order to call a spade a spade. I assure you I hail from Somaliland but I despise every deceiving politician in the whole of greater Somalia. Sidaa darteed cey da jooji ma'am!
  3. Walaal, I'm am so disgusted by him that I intent to ask him very penetrating question. I was thinking asking him "Sir, is it fair for some of us to ask, considering your flip flopping political platform, that you are equally opportunist like the American foreign policies on the Arab Middle East in regards to abandoning ship when their hand picke man is about to be toppled that they side with the revolutionists?"
  4. Reeyo , basically did the typical medical field and preferably nursing..manne why do our girls go on one field why can't they diversify ? Btw Alpha, I need you to tell me about the lounge ?
  5. Wale, isma ogid, dadkan kuma garanayaan sxb laakinse an mid ku wiidiyo, hada are you feeling better? It's seems you are because I times you write very coherent sentences. Wan ku so ducenayaa abti, actually I congratulate the family for taking you to the motherland as quickly as they did because they immeasurably done you good otherwise them health people would've pounded you with them meds.
  6. @alpha, sxb, how do spend your days in Hargeisa? Don't u get bored ?
  7. The driver goes " my house is next to that house you were hiding around" and then the Ranger tells him a revelation, that he shot up that house..LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  8. @alpha, what do u think about the new lounge at JigJiga called Royal lounge
  9. @Hawdian, labadayada it must be said that you need serious Quran on you cause I don't got no qabiilism deamons in me..I'm just stating a true story ..I didn't insult anyone.. @Nin...
  10. Canada seriously sucks..they leech on to Hockey for deep subconscious inferiority complex...Canada is honestly the most irrelevant country in the Western world...has anyone been to Canada ? Their gov spends billions of dollar to promote their culture just to counter the unstoppable invasion of American culture in their country...every Canadian knows so much about the States yet if you go to Indianapolis and ask any American of what they know of Canadians they would say "I don't even know where is at?"
  11. About 4 years ago I met a Somali girl at a Somali wedding. At the time I was a predator and therefore I preyed on the ones I deemed to be quickest to give up. I came to this conclusion when I witnessed her pad dropping niiko on the dance floor. Somehow I approached her discreetly and I managed to get her phone number. She was a 18 year old who was still in high school. At first I marinated her over the phone for few days and then picked her up after school. I ended up taking her to motel 6 that is now an ihop restaurant ( was demolished since then ). Two months later, as I was watching World Cup South Africa (ivory coast vs Argentina) my cell phone rang. It was her and she had a disturbing news for me. At first I thought she was calling me because she wanted a repeat but she hit me with that dreadful news. I think I need to not reveal it for fear of you guys having a wild imaginations about me. Il just stop.
  12. @holac, I was there so recently and I came across these dudes at the parking lot of Summertime. These guys are do malnutritioned that you would think that they never left the country but strangely they speak a British Accent. In any rate, these dudes are addicts, they were openly drunk at Summertime. Basically every summertime they leech in to Somali vacationers who are weed heads by providing them with the ganja and hosting house parties.
  13. Someone is fleeing with deat life tonight while missing some series luxurious lifestyle too. I actually ain't mad at this Slavic dictators tho! They still but they half build their countries unlike the cursed Africabs.
  14. I'm just starring at one area of herself ..lawd haf mirsi
  15. @alpha..dee sxb this is the second time I'm asking you..r u still back home and exactly where
  16. There's is a mole inside villa Somalia. I bet that the rebel's intelligence unit is more accurate and affective then the embecile so called gov of Somalia. They've done a reconaicence before they put into action. They penetrated deep and there's noway they did it blindly
  17. Hey Mod, can u remove this thread to politics..my bat