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  1. <cite> @Nin-Yaaban said:</cite> Thanks Sharmaake, waad mahad santahay. It's scary that you dam know me but I dot know you dammit
  2. That really is fun and a worthwhile. I drive Uber! Incredible experience runtii, I'm bombarded with requests whenever I showup at our little downtown broad street. I do it before I enjoy my weekends with my friends at the downtown lounge place. However I'm a but concerned because a prey on people exiting/ bar hopping for my uber service therefore am I doin haram for transporting the folks? Btw this is not my main job.
  3. <cite> @somalee said:</cite> You are still technically a a Laangaab. This is atrocious insult to my dignity
  4. <cite> @Tillamook said:</cite> It should be common knowledge by now that the western use of "last names" does not jive well with our ancestral lineage naming and counting system. So with that in mind; since your child's full Somali name is Dayax Sharmarke Ali, I believe it should remain so, no matter who will get confused about why he does not share the same "last name" as you do, according to the nomenclature used in western countries! On the other hand, if you wish to become a westernized Langaab who wishes to renege on his Somali heritage, then be all means... pick your grandfather's name as a "last name" and pass it on from generation to generation. The choice is yours. Why insult me bro! What's this langab talk? I'm ciidagale bro !
  5. Rachel is rageedi! She mocked black American's one blood drop rule..in other words...excepting a person as black although a person is genetically 90% white and Indian...for instance like Louis Farakhan
  6. <cite> @AbdiJohnson said:</cite> You may call me Slave of Western Values as well. Don't limit yourself Are you out on the periphery of the Islamic fold that your hooyo raised you in
  7. I'm about to have my first child and I'm confused about how to officially write it. So if my name is Sharmarke Ali Guled And my new born son's name is Dayax ...please attach his last name for me ...I'm talking about Western tradition Would it be Dayah S Ali?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQJsirODJk8
  9. MasterCard http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150602006706/en/MasterCard-International-Payments-Network-Enter-Somalia# I bet you it's gonna be very expensive to use it over there. I remember using my Visa card to withdraw money and they effing charged me an arm and a leg By the way..,who owns Premier Bank?
  10. I just hope they also have a connection to Hargeisa.
  11. <cite> @Tallaabo said:</cite> As an animal rights activist I am disturbed by the display of a dead lion's carcass as a trophy. This Zulu criminal should be brought to justice for such a horrendous crime. This legitimate King is the King of the Xhosa not the Zulus ..besides this guy from Somalia is the greatest imposter Somalia has ever introduced .. Look at this fool, he goes to a high school claiming to be the king of Somalia
  12. I'm so much bothered that this imposter "king" of Somalia ( that's what he is saying to these clueless people) is wearing another Man's attire..we are not Arabs
  13. Yes..2011.. But did you know the 911 call..it brings home how these bastards brought terror to maskiins
  14. Is in progress.... Please listen to the audio on the left corner if the following article http://www.mprnews.org/story/2011/10/31/mahdi-hassan-ali-sentence Here's the robbery by Somalis...they killed all three of them.. These were the animals
  15. <cite> @Mooge said:</cite> Sufism is needed because it is a counter-balance to extremism. Sufi Islam has deep roots in Somalia and our people practiced it for centuries niyoow. Major shirk
  16. There's just some arrogance about him or is this his style of grilling his guest? Is he like this with every ethnicity or is he suffering from the mentality of the "whitemen's burden " syndrome?
  17. <cite> @Nin-Yaaban said:</cite> The older you get, the more everything becomes harder for you. I get that, but isn't necessarily why he lost that marathon, it could be due to many factors. Do you think Mo Farah would retire anytime soon? No he will not ..I believe he will circumvent his races by picking and choosing who he runs against ..he will compete in mediocre races to collect few thousands..his eventual retirement is in 2 years
  18. Impressive academic accomplishment but her mission to be the next President of Somalia is like me hoping to be the next Israeli PM. In otherwords "abaayo ciyaarta kala bax forum-ka"