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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BBJSIZ8bNU ^ with such an attitude whats the point of her wearing that hijab. Its obvious hooyo ba qasabtey. Besides, does she honestly think that the world revolves around her. hayaay!
  2. ive answered your question from the get-go...Ive stated that I was ready to pay but they wouldnt even allow me to lay the sick person down...keep in mind that this is africa, they dont have wheelchairs..the sick is carried by the fam....Bro, im telling you im not on a smear mission, what'm telling you is the honest truth..she is a fraud..
  3. but ..dude...he divorced her while alive...you mean you want him to give her all 3 maximum "dalqo" from beyond?
  4. This Barkhad dude has already the one million dollar mark especially after been nominated for the Oscars. His appearance on shows alone get him something like 10k. The real question is, is he a one hit wonder? I cant even think of other movies that can utilize him other than horror movies who would love to take advantage of his mouth structure and his body mass
  5. Hawdian, just shows to prove that you are not well informed of what'm talking about. We have such a clan in the over all tribe.
  6. I've recently went to Somaliland. While there I've come to learn that Ms Edna is not how she portrays herself. Ive came across plethora of people complaining about her. I just couldnt believe them because ive met this lady when she gave a lecture at my Uni. She told very heart wrenching stories that almost made us burst into tears. That whole image was shattered when one of my own relatives got sick and I had to rush that person to her hospital. At the entrance they asked us to pay for everything, from the gloves, the syringes and the bed. I protested with them that this person needs immediate medical attention and that the stuff can be paid as soon as I put him on the bed. They outright refused. Imagine that you loved one is moaning right next to you and these people want that money before you can even put the relative at ease. There and there it occurred to me, that this whole hospital was indeed a hoax. Edna Adan goes around Western cities with this deliberately thought out appeal to garner the sympathy of unsuspecting Westerners, who not realizing that this is actually a business for profit towards Ms Edna's tribe. These are my reasons > First, she says that she does not turn down a desperate person who needs medical attention, that's false. She holds dead people's corpse till the bill is paid. Secondly, what a foreigner doesn't know is that she been secretly recorded (at one of her Uni visits in Canada, She had her fellow tribesmen take her to her hotel but unfortunately for her the driver was a fellow from another whole different tribe, who was attentive to catch the flow of the conversation and who had the presence of mind to start recording her boasting of great grand deceit) chastising her fellow tribesmen for not doing as much as she done for them. She was referring to the fact that almost all the female nurses are her tribe. So please ask her to defend herself on this matter! It's indefensible but let's hear what she says. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjKiFubs4f0
  7. This is the surveilance video of the 4 murder-suicide of Somalis in St. Louis http://fox2now.com/2013/11/03/cherokee-surveillance-video-shows-a-calm-shooter-seconds-before-killings/
  8. I cannot imagine how much it pained him to see the structure they laid the foundation for collapse and disintegrate before their eyes. To them it was equevelent to witnessing the child they gave birth to and nurtured become an alcoholic and heroine addict. Basically it was like seeing their child on a suicidal path, can you imagine witnessing that as a father. In the same token we can also blamed them for setting the seed of corruption and qabiilism. If one knows the history of Somalia in the 1960s one would know that the politicians at that time were corrupt to the core. Also qabiilism was the name of the game then ever before and after. How do I know? In the 1969 election( before the overthrow ) Somalia was dubiously recorded (guiness world record) and still remains the country that had the most parties in a single election, 69 parties
  9. He was born in Kenya and he hails from the breakaway region of Somaliland. He is the son of a mortuary owner in Kenya.
  10. When you were born in there it was a single building with a tree in the courtyard, please make sure you tell you kids that you were born undera tree and don't entertain the thought of misleading the kids by claiming this otherly world hospital. Btw, I am very saddened to say that within half a decade this prestige looking hospital will look like a rubbish dumb. We are indeed African "usgag" amasa "fad aro" amasa "wasakh miiran". I'm taking my point of view of how we treat hospitals in these Western countries. I should know because I work with hospitals.
  11. Her bone structure is so so Somali. Her hands, her face and her pelvis.