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  1. Apti m, bes bes jooji isla hadalkan, daawadaadii waxey saarantahay on top of the fridge
  2. Kid is gonna be rediculed http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lYVh4jo8nw0
  3. Apti, iska guurso wad ku caafimaadiyee. Rag badano biyihii Iyo saliida isku qubey wey fiicnaadeen markii loo guuriyey inan yaroo 15 jira back home
  4. Apti, how r u feeling today? Did the meds help? No more paranoi right ? The last time u wrote incoherent things so I figured you just didn't have your daily doses of those strong meds.
  5. Holac, am I Nostradamus or what, I described it spot on
  6. Our people are highly paranoid..as long as I stay anonymous then I can pulled bc once they know your qabiil it's a wrap..even under anonymity they would kill an innocent bro out of paranoi
  7. Galbeedi, loooool, dude ileen hadaan gartey, that I need to have a tabloid, the first Somali paparazzi ..
  9. We have exclusively attained a video of the Somali female officer inappropriately pressed on her naaso/boobs/breast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5b6rQFj7tA
  10. They pathetic piece of an excuse for human beings. What kind of a mental slavery do they have to celebrate a non-factor recognition when their whole land have been confiscated.
  11. He spoke of verbally been attacked at gathering in a conference in Rochester. He spoke of Southerners calling his act an act of treason. That his friends have turned into enemies. Is he speaking of Ali Galaydh?
  12. Walee la gaad The Ukrain..they abt to resort to a partisan warfare loool..my two cevrs is such that I believe that Russia would be exposed in a prolonged war..mukulaal gurigeeda joogto miciyeey la so baxdaa http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/03/02/world/europe/ukraine-finds-its-forces-are-ill-equipped-to-take-crimea-back-from-russia.html?from=homepage
  13. Holac, man your an expert on mobile/ computer technology ..how did you discover..yes I've used it
  14. Just applauded Professor Samatar's declaration of abandoning the sinkibg ship
  15. <cite> @Alpha Blondy said:</cite> they say....''you don't know what you have until you lose it''. ta kale...dadku waxay sheegaan once you lose it, you can never get it back......... ma ruunba, in the first instance.? and secondly, it was inevitable lakinse how will my life change? can i redraw the line after crossing the others? mise, i will come to rue my habitual line stepping...? Hassan - you needn't reply. Wa kaas! Waxaan islahaa wu ka so reen but the kid is talking incoherently ..abti, everything is gona ok
  16. War sxb meeshu wa Qaaradii inkaarta qabtey, therefore it's all for profit, this is not the well endowed western wealthy countries .. Btw, I would fore warn you that alpha might be at location but the man is there for in the foreseeable feature due to the poor dude being a prisoner of his on mind. Therefore he might tell you story based on his perceived mental picture at that particular moment
  17. I visited the aforementioned Uni back in 2012...I must tell you that the word Uni is loosely used over there in Somalia/land..terrible looking place..and yes it's all for profit
  18. &Admin...was he long time member ? In anyrate, just wanted to say that your a great person ..you've really tolerated my over the top preposterous topics and comments ..just know that I mean no harm
  19. Ugo! Acudu bilahi ...this is travesty..how dare you insult our honor and religion?
  20. @Hawdian..u r not attacking me, are you ? I don't know what sort of crime I committed
  21. So the conclusion we've arrived at is that Reeyo wanted a seasoned thoroughly white intellectual.
  22. Holac, war holacee naga daa these movie threads..give us something thoughtful
  23. No, I've seen the movie and I honestly think this Barkhad character has been elevated to another level bc of the publicist that wanted big up the movie.. Il tell u the African that's gona win, the Kenyan girl from 12 years a slave