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  1. Abdi Samatar will find out like his brother that Somalia is a very corrupt country with little transparency. He will grow disillusioned with the 4.5 system and just leave for good with a bag full of money.
  2. True. Which is why Somaliland cannot really function as a state until the concept of citizenship is a real thing. If you invest and build a company then the security of that company will depend on your connections and clan affiliation and not on the rule of law. This is one of the biggest hurdles facing Somaliland and it will not be an easy one to overcome. As for Somalia, well it has similar problems as well as terrorism.
  3. The time is now and the African Union should move forward with this as Somaliland has many things to get done.
  4. What Somaliland chooses to do and not do is none of your business. Worry about Puntland and the over inflation of its currency.
  5. It seems you know nothing about anything remotely geopolitical. The Turks are in NATO because they understand its benefits. The Arabs are destabilising Ethiopia because the renaissance dam project could cut off water for Egypt. There is nothing emotional about that. Only idiots and evil minded men in Mogadishu think because Tukey has built up and run the Mogadishu port and help get their degenerate ass off the ground somehow Turkey is here to help....utter fools!
  6. You do know the soviet Government from 1960 until 1977 trained most of the Somali army right? You do know that when the Barre government started using said army against the population rebel groups sprung up right? You do know that this same army disintegrated and joined their respected clan militias when all out civil war erupted in Southern Somalia in 1991 right? Training military personal does not mean anything unless that personal can protect the country from chaos. Somalia is morally and ethnically bankrupt and will most likely fold overnight to any terrorist group with a mild will to win. Turkey does not care about anything other than what is good for Turkey.
  7. Nothing meaningful will come from it. Since none of these African leaders have total control of their countries. Turkey is a NATO ally and will not do anything to compromise this reality.
  8. What ever the scenario Somaliland would not fall under the boot of a terrorist organisation. They have no grassroot support and the government keeps a close eye on terrorist. The Taliban are like the TPLF, ELF, SNM or ZANu-PF in terms of organisation and success but nothing like that exist in Somalia so Somaliland is safe.
  9. The Puntland clan re-joined afweyne when he stop attacking them and address their grievances. Nothing of the sort was given to Somalilanders. afweyne visited Hargeisa for the last time in 1984 to talk to the elders about the SNM but he returned back to Mogadishu and decided Habr clans were not worthy of consideration and intensified the war against the Somalilanders. 1. Nothing is holding Somaliland back, the people control their own government and hold trade conferences with other nations. What is holding the paper government of Somalia from letting go of Somaliland?...I know. 2. Yes to some extent it did. Somalilanders did not think that their tax dollars would be used to destroy their homes and businesses. Anyone in the world would be effected by this and the fact the Dar**d clans refuse to acknowledge their role in the evil is what continues to poison the failed state of Somalia.
  10. You are right the paper "government" of Somalia will suffer the same fate as Ashraf Ghani but will Qatar welcome the corrupt Somali politicians and their ill gotten gains? Only time will tell...but I do believe as you do that once the money from U.N/U.S.A and E.U dry up the "government" will collapse.
  11. 1. I don't know for sure but I responded to his question as if he was. 2. I admit nothing and I am not wasting anyone's time. But the fact that none of the southern clans have any remorse or guilt about the actions of their respected government officials means that the future for the current "government" of Somalia is very dim. I concluded that Somaliland can not reconcile with such ethnical and moral failings and should move ahead with U.N membership. After all the Jewish people never reconciled with the Nazis nor did the Bosnians reconciled with Croatians. This is the logical conclusion that I have reached after reading the replies and if these replies are a proportional representation of the real world then the Somalia story has already ended and Somaliland is almost there in its pursuit of U.N membership and maybe this is the moral equaliser that will help the southern clans reflect on their character as being of a low nature. Somalis need wisdom and answers to their failings and maybe Somaliland can show the rest what moral and ethnics looks like in reality. I suspect it will be a hard lesson for them to digest and they may not be able to admit the gravity of the lesson as a whole just might be beyond their capacity. Thus the problem of Somalia was never Somalilanders but the bad actors and their evil supporters....that is all. Note: You can close the thread if you want moderators.
  12. The root of this evil is your kin folk refusal to recognise the gravity of their moral failure. This prevents real progress for the failed state of Somalia.
  13. The Americans could have used that money on turning Afghanistan into the next Dubai but they decided to waste it on fighting the Taliban. The only way to defeat medieval ideology is to provide people with jobs, education, homes, electricity and clean water. This would prevent a backward ideology from taking root.