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  1. Reminded me of this girl we used to go to Dugsi in Mogadishu at young age. Her name was so unique that she was named after one of the capital cities in Europe. The kids used to bully her by calling her 'labeeb' aka trans. at the same time the word sounds strange to majority of folks or not fully understood /considered taboo but the other time its mostly used to refer it as evil when bashing around. I could recall another girl who has the voice of a male and they would call her Wiilo aka Boygirl (no the one that hung out with boys). I was always curious and that's when i came to know that such people exist and that the world was bigger than i thought and full of amazing wonders. It's sad people can't let others live their own lives in peace.
  2. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> What I don't understand is why Safferz and Tallaabo insist on shoving this disgusting behavior down our throats? If a man wants to inject estrogen into his body and pretend to be a woman, why should we be forced to play along with this and refer to him as a woman? Why should we refrain from criticizing this odd and strange behavior? And why is Safferz so insistent on pandering to this "Sumaya" character and his obvious mental illness? Sumaya was obviously mentally sick. He believed himself to be a woman even though he was not so. There are plenty of sick people who actually believe that they are Superman, or a reincarnation of someone else, or the King of the World or whatever. Go into any mental institution and you'll find hordes of people who believe that they're something they're not. There was this man from Britain who believed he was a leapord, and he got tattoos all over his body. Leapord spot tattoos. He even got fangs on his body and he used to roam the British countryside behaving like a leapord. Are we going to pretend that this man was a leapord and not an actual man? Or are we gonna be honest and admit this man is mentally sick. Because that's the trajectory we are going on when we start entertaining transsexual delusions. You're claiming to hold some kind of moral high ground balse, ever heard of 'The Live and Let Live Principle' and why is it so hard to adopt it? Bal, dib inta isugu noqotid, iswaydii su'aalaha laftirkaada. Waxaan hubaa inaad doodwadaagga soo gabogabeyn lahayd haddaad wax garad tahay! - PS: May you rest in Peace Sumaya. My deepest condolences to her beloved ones. I am confident that, in the end, common sense and justice will prevail.
  3. <cite> @Dhagax-Tuur said:</cite> That idea is a century or so late.
  4. <cite> @Coofle said:</cite> It takes a while to adjust to the new format, it is less user friendly, with numerous glitches. but you will get around,,This SOL not all members stick around, but there is always new blood. Coofle, grandfather of Af-Soomaali ga! you're doing good baan u malayn awoowe.. can't thank you enough for the Initiative you've taken in the past to help improve the Afka hooyo. You'll always be remembered. But hey, you're right, everything has it's time. <cite> @Tallaabo said:</cite> Hay Maqane, true to your nick name you have been absent :-D Alpha is gone for a 30 day khuruuj with Hargeisa's army of Tabliiqi folks to cleanse his soul of a year long list of sins :-D Haha, true to that naanees Nice to see you around btw, couldn't unfortunately get time to be active user on SOL as life gets busier, ya know! -- I see SP sending greetings from the Kikuyu Land.. .. hope he's doing good too.
  5. Welcome aboard Ruby! It would be great if you could have started a new topic instead of replying to old long gone or probably dead comments. Now you sound like script on steroid! waa yaab. Well said btw, but your logic is beyond some Nomad's believes, ee sidaa ula soco!
  6. Hooooooooooddi.. SOL is so dry, Nomads don't like change, waayo? Shout out to Mr president AL, Oba, NY, Nuune, coofle, Saff, wadani, Tallaabo, Haatu, MMA,reeyo, Xx (waa hadduu nool yahay! ) old and new folks..
  7. Maqane

    MERS virus

    Any nomads affected yet? any reports from geeska Afrika, no doubt it's already spread. WHO says deadly 'Middle East Respiratory Syndrome' virus very very serious.
  8. Source: Well he has a different mentality then most. He is not ignorant. Most people equate doing what he does with anti Somali sentiment just due to personal reasons and what not. You had Bush kiss Arab leaders or hold hands out of respect in accordance to their culture and out of politeness. However, no one really wanted to go after him right? It helps getting educated and out of your own backyard once in a while. That is what helps achieve tolerance and respect for others. Thicker passports help, there are hundreds of traditions and cultures that may seem too taboo to certain folk since they have been in their own backyard and ignorant to learn about others (or they just fear everything and anyone that do not look like them), to see what is out there in this world. Those are the same people that have the most amount of fear of other people and become the war mongers, ignorant, and what not. It's out of respect, blowing things out of proportion in such a way shows the worrisome mentality of certain folk. As some people suggest, " If you cant blame the guy on one thing, you try to blame him on others". USA is a melting pot, it has so many different cultures, it isnt a nation for one color, one faith, etc, but multi-mixed. You have people of faith and no faith, various groups from various ethnic backgrounds that call themselves American. So, what he did was a polite gesture. As in calling queen Elizabeth her highness, and etc., it is a polite gesture. It wasn't meant in any other way. I would not have taken it in a negative way either. He made mockery of Somalis by bowing down for disbeliever. Gaaloraac aan xishood laheen. Where is the dignity and honor of muslims? Look, every president gets protocol lessons before they leave for a foreign trip. There is an Office of Protocol that briefs them about every country, every leader, every practice. They even choose the gifts for the foreign dignitaries. So your beef seems to be with that office, if in fact Obama did not behave correctly in your view. Source: see link above (5th answer) --- PS: Awoowe, can we put the Soomaali fadhi ku dirir to end and educate ourselves a little bit? the answer is "yes". So go a head and start today
  9. Aad baan uga xumahay xiisadahan murugta leh ee la soo darsay Soomaalida Keenya. Waxaan u rajayn dhibanayaasha iney dhibaatadan ka gudbaan.
  10. <cite> @Alpha Blondy said:</cite> my garden y'all. so proud, It's Beautiful!
  11. Al, i'll come back to you soon, just read your PM. Sorry for the delay Inaar.
  12. Howdy Folks! I see you're lonely Mr President! How is my Saff btw, my Tol doing?
  13. I've finally got an invitation from Jake Sully aka Taruk Makto. I'll be joining with the Na'vi in Pandora and will never come back to this planet Earth because i've also had enough with sky people. In the meantime i'm studying their culture and the language. Wish me good luck folks. This is Maqane signing off
  14. Wallee waxaan la yaabay ''pick and choose-ka ay sameeyeen!!!!!! Balaayo madax iyo wasiiro idinka dhigatay ee na dhaafa. Uuuf fooqal Uuuf!!! Horay baa loo ogaa qorshaha Qoslaaye.
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    New Sol

    @Admin Wanted to reply to your PM (optional) but couldn't/can't reach you via profile PM (not functioning) which i think you're aware of! Nice Logo btw. Will come back to you when you fix the PM. PS: better assign special recent forum topics widget for the forum/community page because that way it's easier/interesting to see what's going on the forum section so you don't need to open each section to see 'em or see the trending bar only. Also the header Ad is breaking the responsiveness on Mobile, better use G's ''Responsive ad unit/tweak it. it's in BETA version and works pretty good in case you didn't know!. Good luck with the new platform Awoowayaal
  16. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Post by Qosol Iyo Qaraaxo.
  17. Alpha Blondy;991784 wrote: hi there bro, how are you? how is your project coming along? so busy these days, you know. I'm doing well abti. The project waa uun iska qurbajoog project soo maaha , and as the famous general Al said "qurbajoog project never ends". Yeah, you can't sometimes scape the busy trap, i know. How is your library project going btw?
  18. Happy birth day AL, i wouldn't have stayed on SOL without you and your cantarabbaqash corner. I thank you for making me a certified Somonicst You ow me inaar, and i'm very pleased to hear you have found the best friend. Saff and Al .. Friends Forever
  19. Tallaabo;990785 wrote: Waar adna inanta miyaad ka heshay:p As the number of potential suitors is getting rather large I must reluctantly act as the sorting officer for Saff. Please be warned that the rejection rate at the first interview will be very high;) I welcome you with bunna cafe, Saff's favorite drink as the sorting officer to execute the sorting process flawlessly! Hadal badan haan ma buuxsho baa la yiri dee, marka those 're dreaming but i'm trying .