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  1. LayZie G.;985561 wrote: Nuune's new video: I was expecting the real Nuune on SOL
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    ^ You're right i just discovered it now but had never expected it would be possible for the members to do that/ Admin would allow it. It's recommended that board owners should not allow it's members to edit their topic title, and restrict post editing after period of time, which is now the default settings. This is the best way to avoid such things. Maamulka waa inuu dib u tixgeliyaa arrinkan, waa iga talo.
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    Saff it was about Gold diggers, then Islamic universities. It's not the first time, i'm wondering how this user is changing the topic title or is the moderator/ Admin playing with us :confused: Whatever the case is, this is Doqonimo and not funny at all :mad:.
  4. Mahiigaan;985528 wrote: " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> It's a bit funny at the beginning as the subtitle correctly syncs with the song but the editor went a bit too far using vulgar language that's when the fun ends. For non Hindi speakers/new comers it may sound real though. I find this one funny, must watch
  5. ^ Si lama filaan ah buu 'Viagra' u laqay, ma istiri?
  6. ^^ hahaha, i really didn't get it first but when you (@cadnaan) said 'Ceeb' i looked somewhere else and behold Qoslaaye's full package.. Mooge, kor iyo hoos buu wax ka fiirshaa.
  7. Philippines lead negotiator Yeb Sano has just addressed the opening session of the UN climate summit in Warsaw – calling for urgent action to prevent a repeat of the devastating storm that hit parts of his country at the weekend. I speak for my delegation. But more than that, I speak for the countless people who will no longer be able to speak for themselves after perishing from the storm. I also speak for those who have been orphaned by this tragedy. I also speak for the people now racing against time to save survivors and alleviate the suffering of the people affected by the disaster. We can take drastic action now to ensure that we prevent a future where super typhoons are a way of life. Because we refuse, as a nation, to accept a future where super typhoons like Haiyan become a fact of life. We refuse to accept that running away from storms, evacuating our families, suffering the devastation and misery, having to count our dead, become a way of life. We simply refuse to. We must stop calling events like these as natural disasters. It is not natural when people continue to struggle to eradicate poverty and pursue development and gets battered by the onslaught of a monster storm now considered as the strongest storm ever to hit land. It is not natural when science already tells us that global warming will induce more intense storms. It is not natural when the human species has already profoundly changed the climate. Disasters are never natural. They are the intersection of factors other than physical. They are the accumulation of the constant breach of economic, social, and environmental thresholds. Most of the time disasters is a result of inequity and the poorest people of the world are at greatest risk because of their vulnerability and decades of maldevelopment, which I must assert is connected to the kind of pursuit of economic growth that dominates the world; the same kind of pursuit of so-called economic growth and unsustainable consumption that has altered the climate system. Read more...
  8. Nomads, if you have time, i kindly request you to rate the translation. Thank you.
  9. Listen from 9.00min, The young man hit the nail on the head. Very interesting.
  10. Al is retiring! ma run baa mise 10,000 posts made him think he has reached the age?
  11. AUN inta dhimatay, inta luntayna waxaan u rajan badbaado iyo in si fudud ah loo helo, inta dhaawacantayna bogsood dhaqsi ah. Dadka qaarkood way madaxadeeg badanyihiin balse waxay ila tahay aqoon iyo horusocod la'aanta ka jirto meesha, dowladaha Soomaliya waxaa lagu yaqaan lacag jeclid iyo calaacal aan loo baahnayn. Hadii ay meesha xarun cimilada saadaalisa laga furi lahaa oo ay dowlada iska xilsaarilahayd adeega dadkeeda iyo dadkeeda, inkasta oo ay meesha ka jirin qaran jecli, faroole-na qoyskiisa intuu nabad qabo maxaa ka galay wixii dhimanaya ama la'anaya. Istutus iyo lacag raadis ma'ahane meesha kama jirto cadaalad iyo horumar, dadbadan baa ka badbaadi lahaa ama la daadgurayn lahaa hadii ay dowladi meesha ka jiri lahayd.
  12. Horta, Do weather stations exist in the region? This site is reporting that it will go on till the end of the week.
  13. (Reuters) - At least 100 people were killed over the weekend when a tropical cyclone hit Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region, President Abdirahman Mohamud Farole said on Monday, appealing for help from aid agencies. Read more...
  14. Classified;985343 wrote: ^ It was about Nacnacland located near Sambacland, across the sea from Tooriland's capital Sana'a. This is NOT your first time inaar ee isku xishoo
  15. Tallaabo;985364 wrote: You edited it after I counted the letters for you:D I edited for you to get it right dee, see the edit reason :mad: Watch from 19:00 ---->> Aliya was found herself compelled to improve the lives of Mogadishu's many internally displaced children. Offering schooling to just 80 children is disheartening for Aliya, however without government accreditation for her NGO, the school will not be allowed to open at all. Aliya belongs to one of the most influential clans in Mogadishu and using her name to get what she needs is a contentious issue. Today many people associate clanism with the discrimination, suffering and violence that was part of Somalia's long civil war.
  16. ^ Well, i mean literally dee, wax fahan.. where does it say it's too long? :mad:
  17. You're welcome Safferz, Abbaas was too complicated to be remembered even sol nomads misspell it sometimes so I've requested the Admin to kindly change it to 'Maqane'. Back home, people used it (as a nickname) to call me, it means 'The Absent' so i thought it was a good idea to use it instead. After so many disputes i've finally received the reply/quote below from the admin; Tell everyone of your tribe that you've changed it so as to not disrupt continuity. We don't normally let anyone change usernames. And my reply was; My tribe will never forget me no matter what and they will notice the change and i don't think it's a big deal Now that you've noticed the change, it means that i was right. I'm proud of you saff
  18. Director of the Anti-Tribalism Movement, Adam Matan talks about Tribalism and how it played a major role in the destruction of Somalia.
  19. One of Africa's famous scholars Calestous Juma has claimed that tribalism is damaging the march to democracy across Africa. In a recent article the Harvard University professor wrote of his fears that such tensions worsen at election time, for example in his native Kenya, because African political parties appeal to their electorate on the basis of tribe rather than by the appeal of their ideas.
  20. Many African countries experience violence and intimidation fuelled by tribalism. But Tanzania seems to be an exception. Despite having more than 100 ethnic groups and bordering eight countries, it has succeeded in overcoming tribal tensions in a region where some neighbours have failed to do so. The BBC's Tulanana Bohela reports from Dar Es Salaam.
  21. Adigaa mudan Haatu @Classified I couldn't find it, Saalax will invent it in the future.