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  1. This is the weapon that shredded the tplf to pieces.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/1083439879/videos/10221118162718710/
  3. Yesterday must have been the worst day for the racist-in-chief.first,a high energy,smart black woman was selected as vice presidential running mate for the Democratic ticket that most likely will kick him out of the white house.Then a few hours later,Ilhaan won big in her congressional primary in minnesota.I could see sweat running down his orange face.
  4. Waxaan maqli jiray..."Geeloow dhaaq oo dhaaq laakin maalinta aad ciin dhaaqdid baa laguu yaaba"
  5. Of all the 'Igu sawir' moments we have seen over the years,this one takes the cake.