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  1. The priests never claimed that what they did was in teaching with their religion. My point was that she was punished according to our religion.
  2. I was very sad to hear about this happening, especially from anyone claiming to be a muslim. WAKEUP people, these things happen all over the world because of people claiming to follow the Koran. So many people have corrupted the words in the Koran for their own purposes. This is what makes us easy targets for the other religions today. These religions are what control other countries around the world today. When was the last time you ever heard of a christian, jew, buddist, or any other religions doing something like this. We hear about things like this happening all to often now. Don't tell me things like this happen, but the press doesn't report it. I am tired of us claiming the press is biased. There any many press agents out there who are not biased. This type of activity must be investigated, but the problem is, there is nobody to investigate it. The purpose of an investigation is to punish the criminals, not the victims, and then ensure it doesn't happen again. A 13 year old girl should have never been in this situation. In the end, we have a bunch of FAKE thugs, pretending to follow Islam for their own benefit. Talking about this is good, but lets see how many replies I get trying to cover this story up.
  3. I am not a somalian, but I read posts, and post here myself. I am trying to get a better understanding of somalians, because my wife is one. I also speak a little somalian. Don't limit yourself, explore, and grow.
  4. Some of you don't really understand the whole nuke situtation at all. America doesn't care who has nuclear weapons, unless your government is unstable and can't control the weapons. I doubt that america really wants to go on invading country after country, thus destroying americas economy and america itself. America has faced countries with nuclear weapons for tens of years. First the Russians, Chinese, N.Korea and now Iran. America has working relationships with these countries even though their governments were/are not democratic. Look at N.Korea for example. They spent billions of dollars on nuclear weapons, for what, to see 100,000 of their own people starving. And now that they are short on natural resources, money, and food, they threaten S.Korea unless they get what they want. If they had spent the billions on other things they wouldn't be in this situation. America was never going to invade N.Korea, they had 50 years to invade and america didn't. N.Korea just wasted their time and money on nuclear weapons. America doesn't care who has nuclear weapons, unless your country can't control the WMB. Americas biggest concern with Russia today is that some terrorist group will buy a nuclear weapon and use it. As one of you pointed out, wars today are not fought with nuclear weapons. They never will be, the cold war proved that. America didn't give Isreal the WMD, Isreal stole them. Maybe one of the reasons america supports Isreal is that they haven't used a nuclear weapon. The more nuclear weapons in the world, the more likely someone someday is going to use one. Hopefully it won't be against your country. When Iran is finished with its nuclear program, only time will tell what they will do with it. Whoever said does it matter if Iran controls Mecca, talk to some people from Saudai Arabia before you sell them out.
  5. OG_Girl This was a terrible thing to do. Kill a women, who is helping the needy. And then you say "might" be done by Arabs. I say whoever did this is no muslim following the teachings of the most merciful. Then you go on to talk about the bad things the superpowers do. Wake up and see the attrocities commited by both sides. How can you say one side is bad for killing, and the not say the same about the other side? When you don't say both sides are bad, then you are supporting one. This is the problem with alot of us muslims today. We only talk bad about the americans, british, aussies, and others that aren't muslims. When in fact, we can't even look at ourselves and see what we have also done.
  6. Thoth


    Yea, lets just sit down and talk with the terrorists. I'm sure they didn't want much, other than their own country. You can't make deals with terrorists. Once you do, you will never be able to stop making deals with other terroris groups. The next group will just take hostages and you will have to make a deal with them too. It would never end. Just image, a group taking hostages for cars. Wouldn't it be easy to give them all nice lexus's. You can't pick them up later because you know they will want amnesty for their actions too. We couldn't pick them up later either because we couldn't go back on our words with terrorists. Just think what kind of deal could we make if the terrorists know we wouldn't keep our end of the bargain. The only way to stop groups from taking hostages is if they know it will get them nothing. They will stop alot quicker if the support for hostages is with the hostages and victims, never the group taking hostages. Even when innocent hostages and people get murdered, don't blame the government. BLAME THE TERRORISTS.
  7. Here are several points that I would have to consider before I agree that anyone should get reparations. 1.) Who gets payed, every black person in america? 2.) What about the black immagrants, do they get money too? 3.) Before what year did you have to come here, for you or your family to get money? 4.) What if your family was never a slave family, do you still get money? 5.) If you do get money, do you have to pay the extra taxes to pay everyone else? 6.) Since we are giving money to people for their ancestors for being slaves, what do we give the families of the people who helped free the slaves? 7.) If your family faught for the union side or was in a union state, why should you have to pay the extra taxes? 8.) If your family member died fighting for the union army after the emancipation proclemation, don't the slaves owe you since your family member died freeing them? 9.) If you lived in a confederate state or faught in the confederate army, shouldn't you have to pay more? 10.) If you did live in a confederate state, but helped or tried to help any slave escape to the free states, should you have to pay the extra taxes? 11.) What about the people that were never here during the slave years. When did you have to come to america to have to pay the extra taxes? 12.) What about the other people like native indians. They OBVIOUSLY didn't benefit during the 1700-1890 time period, should they have to pay the extra taxes? 13.) What if your only 3/4,1/2, or 1/4 black, do you get less or the same, since your non-black family must have benefited? 14.) If your not 100% black what percentage of the extra taxes would you have to pay? There is NO realistic way, that anyone can expect to get reparations. It is just a pipe dream by people looking for FREE handouts, or people trying to get more influence and votes.
  8. It's obvious that you have never been to a voting booth before. There are many choices on the ballots. There is even a space for you to write in a persons name. If you want someone on a specific ballot, you only have to collect enough registered voter signatures. Don't take this as a personal attack on you because it's not. People should know the facts before you they spread falsehoods.
  9. Informative article, but so unrealistic as to the part of reparations. Did you copy this article for us to see, or do you wish to debate it?
  10. I think that I need to be more specific. I figured that most people would want to live in a country where they feel safe, and with similar beliefs. I should have said what country in the world today? Open critisim of your leaders and countrie is a right of its citizens only in free countries. So what country today?
  11. My question is where do you really want to live? I read so many of the posts in here, and all I ever really see is the critism of the countries and leaders that protect you and your rights. So where is it? If you aren't there now, why not?
  12. A little black boy is watching the T.V. and see's the show where the white man paints his face black, and the crowd loves his act. The black boy goes to the garage, gets some white paint, and paints his face white. He goes to his father and says "Look daddy I'm a little white boy". The dad looks at the boy, slaps him in the face and says "Go tell your momma that". The boy runs into the house, see's his momma, and says "Look momma I'm a little white boy". The mom looks at the boy, slaps his face and says "Go tell your grandma that". The boy, who is now rubbing his face, slowly goes upstairs to see his grandma. He see's his grandma and says "Look grandma, I'm a little white boy". The grandma slaps the boy twice, and says "Go tell your momma that". The boy slowly walks downstairs and he just can't figure why everyone is slapping him. The boy walks up to his mom and says "Look momma I'm a little white boy". The mom slaps the boy again, and says "What have you learned?" The boy thinks about it for a minute and says "Momma I've only been white for 5 minutes and I hate all you nigga's already".
  13. It shouldn't matter where she plays. My only reason for posting is look where she finished. She didn't even make any money, yet she is one of the winningest women golfers. How long would she last if she didn't make any money or atleast make the cut, none. Let her, or any women do what they want, but lets be real about it. In some places women and men aren't the same.
  14. Does anyone else here understand the mixture of intense melting heat and pressure on steel would cause a structure made of steel to collapse? If so would you please post it on the 9/11 hoax post in the Political section. Maybe then some people in that forum might understand.
  15. Does anyone else here understand the mixture of intense melting heat and pressure on steel would cause a structure made of steel to collapse? If so would you please post it on the 9/11 hoax post in the Political section. Maybe then some people in that forum might understand.