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  1. http://old.news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110802/ap_on_re_af/af_east_africa_famine DHOBLEY, Somalia – Somalis with new uniforms and guns they say were bought by Kenya's government are supposed to be guarding the Somali-Kenya border against al-Qaida-linked militants. But many don't get paid, and some sell their weapons or prey on refugees fleeing famine. This new breed of gunman in an area awash with weapons is making the trek from Somalia's parched landscape even more dangerous for thousands of defenseless refugees. Among the latest victims of the lawlessness were a 13-year-old girl and her two sisters, who fled Somalia with their parents. After the family crossed into Kenya, gunmen stopped their donkey cart, robbed the parents and kidnapped the girls. The three young sisters were gang-raped for two days before being released, the teen told an Associated Press reporter, then buried her face in her shawl. It was not clear if the attackers were members of the border militia or outlaws who had bought their guns. Aid groups operating around the sprawling Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya say many refugees have been attacked by gunmen, some of whom may have come from the so-called Jubaland militia that guards the Somali-Kenya border. Militiamen "come to the refugee areas and disturb them," said Sabik Shakuku, a Kenyan who receives funding from the Pan African Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution. "We have told the government but they have not taken action." Kenyan police arrested three deserters from the border force on Saturday for trying to sell their weapons, said Nelson Tatliti, the deputy officer in charge of the police station at Dadaab. "These are the ones causing problems on the border," he said. A Kenyan government spokesman did not return calls seeking comment. Kenya has long asserted the presence of al-Shabab, an Islamist militant group that controls huge swaths of southern Somalia near its border, is a major security threat — one reason the government would back a border militia. Hussein Mohamed, a commander with the Jubaland force, said Kenya "gives us a lot of help because we are fighting al-Shabab." Clad in a new olive green uniform, he pointed out shoes, vehicles, uniforms and weapons he said were gifts from Kenya. But, he acknowledged, many members of the militia are not paid. "About 60 percent of us get paid," said Mohamed, who was guarding the border on a recent day as a convoy of Kenyan government vehicles thundered past, escorting a local militia leader in a vehicle flying the blue-and-white Somali flag. "The rest must share, or go without," he said. Tens of thousands of people have died in the Horn of Africa drought and more than 12 million people in the region need food aid, according to the United Nations. Some parents arrive at refugee camps in Kenya carrying children so malnourished their swollen heads loll on stick-thin necks. The arms of others are empty, their dead sons and daughters left behind on the road. The loose oversight of the Jubaland border force and their weapons creates an additional hazard for the tens of thousands fleeing hunger and violence in Somalia. Still, the problem is not a new one. Many countries have tried to fund forces in Somalia's long conflict only to find trainees deserting and their equipment in the marketplace after they weren't paid because commanders pocketed their pay checks. Such problems dogged a European Union-funded program to train Somali police, as well as U.S. and Italian-funded programs for Somali soldiers. Now the Italians and the United States insist on paying each Somali soldier $100 in person every month rather than giving money to commanders. In recent months, the Kenyan army has begun trying to tackle some of the problems of the border militia, said a Kenya-based security official. This includes keeping a tight control on ammunition, screening applicants and tracking down deserters, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media. But despite the recent efforts, militia members said they did not know who was paying them, how much or how often. They said wages were irregular and there was little tracking of weapons or ammunition. "Sometimes we get paid and sometimes not," said Said Dahir, a 23-year-old militiaman. "We only get rice for food, so sometimes we go to the refugee camps (to eat) and come back." Six deserters interviewed by AP said they left because they were not paid and food was scarce. Commanders pocketed most wages and only paid men from their clan, said the men, whose last names were withheld to protect them from retribution. The deserters said rifles were changing hands for less than $100, a dramatic fall from the $230 they commanded just six months ago. Some attacks on refugees were carried out by fellow deserters and others were by bandits who bought the weapons, they said. Ali, who said he deserted after two months, described a commander who was compiling a list of men who had deserted with their guns. The list was very long, he said. But most deserters were not thieves, he added. They just wanted food and their guns were their only possession of value. Abdi, a tall, thin 25-year-old, said he had received no pay and little food when he belonged to the guard force. It had taken him 10 days to find someone to buy his gun because the market was so flooded with weapons. After he finally sold it, he said he used half the money to buy a bus ticket to a refugee camp. But on the way, gunmen stopped the bus and robbed him of the rest.
  2. Jiiroow Bakaal;732965 wrote: PLEASE DON'T USE CLAN INSULTS ON THIS FORUM. IT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME WE EDITED YOUR POSTS. THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING. Admin War fu3k you and fu3k your site warning kuye aabaha warninka ka waz
  3. Wishing dead terrorist back to life in order to keep terror in south Somalia is terror support
  5. Security forces of Somalia’s breakaway region of Puntland said on Saturday that they have fired at a British warship that anchored near the coastline of the semi-autonomous region. The provincial commissioner of Sanaag region, Mohanmud Dabayl said the war ship sailed towards Laasqoray, a strategic port town in the North of Somalia which is part of a territory disputed by the Puntland and Somaliland authorities. "The ship appeared to have been misdirected and its captain may have been told that Laasqoray is part of Somaliland. It was sailing towards Laasqoray” Dabayl told the local media in Bosaso. He said Puntland authorities fired warning shots after it emerged that the warship entered their territory without priori notification, an issue regional officials said is a violation of territorial sovereignty. “Our security forces fired warning shots towards the ship because it was sailing through the coast off Puntland. The fire warning was to tell the crew that they were not in the territorial waters of Somaliland” he added The regional commissioner said Puntland security personnel netted one person who was waving the flag of the self declared republic of Somaliland at the time when the ship was fired at. Reports indicated that earlier last week, a British warship have crossed into Somaliland’s port city of Berbera where President Ahmed Silanyo reportedly met British officials on board the ship. The ship is believed to be a patrol ship that is part of the western-led anti-piracy initiatives along the dangerous coast off Somalia. Somaliland and Puntland are engaged in a longstanding border dispute particularly along the borders of the controversial Sool, Sanaag and Ceyn regions in the central north of Somalia.
  6. Xaaji Xunjuf;732904 wrote: Not believing this remember they claimed they killed Al amriki and abu Mansuur before and not they claim they killed Ibrahim afghani Meecaad. It's a crime supporting terror organisation in Holland.
  7. With the arrest of the 2 Swedish journalist http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article13286820.ab
  8. Amisom marring Mogadishu girls ==Bantu + Bantu ===:D:D
  9. Your next post will be Somali ma kala go i karto dadkuna waa walaalo seyidka hore u sheegay Wixii habar Mareerteen iyo, halamash naagaa leh
  10. Qofkaan xishoon mabda`na laheyn saa baa u dembeysa
  11. :D:D:D:D This guy is the biggest loser of Somali politics once again he FAILED http://somalimemo.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=421:faroole-oo-laga-diiday-nin-uu-rwasaaraha-dkmg-ah-larabay&catid=34:warar Hogaamiyaha Puntland Cabdi Raxmaan Faroole oo khadka taleefanka kulasoo xariiray Xildhibaano katirsan baarlamanka DKMG ah ee Bari kasoo jeeda ayaa ugu baaqay in aysan ansixin C/weli Gaaz haddii R/wasaaraha cusub loo doorto. Shariif Sheekh Axmed ayaa ku gacan seyray talooyin uga yimid maamulka Faroole oo ahaa in dib loo dhigo magacaabista R/wasaaraha islamarkaana lagu talo geliyo Puntland. Warar lagu kalsoonyahay waxay sheegayaan in Faroole uu xilka R/wasaaraha larabay Cali Cabdi Awaare oo horay u ahaa wasiirka xiriirka caalamiga Puntland islamarkaana ay siyaasadda isku dhawyihiin Faroole. Shariif Xasan Sheekh Aadan waday qalqaalada in Awaare laga dhigo R/wasaare waxaana si isku mid ah u diiday Museveni oo ah ninka leh talada kama dambeysta ah ee DKMG ah iyo shariif Xasan.
  12. Maxaanu ka doodnaa hadda? Hadaa arki kuwa Pirate ah oo ku leh Zenaawi anagana wa na jecelyahay
  13. Balad Amiin==Ziyaarada Sheekh Nuur Hussen Maana-moofo===Ziyaarada Sheekh Murjaan Mugaambo===Mashruucii Bariiska ee Mugaambo Mashaqo==Ninbaa meesha degenaa naagtiisa ayaa nin kale la seexan jirtey markaa meeshuu kala guurey waxuu u bexshey Mashaqo meel kale ayuu dejistey waxuu u baxshey WURKOOY asaga oo ugu goodinaya ninkii ey ka raaci jirtey.misna dhibaatadi baa daba socotey illaa uu meel kale uga sii guurey oo ku nabad galay waxuuna u baxshey BELEDUL AMIIN-- Mareereey==Warshadii Sokorta Hargeysa yareey ==waxaa ku badnaa reer SSC oo meesha aad looga shaqaaleeyey waqtigii Ali Khaliif Galeyr Kumbareera ==Kun yaasiin ama Kunkaaga__meesha waa sixir badneyd marka qofkii maraya waxa la oran jirey ama kun yaasiin xijaab ah ama kunkaaga it means baabuurka deey hada dadkii dhulkaa degana ee beezaaniga ahaa wax waalan oo galgaduud ka yimi cagahana cas yihiin baa nafta u keeney
  14. They killed Fuaad Shangole They killed Hebelka al-Amriki These guys who ever they kill keeps coming back:D:D:D
  15. Leader of ASWJ of Galgaduud brother of the former interior minister is GONNE too
  16. This guy he thinks Mogadishu is like London where he used to organise demos but Musaveni will send him Amisom to make him the new Mo Dhere if he continues to disobey the UN i mean the real leaders
  17. No he is Farmaajos cooker we need new faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  18. He is gone and will go back to Buffalo and soon we will have new PM waa maalin qiima leh Amisom was doing the job cleaning the crazy kids and they are still there and doing their job but he is goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. 0434 baan edit gareeye adigana 0435 baad wax isoo qortey marka maxaad ka hadleysey? anyway Shekh Sherif iyo Farmaajo ayaa la qaata waaba hadiiba ay TFG noqoto laakin Elaayga cafish warlord iyo wasakh buu dabada ku wataa