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  1. Yeah Honey Badgers are nasty piece of work. Peace, Love & Unity.
  2. How can people compete against Man Utd when they're constantly helped out by these corrupt referees week in and week out? That's a serious question. This is getting disgustingly predeictable. :mad: bottler. Peace, Love & Unity.
  3. Bruce Lee's clan are very very strange creatures so say the least. Peace, Love & Unity.
  4. BOB

    Blind dates

    Wadani, Do you need a company? I don't mind accompanying you and give you my opinion if you ask for it. Peace, Love & Unity.
  5. From Eternal Enemies. Peace, Love & Unity.
  6. BOB

    Lionel Messi

    ^^ Tonight he became the first player to score 60 goals in a season since Gerd Mueller scored 67 goals in 1972-73 season for great Bayern Munich. If Barca reach the final of the champions league final, he'll have 11 games to add to that tally and when you realise that he's scored 23 goals in his last 12 games, you can't bet against him hitting beyond the 70 goal mark. Simply Amazing. Peace, Love & Unity.
  7. BOB

    Any solution guys

    :D @ Candhuuf. I pity the poor girl that kisses his head. Peace, Love & Unity.
  8. Rudy, You're one cool and original brother. Stay Somali my old friend. Peace, Love & Unity.
  9. Hadee amuu Al Falaax ka wadaa oo uu afka kasoo dafay bikini? bal hubso. Peace, Love & Unity.
  10. As usual another masterpiece from the one and only Mr Paragon. Peace, Love & Unity.
  11. Nice Pics Bro. Thanks for sharing. Peace, Love & Unity.
  12. Most of Chelsea players were at their peak, healthy and on form THEN and bursting with confidence and you still needed Carvalho to foul Valdes to get the winner. Yes Chelsea were unlucky to lose to Barca the same way Chelsea were lucky to beat them at the Bridge but do I think they're favoured? Nope and Mourinho knows that as well but he's not man enough to admit that. Lampard, Drogba, Terry, Essien who were the back bone of that team that used to give Barca a run for their money are all in the twilight zone of their careers especially Essien who I think is as good as finished and the most crucial thing is, Messi was 19 year old winger battling with his injury demons playing in a team set up to get the best out of Ronaldinho. Mourinho tried to beat Barca with every game plan imaginable including assaulting Messi and Co and he failed yet he accuses Barca of being favoured, what does he want? Allow Pepe to use machete? Swiss knife for Ramos? Inter were lucky to get some crucial decisons against few teams otherwise the treple would've never happened and this is coming from an Inter fan, Real get soft decisions every week and just last week Ronaldo took a balatant dive to win a free-kick which he scored from via a deflection but Pep is a classy man and manager and you'll never see him snitching on no one unlike a certain special one who is obssessed with everything Barca. If rooting for Barca against a very boring and aging side who could barely beat a 10 man Benfica at home means that I have a limited knowledge of football then so be it, I'm a proud Gooner anyway. PS. Carvalhos' confession Peace, Love & Unity.
  13. Demba Papiss Cisse. Peace, Love & Unity.
  14. I'm from Kismayo where we love our fish, lobsters, shrimp and turtle more than camels, cows and goats. Peace, Love & Unity.
  15. ^^ Camel herders are found in every Somali qabiil unless they've changed the status quo for that as well. Peace, Love & Unity.
  16. *Blessed;815398 wrote: ^Why is that? Are the Somali the consumers or the 'sheikhs'. I'm hearing a lot about Kenya dad sixir looga soo qabtay. ^^ Unfortunately we're the main consumers and I'm sorry to say this laakiin dumarka inay u badanyihiin ayaa isoo gaartay...Allah knows best. Waligey ma arag qof la sixray laakiin waxaan Nairobi ku aqaanay oday indhool ahoo reer Mombasa ahaa oo la odhan jiray waxbuu sixraa, I used to steal pigeons from himafter school just to prove to the other kids that it was all lies and he couldn't do anything. A lot of people mainly women from different races including dadkeena used to come and see him and some of them were rich judging by the cars they drove...! PS. Benin is the undisputed King of sixir in Africa. in their caasimadda Cotonou they have an exclusive market dedicated to that sort where you can buy all things for all occasions. Peace, Love & Unity. Peace, Love & Unity,
  17. Nuune, Mganga business is booming thanks to mainly Somalis. PS. How many guys sent you a PM BEGGING for the pics of bilcaamaha bikiniga xirnaa? waan is ognahay aniga iyo adiga illeyn indhaha kaliya kuma aadan gubine. Peace, Love & Unity.
  18. Malika;815341 wrote: ^Lol - I wonder what insecure women BOB has been hanging out with..Lool. Ooouch Malika, wacha kunaniumiza moyo jamani. I'm not allowed to hang out with women at all, they say I'm bad for them. :confused: Peace, Love & Unity.
  19. Somalicentric;815249 wrote: Ahem* BOB-- Committing Suicide? a little of a stretch don't you think? You've never seen a woman commit suicide over a man? Ever heard of Juliet? Anne? Carol? Philippa? Susan? Monica? Wanjirũ? Wambũi? Njeri? Wanjikũ? Nyambũra? Wairimũ? Waithĩra? Wangarĩ? Wangũi? They've all committed suicide when the men in their lives deserted them. Peace, Love & Unity.