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  1. JB, adeka chaqo mhasato?. [Mad] [Mad] SOL'S IMPRESSIVE advice of the year. This sentence should be nominated for the award. OG, can i make that my signiture?
  2. ADDIS ABABA, Oct. 22 (Xinhuanet) The newly elected President ofthe Somali transitional government Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed arrived in Addis Ababa on Friday on a working visit to his Ethiopian neighbor. During his visit, he will hold talks with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and other government officials on issues of current affairs in Somali. Yusuf's visit is packed with meetings related to security issues. He is expected to hold talks with the Peace and Security Council of the African Union on enhancing peace and security in Somalia. He will also meet with European Union Foreign and Secretary Policy Czar Javier Solana, who arrived here later Friday evening. Yusuf was inaugurated on October 14, in Kenya's capital Nairobi,the venue of the Somali peace talks, and immediately vowed to reestablish stability in the Horn of Africa country, ravaged by factional warfare since 1991. Yusuf, 71, winner in the runoff round of the poll by lawmakers,had served as president of the northeastern selfdeclared autonomous region of Puntland since 1998. Somalia has been withoutan effective government since 1991 when the regime of Muhammad Siad Barre was toppled, following which the country was plunged into anarchy and factional violence. Conflict and famine have killed hundreds of thousands of Somalis. Under the auspices of the InterGovernmental Authority on Development, which groups Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda and Somalia, Somali National Reconciliation Conference began in October 2002 in Kenya. Enditem
  3. John Kerry please try other sport. You really really sucks on soccer mine and only one sport i love to death. Actually i saw this clip on the news and he was really bad at it. But when i saw this picture i decided to vote for Boosh He insulted my game. look here:
  4. EDUCATION: I entered Yale in 1964 with a SAT of 1206 (Verbal 566, Math 640), 200 points below Yale's average freshman in 1970. I graduated Yale in 1968 with a 2.35 GPA In the fall of 1970 I was rejected from admission at University of Texas Law School. In 1973 I applied to Harvard Business School with a 2.35 GPA. 1973 admission statistics are unavailable, but for an incomplete comparison today's Harvard students average a GPA of 3.5 - no students were accepted with a GPA lower than 2.6. I graduated Harvard Business School with an MBA and below-average grades. CRIMINAL RECORD: Two negligent collisions in July and August 1962 in Houston, TX (p20) Arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in New Haven, CT in December 1966 (p20) for stealing a christmas tree while drunk Convicted of drunk driving on September 4, 1976 in Kennebunkport, Maine. MILITARY EXPERIENCE: As a strong supporter of the Vietnam War I did everything in my power to avoid military service, both foreign and domestic: In February 1968 I applied to the Texas Air National Guard after scoring the bare minimum of 25th Percentile (p25) for the Officer's Pilot Aptitude Test. With low scores, no other qualifications listed, and a long list of applicants ahead of me nobody is sure how I got into the guard. Ben Barnes offers one explanation, swearing under oath that he called Brig Gen. Jim Rose at the request of my father's friend Sidney Adger, allowing me a privilege I did not otherwise deserve. I left the 111th "Champagne Unit" on May 24 1972, requesting a transfer to the Alabama 9921st Air Reserve, a postal unit with no airplanes and no pilots. I did not appear for any service in the 9921st. On July 21, 1972, my transfer request to the 9921st was rejected and I was commanded to return back to the 111st in Maxwell, TX. I remained away and did not return to Texas. I refused to submit to a physical exam in August, four months after the Air Force made drug tests mandatory for pilots on April 21, 1972. I was suspended and grounded as a disciplinary measure, ensuring I would never fly again. On September 5, 1972, I once again requested a transfer to Alabama, and once again I failed to appear (this time at the 187th). Neither my commanding officer nor Mavanee Bear, my girlfriend at the time claims to have ever seen me in uniform, though I did get a free dental checkup. I never met the requirements for honorable discharge, earning only 38 documented points out of a required 50 in 1973-74. I also completed only 36 of 43 required inactive-duty training periods in 1972-73, and 12 of 43 required in 1973-74. Fortunately I "worked something out" and was issued an honorable discharge I did not earn. My participation in the National Guard was so low that even by the end of the Vietnam Conflict I had flown only 336 hours, not meeting the minimum standards (500 hours flight experience) for combat duty. Even if I had been called to active duty I would have been unqualified to serve by military regulations. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: I founded Arbusto Energy in 1979 with money borrowed from family friends including James R Bath, representing Salem Bin Laden. Over the next five years I accepted at least $4.7 million dollars from my father's friends including George Ohrstrom and Russell Reynolds, Jr., returning $1.5 million to investors and taking on $3 million in debt. My company was rescued by a buyout from Spectrum 7 by my successful Yale classmates Mercer Reynolds and William DeWitt Jr. in 1984. After the failure of Arbusto I was awarded a position as Chairman and CEO of Spectrum 7. My participation resulted in more failure as the company was driven to the brink of bankruptcy. I was rescued by a buyout from my father's friends Phil Kendrick and Stuart Watson at Harken Oil and Gas in 1985. Impressed not by my abilities but by my connections to important people I was rewarded for my failure at Spectrum 7 with a seat on the Board of Directors at Harken Oil and Gas. Harken was a miserable failure during the time I spent there - it posted $23.2 billion in losses. I was investigated by the SEC for selling my shares one week before the loss announcement, and the resulting investigation explicitly did not exonerate me. I was the owner of the Texas Rangers, made possible only by my father's friends William DeWitt and Richard E. Rainwater. My participation resulted in incredible success for myself and terrible misfortune for my neighbors. I used eminent domain to take taxpayers' land, paid for it with $4.9 million taxpayer dollars, and then spent $191 million more taxpayer dollars to build myself a stadium. I left the city of Arlington, TX with a $7.5 million debt that I still refuse to pay, even after I sold the Rangers to Thomas Hicks for $250 million (a 2500% profit). POLITICAL RECORD (DOMESTIC I ran for President in 2000. My campaign was destined to be a miserable failu re until I used a whispering campaign of lies in the South Carolina Presidential Primary organized by my chief political strategist, Karl Rove, to destroy genuine war hero and fellow Republican John McCain, claiming he had fathered an illegitimate negro child was emotionally unstable due to his torture as a POW in Vietnam and a possible brainwashed Manchurian Candidate. In July 2001 I appointed Harvey Pitt to be the chairman of a "kinder, gentler SEC" to ease regulation of foreign businesses. The results have been the largest and most miserable failures of corporate accountability in modern corporate history: Enron, Worldcom, and now Fannie Mae. I am the first President to unconstitutionally restrict my opponents' First Amendment rights by allowing my supporters to remain at the venue while restricting my detractors to "free speech zones," fenced-off areas up to half mile away from the media, the audience, and especially myself. I've communicated less with the American people than any other president in the history of televised news, holding only one White House press conference every 3.25 months, compared to my father's 1.6 per month. To prevent activist judges from rewriting the constitution to serve an agenda that Congress would never approve, I attempted to rewrite the constitution to serve an agenda they never came close to approving. My campaign for the Federal Marriage Amendment was a miserable failure: it failed to pass either house of congress. In the Senate the cloture call to end debate yielded only 48 votes, not the 67 required to pass the Senate, not the 60 votes required for cloture, not even the 50 votes of a simple majority. My 2004 budget set the record for the largest deficit in history: either $477 billion or $521 billion (CBO and OMB numbers, respectively). The value of the dollar has collapsed 30% during my term. Nearly every major economic indicator has deteriorated since I took office in January 2001. Real GDP growth during my term is the lowest of any presidential term in recent memory. Total non-farm employment has contracted and the unemployment rate has increased. Bankruptcies are up sharply, as is our dependence on foreign capital to finance an exploding current account deficit. All three major stock indexes are lower now than at the time of my inauguration. The percentage of Americans in poverty has increased, real median income has declined, and income inequality has grown. POLITICAL EXPERIENCE (FOREIGN) As president I ignored Clinton's warnings about Al Qaeda, mentioning that organization only once in public statements on national security between January 20, 2001 and September 10, 2001. In the same time period I mentioned Saddam Hussein 104 times and missile defense 101 times. On August 6, 2001 I received a briefing titled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States" which warned that "the FBI indicates patterns of suspicious activity in the United States consistent with preparations for hijacking." For one month I dealt with numerous other issues until the unfolding of the most successful terrorist attack in US history on September 11, 2001. With broad international approval I temporarily disrupted the Taliban government, which has now re-emerged to control much of southern Afghanistan after I abandoned this campaign for Iraq. I campaigned strongly for war in Iraq. I claimed that: Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (none have been found). Iraq had ties to Al Qaeda (Iraq opposed Al Qaeda and successfully kept their operatives out of the country before September 2001. The strongest claim to support a connection came from Czech intelligence services and is now retracted. The 9/11 commission "did not believe that such a meeting occurred".) Iraq would give their weapons of mass destruction to terrorists (A secular Saddam would never give his "ace card" to religious elements he opposed throughout his life and could not control) The war would be "self-financing" through oil sales ($200 billion total has been allocated, and $138 billion has already been spent with more to follow). The war would end quickly, with troop deployments down to 30,000 troops by Autumn 2003 (March 2004 troop deployment: 114,000 US plus 23,000 Coalition troops in Iraq; 26,000 US and Coalition logistical support troops in Kuwait). Americans would be greeted as liberators (Public perception of Americans as liberators dropped from 43% at the time of invasion to 2% after Abu Ghraib). By invading I would make it more difficult for terrorists to obtain Weapons of Mass Destruction (The only WMD 'discovered' in Iraq was successfully obtained by terrorists and used against Americans. As a result of the invasion, nuclear equipment and materials in Iraq formerly monitored by the IAEA has disappeared and may have fallen into the hands of terrorists or rogue countries. The results have been overwhelmingly negative for U.S. interests.) I punished those who spoke unwelcome truth: I sent Joseph Wilson to Africa in February 2002 to investigate claims that Iraq had attempted to purchase uranium, where Wilson determined that those claims were based on forged documents. Despite his report I continued to make public Iraq/Nigeria statements as late as January 2003. When Wilson publicly contradicted me, one of my senior officials exposed the CIA cover of Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, in an article written by Robert Novak and printed in the New York Times on July 14 2003. No one is sure which senior White House official leaked the order or who was aware, but the fact that I hired James Sharp in June 2004 to represent me as a personal criminal defense attorney is significant when you consider that there is no attorney-client privilege between a president and a White House counsel that allows the counsel to withhold information from a Federal grand jury. I fired Lawrence Lindsey as my economics advisor in early December 2002 for claiming that the Iraq War would cost between $100 and $200 billion. ($138 billion has been spent and $200 billion has been budgeted... so far) I fired Jay Garner as US Administrator of Iraq in March 2004 for calling for immediate elections instead of allowing American companies to privatize government-owned assets. (American privatization and lack of a legitimate Iraqi government is one of the major reasons for unrest in Iraq.) I made US Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki a lame duck in June 2003, defying precedent and announcing his successor 14 months in advance of his retirement after he announced that "several hundred thousand troops would be needed in postwar Iraq". I threatened to have Medicare analyst Richard Foster fired if he replied to Congressional requests and reported that the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill would cost $551 billion, $156 billion over the White House's favored estimate of $395 billion. After the Iraq Health Ministry released figures showing that US and Coalition forces killed twice as many Iraqis as the Insurgents the Iraqis are supposedly being protected from, I acted decisively by ordering the Iraq Health Ministry to not release any more figures. I rewarded those who spoke welcome lies, paying Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress $340,000 per month for their false intelligence gathered about Iraq. Although Chalabi and the INC had been dropped from the CIA payroll in 1996 for being an unreliable source and also dismissed by the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) for the same reason, I continued to use Chalabi and the INC to support claims of WMDs in Iraq. Even after their information proved false and no weapons were found I remained so close to Chalabi that he sat with Laura Bush as my "Special Guest" during my September 2003 State of the Union address. I continued to pay the INC regularly until May 2004, when allegations surfaced that Chalabi had passed classified American intelligence to Iran. I put tremendous pressure on the CIA to come up with information to support policies that have already been adopted (as determined by the Senate Report of Pre-war Intelligence on Iraq). When the CIA and DIA refused to verify intelligence items I wanted to believe, Donald Rumsfeld and I created the Office of Special Plans. This independent department within the Pentagon was designed to bypass the CIA and feed the discredited and unreliable information I wanted to believe was true back into the intelligence stream in order to support conclusions that the CIA and DIA could not. The OSP took much of the discredited information from Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress. I opposed the creation of the Department of Homeland Security for nine months, before turning around to take credit for its creation. I opposed the creation of an independent 9/11 panel. After being forced to accept the commission, I gave it only $12 million in funding to do its work (compared to $50 million combined for Whitewater and the Monica Lewinsky investigation) before turning around to take credit for its creation. My war against Al Qaeda has been a miserable failure: The International Institute for Strategic Studies' most conservative estimate (May 25, 2004) is that the occupation of Iraq has helped Al Qaeda recruit 18,000 operatives in more than 60 countries. The Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University has found that The war in Iraq did not damage international terror groups, but instead distracted the United States from confronting other hotbeds of Islamic militancy and actually "created momentum" for many terrorists. On a strategic level as well as an operational level, the war in Iraq is hurting the war on international terrorism. By my State Department's own estimates, world terror attacks are now at their highest level in 20 years, up 36% since 2001. I have held 660 prisoners in Guantanamo, Cuba for over two years without trial or formal charge. My prisoners, several of whom were between the ages of 13 and 16, have never been formally charged. They are kept in steel cages, subjected to ongoing torture, and denied access to legal counsel in opposition to Supreme Court rulings (Rasul v. Bush). These prisoners are "the worst of the worst", "hard core, well trained terrorists" and their guilt is beyond doubt, which is why I've set 87 of them free without explanation or apology. In the past year I claim to have trained 100,000 Iraqi police forces, but only 8,169 of those have passed the required 8-week training course. Another 46,176 are listed as "untrained". My Secretary of Defense is the first in US history to have acknowledged ordering an intentional violation of the Geneva Conventions, in which Abu Ghraib prisoners were held "off the books" and hidden from the Red Cross. When this order was made public I refused to discipline him in any way, instead complimenting him on his job performance. After being informed of abuses at Abu Ghraib on January 16 (first reported on January 13) which included "Threatening male detainees with rape" and "Sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick" I made "freedom from torture chambers and rape rooms" a centerpiece in my speeches until April 29 when the story finally broke on 60 Minutes II. My administration is the first since the Civil War to imprison US Citizens (Jose Padilla) as "enemy combatants" without charges, trial, or access to legal counsel. In a 5-4 decision (Rumsfeld v. Padilla) the Supreme Court dodged the opportunity to rule on the legality, ruling that the case had been improperly filed. My administration broke new legal ground by using material witness warrants to give effective life sentences to US citizens without charge, trial, access to legal counsel, or even plans to prosecute. My justice department was the first in US history to attempt to enforce federal regulations while refusing to disclose what those regulations are. My legal war against terror has been a miserable failure: I have detained more than 5,000 people on suspicion of terrorist ties, some of whom have been held without charge or without access to a lawyer. I have successfully convicted zero.
  5. I remember this guy very well and i have met him sevral times back in Addis Abeba. He was very young and charming then. I guess after his put in jail things have changed for good. Nowadays when i see his picutes :rolleyes: . Life is not fair.
  6. Sudi, isnt the guy who gave an interview to BBC bluntly commented an erroneous and exhbited his low level caliber to the world? I wonder the people who held such a guy as a leader? i feel sorry for those people. I hate to be rude but Sudi = ZERO SUM QUALITY I wouldnt trust that guy for anything.
  7. JB!! brother. To be fair the entire world is watching C/Y and has lots of things to do and one thing is for SURE he cannot and will not make everyone happy. We ought to be realistic here SXB. The damage that is done in past 14 year could take quite long time to mend. Nothing could be achieved over night. As a good wisher to all somalis and Somalia, the last thing i would want is, to take his job.unenvious. LETS PRAY FOR PRESIDANT. Hypoticially, let us say he cooperate with Meles and many freedom figthers from O*gaden region put either in jail or handed over to Ethiopia? It can not get any worst. people in that region have no life my fried. On top of the drought oppression by the TPLF is a daily dose. WE WILL OVER COME ALL THAT SOONER RATHER THAN LATER, WITH THE HELP OF ALMIGHY ALLAH. SOL NOMADS PLZ MAKE DUCAA FOR THOSE POEPLE.
  8. A couple from Minneapolis decided to go to Florida for a long weekend to thaw out during one particularly icy winter. They planned to stay at the very same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 20 years ago. Because both had jobs, they found it difficult coordinating their travel schedules. It was decided that the husband would fly to Florida on a Thursday, and his wife would follow him the next day. Upon arriving as planned, the husband checked into the hotel. In his room there was a computer, so he decided to send his wife an E-mail back in Minneapolis. However, he accidentally left out one letter in her address, and sent the e-mail without realizing his error. In Houston, a widow had just returned from her husband's funeral. The dearly departed was a minister of many years who had been called home to glory following a heart attack. The widow checked her e-mail, expecting messages from relatives and friends. Upon reading the first message, she fainted. The widow's son rushed into the room, found his mother on the floor, and saw the computer screen which read: To: My Loving Wife Subject: I've Arrived. I know you are surprised to hear from me. They have computers here now and you are allowed to send e-mail to your loved ones. I've just arrived and have been checked in. I see that everything has been prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you then! Hope your journey is as uneventful as mine was.
  9. JB!! I dont know about NFD but the O*gadeni part in Ethiopia is far from being dead. Ethiopians can claim the land all they want, but it is a FACT that it belongs to Somalis. Niether Moi nor C/Y has any authority to make any decision except the people of that region. My oppinion is that we have seen this fake "federation" bully and it doesn't work and as amatter of facts we are not after Federal system in Ethiopia or for that matter we donot care about Ethiopia. READ MY LIPS ...WE WANT UNCONDITIONAL CESSATION FROM ETHIOPIA THE COLONIAL POWER THAT IS IT....IT IS UP TO US WHETHER WE JOIN OUR BRETHERN IN SOMALI REPUBLIC OR NOT... would that be much to ask? The only alternative is..... As you might know/might not know the meles regime used the constitution of Ethiopia to let Eritrea have a referdum to correct me if i am wrong. ALL we want is that same CHOICE given to Eritrea in 1993 to have the right to self-determination...period. Let the people vote and see if our people would want to stay under TPLF well know the answer..... As to C/Y i am hopeful and optimitic that he wont let those people down. Lets be patient and time will tell. Its to early to predict. As for this O*adeni region, as nationalistic as I am, I am going to remain non-opinionated when it comes to C/Y, indeed he has alot to worry about and his hands are full.
  10. Baseball? I love sport so much but not Baseball. I wouldnt waste time on that. Boring game i have ever seen.
  11. As for Zenawi, we will see how things unflod. Well said. I am very interested, and will be patient to see how he deals in perticularly with Ethiopians. I guess it’s to early to predict. Let’s give him time, and time will tell.
  12. Xooga! I know he wont like # 4 but if he does that. He will be over thrown quicker than the speed of light. I am sure all Somalis are sick and tired of nacamlayaal and warlords.
  13. We all have different priorities but if you had a chance what would you adivce C/Y? 1) Collect all guns and weapon from the gangs and warlords ( by force if necessary) 2)Establish a good long term economic stratagy. 3)Build the basic infustratctures ASAP 4) Dont let any country specially Amxaaro huraley meddled in Somali affairs. 5)Try to solve the grievance of Northern peacfully. 6)Establish a rule of law 7) Remember what happen to C/raxman Caydid ? YES start from youself and face the justice (plz standup and be a role model Mr. President ) fair enough haye?
  14. IMPRESSIVE PICTURES!!!!! i can see a very enthusiatic gangs. GOOD FOR THEM. Clearly that shows they are PROUD TO BE FROM SOMALIA .
  15. Its time to support the guy now for the sake of peace. MAY ALLAH SHOWER HIS MERCY ON SOMALI PEOPLE.
  16. Nugaali...."Rather suffer an injustice than commit one". _Anonymous
  18. We know most if not all somali has a fake age on thier ID card (Januray 1st). Any considration for that?
  19. If the qabil based parliament is a solution so be it. Something is better than nothing by now we all know that "a bad goverment is better than no goverment". Whereas i am very concerned that this parliment will be nothing more than a "toothless" parliament. Time will tell in the mean time lets pray for peace.
  20. It seems the moron was not prepared at all. JK came out shining really and his messege was clear I rather be partially right than totally worng. The poor guy failed and he exhbited his moroness to the world. I am afriad he (Boosh) might cancel the next debate. watch out nomads my crystal ball is indicating that
  21. Good try but none them are accurate specially when it comes to a nomad men.
  22. Good try but none them are accurate specially when it comes to a nomad men.
  23. Bachelor


    hey u! u been messing with shaydhaan too long!lol. I bet he knows all the shaydhans who reside in Baverlly hills, thus take his advice seriously.
  24. For those of you who try to describe somebodies wife (i.e. OG_Girl) you guys are dead wrong. I have seen her in person and know who she is really.... OG_Girl very sexy a little over 321 pound, about 6'1"..with good apitaite for food, WARNING never invite her!!sometimes she behaves like desert monky..when she gets mad becareful..very light skinned...big nose...she is loosing her hair and bidaar is sniking upon her...totally UNSEXY THAT WAS HOW I PRECIEVED HER.. before i seen her and get engaged ...but the truth is, if shekespere was still alive he will never find the right word to describe her because he simply never seen such a beautiful girl like her. I am glad she ismy wife matter what a7ebek ya zowjaty al 3aziizah...the bigger the girl the better typical somali guy.