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  1. Yeah..Phil indeed it is but hey here is the good news to. Qat or Khat seems to be a solution finally many nomads will have a good reasoning haye? Khat plant may create next men’s fertility wonder drug Posted By: News-Medical in Men's Health News Published: Monday, 28-Jun-2004 Until now there have been conflicting reports of the effects of PPAs on male fertility. Amongst people who chew khat leaves there is a belief that it improves a man’s sex drive and ability to maintain an erection, but there is a question mark over whether prolonged use might adversely affect the male reproductive system, possibly causing abnormalities in sperm. Now, researchers at the Centre for Reproduction, Endocrinology and Diabetes at King’s College London, UK, have studied the effects of PPAs on mouse and human sperm and found the first evidence that they stimulate the final stage of sperm maturation (capacitation) when sperm develop the ability to fertilize an egg. They then maintain the sperm in a potentially fertilizing state for longer, allowing them more time to reach an egg. Lynn Fraser, Professor of Reproductive Biology at King’s College London, believes that these preliminary findings might lead to over-the-counter products that couples could buy to boost their fertility during attempts at natural conception, as well as providing another way to help infertile couples during IVF treatment. “A number of PPAs related to the compounds we have studied are currently used in prescription and over-the-counter products, such as herbal dietary supplements used for weight loss and treatment of asthma,” said Prof Fraser. “We envisage the development of products that could be taken by individuals, either couples who might be having trouble conceiving or even those who have just decided to try to conceive, and who have no obvious problems. PPAs could also be used in IVF clinics as additives to sperm prepared for IVF or artificial insemination.” Dr Susan Adeoya-Osiguwa, a senior post-doctoral research associate at King’s College London, and Prof Fraser incubated mouse and human sperm with cathine and then tested the sperm to see what effect there had been on capacitation and on the acrosome reaction, which is the final phase of capacitation when the cap (acrosome) present in the sperm head ruptures and releases enzymes that enable the sperm to enter the egg. Mouse sperm were also tested for their responses to norephedrine. They found that cathine and norephedrine significantly stimulated capacitation in mouse sperm, while preventing the acrosome reaction. Cathine had a similar effect on human sperm. Cathine also stimulated the production of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate – a chemical messenger within cells) in uncapacitated sperm whilst inhibiting it in capacitated sperm. Prof Fraser explained: “We know that cAMP stimulates sperm motility and that it plays an important role in the phosphorylation of many proteins, some of which allow sperm to ‘switch on’ and acquire fertilizing potential. This research provides the first evidence that cathine can regulate the availability of cAMP, first stimulating and then inhibiting its production; and that inhibition of cAMP in capacitated cells appears to be the molecular basis for preventing the acrosome reaction. If sperm continue to produce cAMP in an unregulated manner, then some will undergo spontaneous acrosome reactions and so ‘burn out’ before reaching the egg. Even if they are still motile, they will not be able to fertilize an egg because the acrosome-intact sperm has special docking molecules that play a vital role when sperm contact unfertilised eggs. No docking molecules, no fertilization! “This study has shown for the first time that PPAs have a direct effect on sperm, initially stimulating the final maturing process and then preventing spontaneous acrosome reactions in mature sperm, thus maintaining them in a potentially fertilizing state*. When mouse sperm treated with cathine were mixed with unfertilised eggs, they were able to fertilise much more quickly than untreated control sperm; this indicates that PPAs do not interfere with the acrosome reaction induced in the fertilizing sperm by the egg. These preliminary data suggest that PPAs, at appropriate doses, might provide a new approach for enhancing natural fertility.” More research has to be carried out in live animals, administering PPAs and then evaluating effects on the ovaries, the testes and the sperm, before this work can be translated into treatments for people. For instance, Prof Fraser and Dr Adeoya-Osiguwa would like to confirm the findings of another study that showed that sperm production in rabbits was stimulated when the rabbits were fed a diet containing dried, ground khat leaves. However, she said: “The fact that other PPAs have already been approved for use in preparations taken by humans should make the development of any product easier than if one had to start from scratch; toxicity testing will have been carried out already for the related compounds.” Source
  2. I hope by now most of you in here got a chance to see or hear about the new controversial movie. I saw the movie last night. The movie exposes the conspiracy of big money people in the Republican party to grab power in the White House to make more money and control. No wonder :eek: they did not want the movie to have a very wide audience in the United States. From what I understand it is only in 800 cinemas that the movie is currently shown. If you get a chance to see the movie, I recommend you go and see it. Anyways, your feedback is needed and do you think bush will win in the next election?
  3. What do you think about this finding or just another scare tactic. If this is true accurate, Nomads we need to be concerned. By Patricia Reaney LONDON (Reuters) - Mobile phones may damage men's sperm, Hungarian scientists say, in a study that fertility experts dismissed Monday as inconclusive. Carrying a mobile in hip pockets or a holster on the waist could cut sperm count by nearly 30 percent, according to the research. "The prolonged use of cell phones may have a negative effect on (sperm production) and male fertility," Dr. Imre Fejes, of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Szeged said in a summary of the study. Fejes and his team analyzed sperm from 221 men and questioned them about their use of mobile phones. They found correlations between the use of the phones, even in a standby setting, and reduced sperm concentration and quality. Fejes said more research is needed to support the findings, which will be reported to this week's conference in Berlin of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. Professor Hans Evers, a past president of the society, said the results are interesting but far from conclusive. "It ... appears not to take into account the many potential confounding factors that could have skewed the results," Evers, who works at the Academic Hospital in Maastricht in the Netherlands, said in a statement. He added that the study did not seem to analyze stress levels, the type of jobs the men have and whether they smoked, which could all influence sperm count. "These factors would have a considerable effect on the outcome of the research," he said. Britain's National Radiological Protection Board, which has reviewed research into the health effects of exposure to radiofrequency waves including mobile phones, said, so far, the waves appear to be safe. But mobiles phones have been in widespread use for only a short time so more research is needed. "This is an unexpected result and we will look at it very carefully but the decline in male fertility has been going on for decades now, before the widespread use of mobile phones, and there can be many reasons for it," Dr. Michael Clark, scientific spokesman for the British board, told Reuters. The World Health Organization (news - web sites) has said none of the recent reviews has concluded that exposure to radiofrequency waves from mobile phones or their base stations damages health, but stresses that more studies are needed. Source
  4. Thank you Girl for this wonderful topic that needed to be discussed. People in that region are indeed suffering day in and day out. Unnoticed by rest of the world. We as a Somali are weak and divided. The enemey are taking advantage of this division. Unless lots of warlord THUGS stop working for AMXAARO things wont get any better. However, for sure things wont stay the same in not so distant future INSHA ALLAH we will gain our freedom. Lets not loss our focus and at least those of us who care about our people must do something and be serious about it.
  5. NO ©heney NO (A)shcroft NO ®umsfeld NO (B)ush AND...... definitely NO RICE
  6. LOOOOL that was funny SisSade
  7. Rudy SXB I know you left our wonderful and became one bad apple :mad: . But belated hambalyoo. Yes I am still dhoob. money dont solve any problems!! i know, i was much happier, when i was working kfc!! than now when i am working for a corporation and selling my soul! Thank you. That is what i been preaching to my beloved nomads.
  8. I myself had a big disagrement with my family on this naming issue. 90 % of fromer WSLF was from ****** primarly Og clan and i dont know what different that will make. We are fighting each other for minner thing and losing the big picture which is our enemy is Ehtiopia and they are being oppressing our people day in and day out. For Amxaaro, somali is somali and care very little which qabil you are from. My question though, do you guys belive we will better off if you change the name ******ia to Somali Galbeed and ONLF with WSLF? and how?
  9. Hello nomad! I am doing this after long time of brooding I came to know that our society deserve better. And that is why I am doing this “noble” thing sicne i care . Moti, you are really insulting one honest and straightforward fella for no apparent reason. I am neither a professional thief nor have any intention to illicit someone’s money. You should apologize the brother SXB else I will go to upper court of SOL nomad :mad: Anyhow for those of you who bravely said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH you can send your money as following...I accept xawalad, moeny order, Visa or mastercard is wlc as well. If you have any question, concern plz feel free to call "1-800-bachelor" or PM me. Your call is important. LIBRATE YOURSELF NOW.
  10. It can buy a bed - but not sleep It can buy a clock - but not time It can buy you a book - but not knowledge It can buy you a position - but not respect It can buy you medicine - but not health It can buy you blood - but not life It can buy you sex - but not love So you see, money isn't everything, and it often causes pain and suffering. I tell you all this because I am your friend, and as your friend I want to take away your pain and suffering....... So send me all your money and I will suffer for you.
  11. Ameenah wrote: The people of ******ia are being oppressed and their land is occupied by a stronger- developed and estbalished nation. Walaal trust me they are not as strong as one might think but they happen to be dealing with weaker/divided/selfish group called somali in general. Remember little over a decay ago these group called "Wayane" were in a similar postion if not worse and look what they are doing now. The own "heros" aka by few mujahideen :mad: warlords and thier bandits granted them a full access to the entire country. They have all kind of access to Somalia from corner to corner and can go in and kill whomever they wish to. Xaawo-taako How come we have been enslaved n could never get Ethiopians out of the country? There are plenty of reasons why this land and its people are being enslaved upto now. Bad timing, poor organization, lack of strong Gov't that will back there struggle and lack unity amongst somali in general are few obsticles which needs to be addressed. In the mean time, their days are in number and soon that piece of land will be fully independent INSHA ALLAH Here is the history how they conqure that land. I dont know how much that will help ya. Warning! it is long... The Conquest of the Oromo and the ****** Somali Between 1886 and 1889, the Emperor Menelik conquered the independent Oromo states of Arsi and Bale, and occupied the trading city of Harer, which is a holy city for Moslems. Menelik then laid claim to the vast desert area of the ******.2 This claim was recognized by the European powers in 1910, though effective occupation of the area was not attempted until after the Second World War. Amhara domination followed. In the context of southern Ethiopia, the term "Amhara" needs to be treated with care. While the Amhara who came to the south as conquerors originated from all parts of the northern highlands, all came as vassals of the specifically Shewan Amhara state. Local people, whatever their origins, were also able to assimilate into the Amhara class, by virtue of marriage, or adopting the religion, language and cultural traits of the Amhara. A social anthropologist working in the neighboring province of Arsi noted that for the indigenous Oromo "'Amhara' and 'self-satisfied dominant elite' have become convergent categories."3 In the highland areas of the southeast, Amhara neftegna were given grants of land, with accompanying rights to extract produce from the local population. The indigenous peoples were unhappy with the loss of their independence and with the new burdens imposed upon them by their Amhara overlords, and armed resistance was frequent. The Italian conquest of 1935 came as a liberation from Amhara rule for many inhabitants of the southeast; and after Haile Selassie was restored there was intermittent armed resistance against the re-imposition of the hated land tenure and taxation systems, notably in Harerghe in 1942, 1947/8 and 1955. When Somalia gained its independence in 1960, there was agitation in the ****** ("western Somalia") for independence, or for separation from Ethiopia to join the Somali state. The Somali government set up the Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF) in that year. There was a revolt in the ****** in 1963-4, which was put down with customary brutality (see below). The late 1960s and early 1970s saw the growth of an Oromo nationalist movement. This was first expressed through traditional-style shifta rebellion in Bale and Harerghe, and in the creation of Oromo community associations among groups in Shewa, Wollega and Arsi. For more read:
  12. gin minim aay dhalam,simi Fey ye inyaa hagar lijooj jinkilaad tabalash towal silasa tey baakish. lool...Gediid I can tell from here you have a thick accent. good try ..
  13. First Wlc Sxb to SOL and it was a great site. This is a great topic and we now know who are the great nomad gunners in SOL and who are the "enemy/losser"(i.e. ManU and alike) WARNING!!! NO ManU supporter is allowed to this noble site . Thank you again
  14. Fey! It would be a fair had you mention the deep hatred Ethiopians have for Somali in general as well. Wouldn't? Else, am afraid we are depicting the Ethiopians as a "blameless". No society is perfect there are good/bad Ethiopians as well as Somalis.
  15. Fey yekerta! Hate should not have a place in our society as a Muslim. Whereas, most Somali don’t consider Ethiopians as a “Muslims” and even Haile Selasse said that before “ Muslims has no place in Ethiopia” let alone Somali. In Ethiopia Muslims in general considered as a second class citizens and Somalis as a third class citizen. As someone who is born and raised in Addis, I know the first hand, what it likes to be hated, discriminated, and abused by Ethiopians. I hate to include here Ethiopian Muslim but there is a long and historic animosity between this to groups for a number of reasons (Ethiopians Christian Vs Somali). Primerly be it land and oppression it is like why the Palistinian hate the Israelis.
  16. In the good old days of the real nomads,tea was a precious item bought from faraway places and availible only to a few.It was only served when guests came to visit.To stop women from drinking it they simply said shaah is bad for women and that was the end of it. Here is the true story behind shah/tea as far as i know.
  17. definitly KG. He should be given MVP last year as well..This guy is so professional.
  18. Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji'uun. Verily to Allah do we belong and to Him do we return. Text of report in English by Ethiopian radio on 29 March The funeral services of former Ethiopian special envoy to the UN, Dr Abd al-Majid Husayn, was held here on Monday [29 March] at a Muslim Cemetery in Dire Dawa town [southeastern Ethiopia]. After hearing his health status from his physician while he was under intensive medical care in New York City, Dr Abd al-Majid requested the Ethiopian government to bring him home where he died one day after [passage omitted: more on his life, educational, political history]. The late Dr Abd al-Majid had served as minister of the then economic development and cooperation as well as minister of transport and communications after the fall of the Dergue regime. The late Dr Abd al-Majid had also served as BBC commentator [African Service], technical advisor with the ILO, UNHCR assistant resident representative in Sudan and deputy director of the UNICEF in New York. Though, terrorists had attempted to murder him here in the metropolis, Dr Abd al-Majid had been struggling against terrorists till his death, his biography indicates [passage omitted: more on his political history]. Source: Radio Ethiopia external service, Addis Ababa, in English 1630 gmt 29 Mar 04
  19. Orginally by bachelor Tunsia will win.. Home court advantage.. What a good prediction
  20. ManU are just following the Real Madrid's style. To acquir all talented player. I agree he is a good player...but is he going to come up from the bench?
  21. It is early sign or a symptom of MAD COW desease. We really need to help this dude. If anyone of you knows how to treat "anger mangment and attacking people without reason" feel free. It would be good to help a needy brother b4 things get worse. Cause My crystal ball indicates someone soon will be gone.
  22. This post should have been posted in a joke section. What a great piece of journalist work! No doubt, the guy who wrote this shows a clear indication of using illigal susbstance. You guessed it right he was nothing but aad buu mirqaansana. After all his noble readers wont mind or dont even question the validity of such a crap. He could be a good speech writer for BUSH. What i sense here is a fear or PHOBIA of C/allahi Yusuf. But its good to see or to have the feeling and nigthmare of the other side.
  23. Its time to talk about African Cup. Nomads prediction is required. Who do you think will win this time. I will vote for Tunsia Vs. Cameroon on Final...Tunsia will win.. Home court advantage..
  24. It seems like yesterday and most if now all recall where were we when the civil war broke. I wasnt present in Xamar at that time whereas i remember glued with BBC. Today is December 31. Exactly 13 years ago the civil war broke out in Mogadisho and still going on, it is my wish that every one plays a role for a novel cause that of peace and stability in Somalia. Make Ducaa for peace and stablity brothers and sister in ISLAM.
  25. Good Question, and this read reminded me the couple of Somali juvenals whom are in jail for their serious crime. Guess what their parents and qabils are collecting money and are working very hard to convince the judge, so they repatriated back to Somalia. Promised to pay all the expense and fine. I am afraid the judge might accept such a deal. For plenty of reasons, I don’t think the judge here in California concern about the poor and helpless Somali people. Their main concern is to get ride of these criminals and saving a tax payers money. For each prisoner, over $ 30,000 will be saved, in their case. What will happen when such a criminals go back to Somali? I really dont know. It is indeed sad howver, a solution must be found for such a problem.