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  1. While this is a good news and good progress, I still couldn't believe the report Heritage institute of policy( the Aynte dude) put out few months ago about Somalia higher education (sorry that Institute lumps all Somalia together as they are anti-secession). The report clearly indicated that there were only three PHD holders at the University of Hargeisa.Now I maybe a bit bias and perhaps ribbing a bit here. How can the graduates from this university matriculated in Western Level Graduate school if they don't have enough doctorates( not the Somali Bachelors-degree doctor). I personally know the president of the University (Dr. Gas) and I'm sure I hope he finds this an area that needs attention if they want their graduates accepted for post-graduate spots

  2. Why do you have to lump as all together then? My opinions are my own and not a reflection of all Somalis. Everyone holds their own prejudice. My experience with that community may not be the same of the next Farax that logs in..I personally know Somalis who are happily married to them. Now my question is why do you think my prejudice is a reflection of all Somalis?

  3. I guess we are intellectually inferior and he is a superstar! What I have said maybe a bit uncalled for, and I will dare not say in front of a civil people. The once i met Money is their God.I have good friends who are not married just because they can't find other doctors to marry. These are people who are supposed to be religious and all that..I have seen them personally talk behind African Americans and call them names..I have warned them severely against those kind of prejudice around me.Who the heck they think I'm some middle Eastern?I'm as black as my AA folks...I don't like them, but if they are your cup of tea then Goodluck..

  4. AUN..never liked the Pakis/Indians..very superficial people. If I'm racist to anyone this is one group I personally dislike.I know this sounds uncivilized considering i have close friends in this community, but for some reason I find them not genuine.I never raised my hands to anyone ever since I landed in this shores, but I remember the day I put a headlock to a Pakistani punk In school and told him watch his lane.

  5. Haven't read the book, but I'm sure if it is scholarly work it must be backed by evidence.I Have read though many exasperating opinion of Feisal Roble on Wardheer news. It is not hard to figure out how the man beats the drum of D-block domination of Somali politics with his bitter essays.He is no different than the Mohamud Ulusow guy of hirranonline.Someone tell that annoying pretentiously self-important UluSow guy to cut the blue highlights on his essays. Haha

  6. This guy was coaxing answers from Khalif with politeness and was on ball with all his questions.He should interview your Hero prof Samatar next. Matter fact this guy should interview all Somali politicians. He is a good interviewer like a great cross- examiner.He knew when to keep the poor profesor kept talking. You could tell the profesor was put on spot! Who want to take this guy chair next? Silanyo, Hassan, or maybe Farole?

  7. When you are poor unrecognized country, this is a national event. Now if only the world gave us the millions they spend in Mogadishu we would have made impressive achievements In many areas.For now the little we get( long as them politicians don't pocket it) we would celebrate. Wonders of deepening peace and improving people's lives..

  8. They both must live very very sad life if all they do is fish for negative news.I honestly believ something is wrong with them growing up. They must have been around people who breath qabyalat and regionalism.Can't say I agree with his title, but is newsworthy! Haha..the commander of the army is talking like they got military court....

  9. Nice where is the damn jetway bridge to the gate? I'm sure they could afford even one jetway bridge. It is scary coming down them stairs...this sort of things makes me smile with a proud (not arrrogance) and say Glorry to Somaliland!!

  10. Poorly spoken English? What an arrogant little snob. Get over your superiority fix you Nacaas.Aafkaa maa ki hooyo baa?You sound like a snob as you try to dazzle as with your qurboojoog English. Your stuck up attitude is giving the impression that you are better than Mogadishu folks. Now go ahead and troll

  11. LayZie G.;975530 wrote:
    Che, what's the matter with you? Stop obsessing over links and photos. Deal with the fact that rape is violent epidemic and it occurs daily.




    Shame on you. Picture or no picture, sexual violence exists. Like it or not, you can't deny that rape occurs daily in Somalia. Fact, more than 20 women over the age of 20 are raped daily. The number is higher for girls under the age of 18.



    Balse, isku noqo and think before you share your thoughts here. Waa uun talo.

    Heh..Lazygirl aka Debbie-Downer .Maa anigaa Walaan misee? or you just want to pick a fight? Where did I deny the rape case in Somalia? I was only pointing out how he decided to take a picture off the web and associate it with these despicable act that transcends politics. Any sane Somali knows rape is a conceptually disturbing thing even to the most evil of Somali

  12. You attacked my president Sithaa ulaasocoo..You made bold claims..Attack on the president can not be buttressed or justified with political union agenda..Because of the appeal of what Somaliland stands for I urge you as a citizen to respect Al-Hajj-Sir-bin-Silanyo! The disheartening fact is that you put the president down.This country is far from totalitarian regime! For the reasons advanced here you should apologize to the elected president of Somaliland..Attractive as it may seem sometimes it is good to stay away from sub-clan union mantra haha