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  1. Haatu, I have been warn many times to carry the black plastic bag to safegurd my shoes, but I just forgot today.I guess I was too trusting seeing many beutiful muslims praying.The Jamia mosque adminstration was helpful in securing me a dacaas haha...Luckily I had money and stoped at the next Bata Shop..I got a brand new Safari shoes.When I came back for Asr prayer I had to put the shoes in front of me..Very inconvineinet way of concentrating on your prayers...


    Matter fact today was a bad day.I had also a fight with a Kikuyulady in the matatu number nine after she accused Somalis of grabing land..I had to teach her a lesson of law and order..She accused me of being a foreigner until I lashed her in Swahili tirade..haha..Aparently there is a land that belong to the masjid that was grabbed by some squaters and the riot police were in full gear...This place is really a shit-hole


    Alpha, next trip I will be making will be Hargeisa lets see if you will keep your promise....

  2. AT&T, I'm booked this weekend since this is my last weekend here, but next time IA...Waar this place is a shit-hole..Today I had to meet a relative at the Cafe upstairs in Yala Building (I think this nice place is owned by your tolka)..So i decided to make my dhuhur prayer at Jamia mosque, guess what? They stole my nice NIKE shoes.I was pissed and probably said some profanity at outside the masjid. I had to walk across to buy some Safari shoes...Very inconvenient...This place is a shit-hole..I was so made and had to get a double-shot coffee at Java place...Who steal shoes at a masjid?

  3. Ngonge, He is not going to invite me because he thinks I might find out more about his private will have been pleasure to meet him in person and take his brain he would have been the first SOL guy I met in person haha..SoL girls is another story when I was single..haha

  4. Had a very good weekend at a ranch owned by one of the wealthiest ethnic Somalilander in Kenya (as Xaji Xanduuf likes to call it)..It was a wonderful weekend full of serenity and breathtaking distance view of Mount Kilamanjaro ...this ranch hosted who is who in Somaliland politics...

  5. Noorf, the trip was good at the first week and then I got bored.Unreliable Internet connection, poor hygiene and too many lazy family members asking for handouts. I will definitely visit next trip Hargeisa the hometown of she-who-must-be-obeyed. For now I have two more weeks here. This was an eye-opener for being appreciative of the little life the west offers was great to see family members

  6. Norf, I can't wait to get out of this hell-hole..I'm really appreciative of my life in the west and not to worry about simple hygiene..I had to go and find a doctor (and NOT a clinical officer for consultation) and they all looked at me like I was weird..The tittle doctor is a privilege for those that earned..There are competent Nairobi University trained doctors, but they are few..You have nurses treating people...

  7. Had a very bad case of moderate discomfort to severe diarrhea..Mental note not to eat any Food from a restaurant the next two weeks I'm here..Is it me or every Somali opened a phramacy without a degree or certification in dispensing drugs in Eastleigh..Had to go to three pharmacy before I found a competent guy who knew what a broad spectrum antibiotic was...

  8. The maid stole some money from the house yesterday and every old lady that is relative is up on her arms to call a witchdoctor..Come on its not that serious plus isn't that not a shirk in Islam?


    PS Raula, there is no more Bata shops in Eastleigh..Everything has been converted to little China Stores by Somalis.They all sell same stuff...haha

  9. Took a trip to Eastleigh this morning.This place is full of comedy.I already made friends with shop owners and all they want to hear is that American streets are paved with gold.And that all Somalis are living life of privilege.

  10. I am in Eastleigh, Nairobi. The place is dirty and dusty. Everyone expects you to hand-outs. I guess when people spend a lot of time in an idle state they will be lazy. Most people have never tasted what it's like to earn a living. Now don't get me wrong there are many businessmen and women doing well for themselves.

  11. Raula, maaaantaa I'm doing mini-vacation in NYC before my flight to Nairobi this week...everybody is in hurry here. I bought a subway pass and I'm riding this thing corner to corner..Right now am in Harlem which looks cleaner than I thought

  12. Juxa, it is easy for Ngonge to say that when he is sitting in a high rise office with no public interaction...waar we get spat at and even cursed. One time when I was in school one patient cursed me And my mother all because I refused to give him some strong painkillers..we were trained to spot drug seekers

  13. Juxa, just tell them to pay it so you can also eat and pay bills ... I never had Somali clients( sorry patient)..only time I had one was a friend that needed some work, but because of his diabetics numbers being high a med consult was needed from his primary doctor. He came over and demanded I do the work despite all the complication that could arise...he was like waar miiicnaaa malahaaa Yemen always took care of me...I was like negro this is America I can go to jail if you stroke out no kidding!

  14. Good morning y' in Manhattan New York this morning..never seen rude assss people..Juxa there is story about the Somaliland flag I love to tell my mother Inlaw and father Inlaw are from two different regions (code name for qabiiil)..the old man complains that his Somaliland flag is always moved away from the television stand whenever her friends visit so he went ahead and permanently screwed the flag to the wAll....old man takes his flag so serious hahha

  15. Xiiin, what is next now? Of course the state can't have two presidents with different platforms. The first seed of doubt has been planted already with two presidents claiming the government. Armed with a new strategy the D-block including Gabal folks should go back to the drawing board armed with a new strategy to solve this problem. Mogadishu government is bruised, battered and certainly are part of the surge of disappointment in solving this problem. My advice is you guys are brothers and don't let oThers take advantage Of your political disagreements. It is your kids and your resources that will be depleted.

  16. Ngonge, that a bit at the end was unnecessary. I just want him to operate in constraint now that the party has a young presidential candidate . I know he is the chairman of thee party and all that but he still should put up the best face possible for his party. I hate to see His words create even less reason for people to vote for the new presidential candidate.

  17. I also didn't see anything wrong with the journalist but my uncle there tragically carried the malignancy of name calling into another level. I would love to see this derange uncle step away from the microphone. It only becomes glaringly obvious that his rants will potentially cram the party with pitfuls. The young and upcoming UCiIid party leaders don't need mean-spirited old fashion leaders spoil for them. The intense interest in him was all because of that faithful dinner and he needs not to feed the frenzy about the story. All these people taking solace in his words don't realize this is a man with no filter. His words only breeds lowered self-respect for him...someone tell atheeero to shut his pie-hole...

  18. I don't know what other words you guys want me to describe his choice of words..Feisal is no stranger to controversial takes of Somalia politics...this was too guys can add any quantifying words to describe this interview

  19. Just watched the interview..I don't know why you guys attacking the journalist..Feisal was a bit too much at the end...he needs to correct his choice of words not the other way round

  20. Feisal is being attacked on every corner, but he has a sharp father Inlaw was telling me how Feisal was working for intelligence and he indeed put many SomalilAnders behind bars the likes of his own sub-clan men like the guy that wrote the autobiography the mourning tree... Yesterday he was a champ today he is a traitor...