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  1. Guess no one caught that..Xaaji would have added addendum to that and give you the history of how separated we were from Somalia in 1960 before even that union took place... I just clicked on the article seems like the authority is doin something about it nothing is as painful as RAPE shame and scar

  2. If my wife cheated on me I will first figured it out how I merited this blow? If this could happen, and it did happen to people before, then I think forgiveness will be in order... I will move to rebuild myself and perhaps who knows I might not be as lost as you might think. I don't expect my life to be without bumps. I will ache in a way to find out how in the world did she thought I was not the young attractive man I was before. I will figure out why she decide to press her skin against another man...I can only be what I am capable of being at that is a mere human who will die anytime and Someone else will be ready to take my place and that could be bosaaso, Hargeisa' or who was cheating on me?

  3. If Salaax was president Somaliland he would have recklessly bombed all the Somali camels. He would have sent enraged memos every morning to president Hassan. Increasingly defensive and paranoid he would sought to rally the country to detain all Southern Somalis in Hargeisa. He would stun the enemy and coerce them to recognize Somaliland..I have said this before Salaax is our northern Mawryaan..I know he is going to say this is a sijui guy talking out of his aaas lol

  4. Xaaji, hope you are kidding when you say a Somali from southern Somalia pays higher rate at airport. Through its laws, message, and moral fervor I doubt this is something Somaliland should implement. Through most of Somali history people have shared a picture of brotherhood and not regional profiling. Now that the very basis of this shared brotherhood is in question politically it should not kill the picture perfect brotherhood. I support Somaliland mission wholeheartedly but I will be damn disappointed if they profile other Somalis. Inevitably such harassment of our brothers will eventually take a heavy toll on our people. I believe till the recognition comes everyone should be welcomed and if later on you guys want to implement citizenship qualification so be it but as for now everyone is Somali and the country in the books is Somalia and not Somaliland. If we put the politics of polarization aside beneath all this lays the reality of the day. We shall avoid being community living in the moment only if we want our struggle to live on. Lets not overstep our bound of keeping the brotherhood. I am sure you and Saalax wild rhetorical contrast sharply witth the calm collected laborer in the street of Hargeisa.

  5. Xaaji, in the spheres of international law he is still a citizen of Somalia( including Somaliland). As to current history proper he may not feel welcome but he still has a right to the place until secession is completed. If we observed in the rules of international law he has a right to the place just like you. It is not out of your free choice to keep out people. The nature of the current politics may necessitate your actions but still truth be told he has same right as you do..when recognition comes remember not to keep others out or else you will be loosing diversity

  6. He succinnctly summed up his reasons for chatting with the president. It is interesting to note that a minister took time out of his schedule to do some dirty politics. The first thing which strikes the imagination of common observer is how fragile can Somaliland secession be if they can take issue with a harmless gesture of two people in a non-business setting. At first sight it may seem normal and even desirable for leaders on both Sides to show civility not unless they want to make cheap political shots. Somaliland law makes certain distinction when it comes to dealing with Somalia and Feiisal is well aware of it. One will not reproach Feeisal for showing civility in an open setting. All this noises of demanding him to efface the sin of sitting with Somalia president is none sense.

  7. Now that is a nice video...the only unrecognized country that was capable of organizing a body of people and lead them to be Independent controller of their own destiny! What was that song? somaliland allow dhowr..a fitting tribute!

  8. Inaatheerkeey Xaaji Wuxuu Balaa kudiigee...He doesn't know when NOT to break in..haha.Waar Inaatheer just congratulate here for the nice dinner and celebration of the presidents...don't let your bias move in with you like the circulation of your blood...

  9. Nuune, this is a choice though and I have not abandoned the place ( just politically).I still don't know though how Supporting Somaliland makes me Qabilist? Just read how this topic started and I stood my ground. I can level an accusation against all of you and say that you are all under Xiin famous tent and that is why all this attacks are coming, but that would be stretching the debate.

  10. Tutu,


    You are mixing up issues here.You accused me of being Qabilist in regard to this topic unless you were carrying baggage from another thread (like most folks do it here).The issue is that you guys took a point with What I said about justice Mohamed.I gave you a reason why I brought it up.Now for the life of me I don't know how pointing a piece of history to Khatumo folks here will make me a Qabilist.It is not upto me to find out whether those folks affiliate with Somalis or not.I was just a contributor correcting any misinformation people were reaading here.


    It seems like you are saying Stoic is qabilist because he supports Somaliland (my initial suspicion of all this anger).Now whether I support Somaliland or not because of my clan affiliation is not up to Something for you to decide whether it is because of clan affiliation.. I have my reasons for supporting Somaliland and why I decided to put my roots down there instead of greater Somalia or Kenya.This is my choice just as it is your choice to fight for your piece with Haatu. &Co..I don't have to be coated in salt and pepper and then adequately dry-aged over a requisite period of time before I would deem myself worthy of affiliating with Somalia/Somaliland.I have made my decision not to affiliate with Kenya politically.This is a choice and like I said I don't have to be apologetic for Supporting Somaliland over Kenya.

  11. Tutu,


    So you agreed everything I said was true and that I didn't fabricate any history, then my question is to you guys ( Sijuis) is; was it warranted to call me Qabilist?I'm sure you will not be the last person to revive this topic and get their blood to a boiling point before reviewing what was said. I have always given reasons why I put my contribution here. I don't know how else I can explain why I brought up justice Mohamed story.Hatred is another great door to the devil and I doubt I have opened any doors to warrant in getting all this clan accusations.I'm not here to shape anybody opinion.Everyone is connected to the internet and can verify what they are reading.


    I'm sure most of you noted that I'm a supporter of Somaliland. And the only reason I'm getting all this negative vibe is because of that (ruuntaa sheega Illahay yirii) .I have dropped Kenyan citizen when I left there in the late 90's.I have no political connection to that place.This is an act of choice, just like yours. It shouldn't make people question my political stand.I'm sure everyone here support a side of the larger political Somali story...

  12. tutu;944112 wrote:
    Raula mbona uwaomba msamaha. Huyu jamaa, Stoic, looks like roho yake imefura na mambo za ukabila, ubaguzi na mambo za Somaliland. Though acknowledging Judge Ibrahim's achievements, these pages were about Amina and her new position. I don't see why that should be overshadowed by another individual's merit, even though they may have some ancestral linakage ( as is Stoic's defense). She's our Wangari Mathai/Martha Karua.


    Wengi wametoka kaskazini wa Somalia (Zamani uitwa Somaliland na wengereza) lakini haimanishi sisi ni raia wa kule jamani.

    Heh.Ngoma yako ivumaye, mwishowe ni kupasuka nathani.Hebu tuliza mzee..Did you follow my writtings from the beginning? Did you read my argument why I brought up justice Mohamed story? or is it that one word I said against Yusuf Haji (and Moi) annoy you that much that you have to call me qabilist? Ya rabbi mola!!

  13. Good idea Alpha (we hardly agree on same side me & you) but I still think you should contribute to that link Blessed put up there.It seems like a legitimate fundraising..I even see my favorite sheikh there Sheikh Mustafe Xaaji Ismaciil...


    PS Last time I contributed something was a fundraising for that road between Hargeisa and Salaxley which came to fruition...This one seems like a good course to contribute also...