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  1. Haatu, I believe every Muslim would refer back to the Sunnah and the Quraan for all rulings. The average Muslim like me only cares about knowing the basics of creed as they relate to a simple belief in Allah and the prophet. And rarely gives a hoot about the war of who is on or off the Manhaj. You can't even listen to any of their youtube clips without them bringing up about how they are the chosen sects..What is that guy from England with the big beard called? Abu-Khadeeja . Just listen to any of his clips and let me know if you even gain anything out of it other than finger-waging tactics..

  2. The biggest turn off, for me at least, about the Salafis are their constant refutations on most of their Youtube videos. I rarely listen to them.One thing I like about them though is that they don't support terrorism (Maybe Something to do with Saudi indoctrination and their protection of the royal family monopoly of power?)..I'm actually glad my Sheikh (Yasir Qadhi the one I follow closely) recently openly dissociated himself from the harsh and rigid witch-hunt of that group..I lived in Philly for many years and know how they preach at their mosques.The Salafis I personally know are very anti-Western education which I thought was very dangerous way of misleading the uneducated masses ...Still I like to have a pure heart like a sufi and an Aqeeda like it possible?

  3. These girls been trying to make it to the music industry for a minute.Few break into the glamour glitters and gold of music industry.You got to sell your soul and body to make it..You trade your soul for that big break..Still wishing them luck!

  4. Pardon our appearance, Still under construction should have been the sign.The Coca-cola factory they had few years back looks way better! Who we kidding here.Someone somewhere got a cut! This is what you get when you at the mercy of corrupt cacophony of power. At least it is decent and can pass for an airport now...It makes me happy inside though to see a communal celebration of even our mediocrity! haha

  5. Profesor Samatar:That was then, this is Now game...


    His rounds of interviews with Somali channels doesn't read like a catalogs of mystery thrillers.He will need more than well tunes academic voice and titles to convince many (including me) why the sudden change of heart? He will have a general struggle to translate that well tuned academic voice into a public one. I doubt he would get converts at the upcoming townhall meeting if that is what he is aiming for. .


    As a professor job is to chart out new areas of knowledge, but too bad in this case the knowledge map has been charted by those before him who believed in Somaliland.So the question still remains what new idea is he going to bring to Somaliland that we already don't know? Unless he is going to reveal one of the central mysteries of his change of heart I still see a man who wants to be a scholar, pundit and a politician all at the same time.Unless he is going to cut through his amazing amount of chatters I still see his opinions about Somaliland shouldn't matter. In spite of his evident political transformation,the question STILL remains, is he going to abandon Somaliland once he doesn't get satisfied with what he is looking for?


    PS Wish I had an access to Somali opinion Pages I'd have written an article about this man and his ever shifting political Stand..Too bad I know no one in Hiiraan

  6. This video really touched me, one because I have attended the same undergraduate with this kid and have met him and two his outlook of life after an accident that put on a wheelchair is really touching..He was few years behind me.Indeed as William Service said in his poem "the man who can meet despair and defeat with a cheer, there's the man of a choosing!"..The brother is a muslim and ON his final year in medical school.May Allah give him the strength to carry on...Insha-Allah




  7. Mintid, I'm glad you brought that point up.I was really disapointed with the public theater-sometimes close to farce- that the opposition and the " short man" made out of the Somaliland recognition.If one were to adapt the on air crossfire rhetoric between the opposition and the "short man" , one might speculate that they all long to hear their own voices over the air. Rhetoric like that is unbecoming for leaders. Suffice to say that the "short man" has political ambitions, but he shouldn't be the reason why the respected minister can't accomplish his duties.Curiously, given his status as the presidential minister I wonder why he got to think the ball stops with him.


    It seems what excites the opposition too is a chance to score a point against the "short man" and his party. I find it now, even more important that Somaliland case is getting an international acknowledgement. They will be making a horrific error if they make the issue of recognition as a political game to score points.It is not right on both sides to make the issue of recognition ambitions a kind of public theater that looks like a farce.Somaliland is today moving forward at a very good pace.With each passing day the intensity of Somaliland progress doubles. Somaliland cherished principles of speaking with one voice shouldn't be compromised in the process of scoring political goals.I'm not advocating for the opposition to enthusiastically embrace the cheerleeding role of agreeing with everything that comes out of the Silanyo administration, but they shouldn't say/do anything in the process that can agitate the public.

  8. So is Khatumo flogging a dead horse now? Six hundred is very huge number, though, admittedly, I have doubt about Somali and numbers.The defection of these guys will surely project a view of the woefully Khatumo calamity (expect a letter soon from Khatumo foreign affairs)..

  9. That shit scares me men. I hope I never find myself in that situation. Everyone usually chews his stuff but like you said the police don't care. I read everyday professionals using drugs And their license cancelled. The Khat is very common in our community and We all socialize with our own. I still get nervous when I'm riding in a car with friends stuffing their mouth with Garaabo. You can't tell a Somali put that shit aside till we finish driving lol.. I currently know few guys in my city with ankles monitor for khat trafficking. I usually avoid them in good spirit of course. The laws are harsh more so if you are black lol