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  1. NiinYaban got a question. I have friends that chew garaabo-cool dudes- and I usually sit in their company . Lets say the police bust down one day. Will they only arrest the chewing people or all of you sitting there. I get nightmares on shit like that especially when u are protecting a license that is your means of earning. I get allitle an easy but then I'm like screw it I'm not the one chewing. I still feel like someone kick my stomach when I hear siren outside lol

  2. They just copying America and their annual Iftar dinner. These administration picks many of their ideas from the US from National prayer breakfast to their press mannerism...Muslims are part of Kenya and its good to see them welcomed in the statehouse

  3. 48 thousand dollars MBA in Africa? What university did he graduate from? Even though I understand it is his job to be YES man for the president, but I wish he was not the annoying loud-mouth on the floor.It is deafening to listen to him on Kenyan TV...


    PS There is another annoying Somali Lawyer who has a column on nation newspaper who has an elitist attitude..This guy by the name lawyer Ahmednassir sees himself as a class apart from his Kenyan readers. I read a column in a matatu and quickly put down the paper.. He had the guts to insult their intelligence by reminding them how sad sacks they are by not reading enough books..haha..Very arrogant guy

  4. Oops Hiiran needs some editing lessons. Since when is Somaliland recognized internationally? As for this meeting it is just like prior meetings that were swayed by trivial details. Unfortunately there is no one good reason to believe these meetings will change anything. Somalia got issues and its stability flactuates days to day. The choices on both sides is not equally attractive. Any one can understand and equally sympathize with Somalia , however there is NO benefit for Somaliland in joining Somalia today. Those who stand to loose will fight harder to resist than those who stand to gain. Any union today will only benefit Somalia only. The most rational and advantageous choice for Somaliland is to stay in its course. Turkey thinks that having this two sides on a same table will solve Somalia problem , but that is just an error in forecasting Somalia problem.

  5. Raula, I got inspired by the rich Somali folks in Nairobi (the Xalaal once with business acumen)...What was that saying..Get rich or die tryin..I'm tired of being poor and being clueless in business..But now I'm inspired to start something..haha


    JB, Waar beentaa taayaa..There is a PM section on this forum.No one invited me.I was waiting for the official invite and probably take apart AT&T brain, but too bad no one dropped me a line. I was in Eastleigh everyday and having a blast with the chaos of Eastleigh…Now I’m back to the state and probably will not visit that place for every long time.


    The stuuuupid Customs people at the state didn't take my youthful looks (aheem) lightly and asked me sily questions like If I met any Al-Shabab in Nairobi.It didn't help that I was a US citizen and law abiding Somali visiting family.It was smooth though with basic standard questions..


    Nuune, Kaftaan wa Caadi..I always assumed you were AT&T cousin…Warya..I know you are in aviation industry..Tell you what I met people that owned couple of planes that go to Somalia . All i can say is that those guys are loaded...Money is in the aviation.Get your assss over there the way they are all pilots and good business people.

  6. Nuune,

    Ninyahoow jinayaal baat Qabtaa...I only mentioned Java café once and it was in reference to their nice cup of coffee and good business model.I have no affiliation to that place just a nice business establishment. Why do you assume Somali owned library will not appeal to me?


    I have been to Eastleigh many times and really loved being among the Somali people.I even became a good friends with many Somalis with shops and internet cafe. Guess what they told me? American diaspora Somalis are humble than the tight- jeans wearing European counterparts. I used to get free internet because of my social interaction with the guys.Only time I shut my mouth when they started talking about Jubba, a very divisive hot topic.


    You and AT&T refused to invite me for a cup of coffee, but guess what the TOLKA was made up for through an invitation to a wedding that belonged to one of the richest Cagdeer guy in Nairobi (Somebody Yaleeh)..Nice wedding with good food and I enjoyed it…So you and AT&T are sheegaat Caagdheer...which by the way are my grandmother people

  7. Rahima,


    The lifestyle in Kenya depends on how much your pocket can afford. You can literally live a sheltered lifestyle. You can live in a good neighborhood and have your kids attend the best schools. But this is beyond the means of the common citizen.As often in life there are pleasant and not so pleasant aspect of life you have to put up when living somewhere.Life tend to be slower in Kenya.You could easily sport the distinct inequality of lifestyle. People are either rich or poor.Rarely do you see middle class families.This is not to say people are not comfortable. It seems like many people are living comfortable life within Kenyan Standard.


    The sprout of Somali malls in Eastleigh is testament to the consumer culture of average Kenyan.I have been invited to homes of rich Somalis and I can say that they live better life than I do in the West.I was able to suss out the secret of their Kenyan success and it seems that they were hard working God-fearing business men. The Islamic atmosphere appealed to me and it was great to hear the five daily adhan on loudspeakers. Even though they stole my shoes at the masjid I still never missed a jamaa since they were masjid everywhere.


    I’m not going to lie to you and pretend that it was heaven. I was really bored to death after the second week of getting invited in different homes for lunch or dinner.Kenya is known for its treasure of animal parks and Safari expedition, but THIS is something way beyond the means of the common citizen. One thing I found about myself in this trip is that I can not live in a city that has no accessible library.I was disappointed to have to drive miles and miles to buy a book or find a nice cup of coffee (thanks to JAVA cafe for nice coffee).This is something that made me realize that I love my books and coffee.


    The security was good.I didn't experience any threat or was I harassed by the Kenyan police. Even though I speak the language fluently I still think anyone can be comfortable here without feeling like outsider.Things have changed and people are more free and roaming freely.

  8. This is the promises and the prospect of peace.Somaliland is still unfolding and it looks like with time and good governance it will soon be indepedant country that relies rarely on foreign handouts and diaspora family money.I was praying behind an older gentlemen from My subclan at a house in Nairobi when I almost didn't say Ameen at the end of the prayer when he started saying "May Allah distance us from the Southern people and whatever they cokking for Somaliland"...Haha very passionate and patriotic people who are attached to their land

  9. Not surprised at all since the transparency international has been ranking Somalia dead last for many years.This is NOT unique to Hassan government.The whole country has been enmeshed in corruption far too long.Case in point I saw couple of guys wearing Somali flag lapel pin on their suits strolling in the streets of Nairobi looking for the next big donor to fry.These are diaspora guys contributing to the toxic level corruption. Somalia gets lot of money, but unfortunately it doesn't pass beyond the banks.The whole country is beset by Greedy *******s...

  10. Rahima, the truth is, there are slew of business opportunities in Kenya and thanks to the innovative Somalis who are willing to share what works in Africa.To the self conscious average western Somali, Kenya may seem scary, corrupt and uncomfortable for your liking but if you can stomach all these I think one can make it big. One needs to dug into the market and find out what people needs. It seems like technology is catching up in Africa and there will be many more opportunities. If one can go for business that are not usual Somali knee-jerk business like shops and hotels I think the potentials are there. And it seems, most of the Somalis are not above these kind of business. Everyone is always talking about Africa being the next big thing, but if you don't do your research you will fail miserably. Majority of the people lie and are looking for ways to rip you off. First of all you want to put yourself In a situation where you have the capital and ready with your research. I have met few diaspora friends who left here a year ago and still chasing contracts that never came to fruition. The system is not structured and you may loose few years chasing after phantom contracts. Not all of this is solely the system fault, but also the guys were ill prepared according to my understanding.

  11. Apophis, Heh. You are not gonna tell me anything about Eastleigh and its sewage filled crater roads. Many of the taxis were even refusing to take me to eastleigh because they have to dodge a pothole. One had to jib around manholes filled with human wastes. Saxiib I have no intention of having ill feeling towards the city but I report what I see. One may think there is a river that busted its banks when you see sewage water make a pool in the middle of the road. Heh I would have reported if i seen Eastleigh as a leafy suburb like some of the other places I have seen in Nairobi. One had to take circuitous routes just to get between the big Somali mall buildings to avoid stepping on human wAste potholes. Maybe. You confused me with someone who has never been to Nairobi before but I can school you on it

  12. Rahima,

    Haha..of all the years I lived in the West I never cared about doing business.All I cared about was getting education and probably end up working for someone for a very long times.But now seeing these people doing very well in business (and I mean owning fleets of planes) I was inspired..all I had to ask these guys was how in the world did you become this successful and they all said HARD WORK and a little luck...Insha-Allah I think I'm inspired to take business serious...


    PS Alpha you are RANDOM dude (and I think I said that before)

  13. I hereby declare that I want to be RICH (and don't know how)..I was invited for a weekend stay at a VERY rich Somali guy house in Nairobi and was inspired..Is it bad (or unethical) to dare dream to be RICH? hahaa...Istaghfurullah!