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  1. it is more likely true. The court do not have it is own army with one command center. SHirkada Banaadir melisia + Number of tribal courts joined toghether + Indhacade melesia + indepedent tribal melisia. All these group were united against moqdisho warlods. Now all these groups are in Jowhar. It is very difficult to control the tribal melisia, same tribal melisia who was looting southern somalia for last 16 years. The court is streched and do not have control it's melisia, plus the finacial problem . they will not able to maintain this level of military activity, the downfall of court is about to start unless they change their course to build up the political structure. This is not happening now because the group do not have same political and economic intrest. An attack on Baydhabo is must likely to expect the court and their supporters, the moqdisho demostrations are the beggening to build up the support.
  2. The court do not have public support in Bay region, they are the warlods there and if they go there they are not going to win. I think the next few days the court will make the decision to go Bay. The court have the momentem but Abdilaahi is better position. the court have reached in the top and their fall will start.
  3. is this means getting attention. The court cannot afford another front this time, atleast for now.
  4. I agree, U.S lost the battle in somalia second time. this time their warlods lost let us see if they learned anything from that. Somalia was not easy place and will never be. there no easy solution for the security problem in somalia but in otherhand somalia problem is much easier than Iraq. Because the U.S is now part of somalia problem since the end of WWII, we expect them to do right thing. we are warning U.S once more to do right thing. simply you cannot hide and you cannot plot, it will be pay back one way or another. The court have done good job. Historic and will change things for good. moqdisho is not the "savage" place any more. but they have problem too, the court are assosiated with indhacade and some other warlods. infact without the tribal army of indhacade the court would had very difficult to win the moqdisho war. Now the talks between the court and TNG are very important step toward peace in somalia. The time is right. The court has external and internal enemies and will not survive for long. Abdullahi TNG is broke and luck political strategy. Abdulaahi reliazed he cannot count the west and ethiopian support, he must change the course. Time is running for both groups and need each other
  5. the Old man have now another opportunity, what he is going to do is another question? But in order to get more money you have to spend more money. The court victory gives him another chance to get cash needed from international community but only with clear political strategy. To begin with he must go father from Baydhabo soon. politically or military. otherwise the next peace confress is in the corner. Very little time left for him to manover.
  6. http://www.somalitribune.com/xoops/html/modules/smartsection/item.php?itemid=362 Warqad ay golaha sare ee Maxkamadaha islaamka ee Soomaaliya ay u qoreen qaramada midoobay , wadamada carabta iyo safaaradaha reer galbeedka ee Nayroobi joogta ... The Union of Islamic Courts in Mogadishu, have decided to break the silence between us and the international community. We made this decision in order to clarify the situation in Mogadishu and to bring the true picture of the conflict in the city and present it to the international community .. To: United Nations Political Office in Somalia, UNDP Resident Representative, The League of Arab Nations, African Union, Organization of Islamic Countries, IGAD, European Union, Department of State, United States Government, United States Embassy in Nairobi, Italian Embassy, French Embassy, British Embassy, German Embassy, Djibouti Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Swedish Embassy, South African Embassy, Egyptian Embassy, Nigerian Embassy, Saudi Embassy, Yemen Embassy, Sudan Embassy. Date: June 5, 2006 The Union of Islamic Courts in Mogadishu, have decided to break the silence between us and the international community. We made this decision in order to clarify the situation in Mogadishu and to bring the true picture of the conflict in the city and present it to the international community. Background: The Islamic courts have been established in Mogadishu in mid 1998 and are clan-based that serve their particular communities. For example Polytechnic(for Shabelle sub clan), Ifka Halane (for the Eary Sub-Clan), Yaqshid (for the ***** -Abgal sub clan), Circole (for the Saleban Sub-clan), Milk Factory (Duduble sub-clan), Al-Furqan (Sa’ad sub-clan) Xariryale and Daynile (Murusade clan), Balad (Wabudhan-Abgal Sub-Clan) etc. The main objectives of these courts to provide a minimum security, law and order to the communities that established them. The courts assume these responsibilities out of patriotism and service to our people, country and communities. The Present Conflict A Retrospective analysis of why the Somali Federal Government could not locate in the capital city, Mogadishu was due to the “warlord†ministers of the Somali Federal Government who refused to be engaged in the Somali peace process and choose to keep the country hostage. These warlords refused to disarm, surrender their illegal checkpoints and transform to be national leaders. The present conflict has been fueled by the wrong information given to the US Government by these warlords who have denied their basic human needs for security and development and kept the Somali people hostages and terrorized them for the last 16 years. Their expertise is to terrorize people and they were able to use it and terrorize the American government by misinforming them about the presence of terrorists in Somalia. These warlords are allegedly supported by the American government ignores the long criminal history of these warlords and the war crimes they committed against their own people. The alleged support of the US government to these warlords has considerable contributed to the recent fighting in Mogadishu and the killing of the Somali people who has suffered so long in the hand of these warlords. Finally, after 16 years, the Somali people have decided to liberate themselves with the leadership of the Islamic court. The present changes were brought by the appraisal and refusal of the Somali people the anarchic situation installed by the warlords and said enough is enough! We would also like to address some of the misinformation and accusations fabricated by the warlords and wish to provide the international communities with accurate information that will assist them to support the desires and the will of our people who wish to be free form violence and anarchy, International Terrorism: 1) Somalia is a homogenous society, and any outsiders can be spot immediately. We are Muslim 100%, speak the same language and have cultural heritage that is very hard to understand for outsiders. We have a complex clan based system that is not easy for non-Somali to understand, let alone hide in the country. We categorically deny and reject any accusation that we are harboring any terrorists or supporters of terrorism in the areas where the courts operate. 2) We also confirm that our goals and objectives are to establishment law and order in our country and free our people from oppression. 3) We share no objectives, goals or methods with groups that sponsor or support terrorism. We have no foreign elements in our courts, and we are simply here because of the need of the community we serve. 4) We invite the International Community to visit the area where the court operates and see for themselves if there are any terrorists elements being harbored or living in this area. We commit ourselves and our clan elders to this position: to be open and honest in order to spare the Somali people the violence and the suffering being perpetrated by the warlords. We have nothing to hide from the international community and we strongly believe that, once they realize what we do and what we have achieved, they will support our initiative and efforts to bring peace and stability to Somalia. 5) There is also the accusation that we intend to establish an anti-US and Western government in Somalia. This is not true. Such an agenda is against our objectives and goals since this would contradict our wish for there to be a peaceful Somalia. This falsehood is being fabricated to get support from US Government by groups who have terrorized the people of this country for the last 16 years. 6) We want create an environment that could enable our people to decide their future. We want the Somali people to decide which form of governance they want and choose their leaders for the first time in decades. We would like to summarize our goals and objectives as follows: 1) To establish a system of governance in Mogadishu, and remove all the checkpoints and terror points that the warlords have set up and disarm all criminal elements that endanger the peace in the city; 2) We want to contribute to the rebuilding of our country and create a peaceful environment and a country that is at peace with itself, and with its neighbors and with the international community. 3) To rehabilitate and rebuild all the city infrastructures specially those that belong to the city governments, including its sea ports, airports, road, bridges, schools, hospitals, universities and have committees of the intellectuals running and operating of these facilities; 4) We would like to establish a friendly relationship with the international community that is based on mutual respect and interest and seek their support for the Somali peace process and respect their desire for peace. 5) We seek support for our communities who have been denied all the basic human needs such as security, liberty and development as accepted universally and in accordance to the human rights laws; We thank you in advance for your kind patience, understanding and support. Sheikh Sherif Sheikh Ahmed Chairman, Islamic Courts Union
  7. where are grown up people?. I only see children. the court emptied all dugsi quraans today.
  8. Abaadir qabyaalad toosa meesha makashaqeysee, inaad shaadh ugalisaa laqaatey. Back to topic, What these people fighting, are thinking? Probably an intresting sport event! even the websites are not using the word "dagaal" rather reporting the victory and loses, no more counting the causalties. So what is next step for the court, will it maintain united front, will they attack other regions too. It seems the court have political goals and motives. if they get their way we probably see another extention land. At least Moqdisho will better of. But I am afraid the court had it is best day, whether somebody come from Kismaanyo or not, they will not add that much power. The warlods only lost few bottles and very much alive.
  9. Strange letter! the letter is not necessary written by somebody from Laascaanood. It has the signature of extrem secessionist. He betray Sool region insignificant, very far from Hargeysa in one hand and one point very important place worth scarifying lot of blood. However it is first time the secessionist are taking about peace, although they offer here a peace with condition of separation. We can conclude that the secessionist are either realized their short coming. they are isolated and could not get recognition . Or secessionist are worry about the potential of Baydhabo Government. I said both, the secessionist are signaling to say something but do not really come from yet. They are making first contact through Laascaanood and it is natural
  10. It seems the money has dry. it is unlikely they will get more money very soon because they lost. unfortunatly it is not end of the moqdisho warlods. not by far moqdisho wars. Very soon we may see new moqdisho warlods regrouping, inclouding the court.! Only ntervention or occupation from outside will solve moqdisho problems. Moqdisho is open for business.
  11. I never seen anything Ruddy knows. He is just lost in this section of the forum. With history of Laascaanood and the war of liberation, I do not think anyone from Laascaanood is comfortable diving the country with any form. The administration of puntland and Somaliland worked the benefit of the people in difficult times, at leat ulike the rest of the country, the regions maintain peace However a future somali federal state cannot be based on regions with borders of tribes. This time we need to stand United Somalia. Laascaanood stod for Somalia and stands for Somalia. Finnaly Laascaanood Mageydo Su aashan.
  12. CASTRO OR MR COOMAADE Simply I will not be silent, the true hurts but it must be heard.
  13. "Puntland Goverment has decided to withdraw its support for the pretensions role of your office in unifying Somalia whilst you remain in the position of Prime Minister" Few days ago CADE was telling to BBC that he does not care, if somaliland leave the Union but perfer the federal. A Years ago he said "it is up to people of Sool and Sanaag to choose where they want to belong whether somaliland, puntland or their own mini state" The most surprisingly he answered the Geedi's letter. ofcourse The Geedi's letter was damaging, but he should not be answered. CADE IS IGNORANT AND HAVE WARLODS MENTALITY. DONE Not that much to say about Geedi. He listen the last person . GEEDI LETTER http://www.horseednet.com/horseednet.php?id=2697 CADE LETTER http://www.laasqoray.net/view_article.php?articleid=428
  14. Raange gives $200,000. a month to the Puntland. I really want know where these money goes? I guest Geedi was getting his share as a wage. The Ranger must be losers in this case.
  15. Both Cade and Geedi have very difficult reading the mind and tactics of Abdilaahi yusuf and you cannot blame on them. Who should be blamed.? Very clear everyone is not blaming Geedi. yes They are confused but what confused them. CADE or GEEDI neither qualified his post and both are confused. ironically both were hanpicked. This issue simply shows the TNG is not only broke but it lucks strategy. the letters will not help at all
  16. there is no way to exclude Barre Hiraale in this list. Same warlods doing same thing. Few days ago Hiraale was treating the owners of new small ports created the kismaanyo costline. the new ports run by local people. About the Putland oil expoloration. the public support is not there. whether Geedi writes a letter or not is does not matter. Finnaly we are new era. You cannot count priding people.
  17. What logic G-DUKE? that logic was not working even 1960. Without the controll of Marka I do not think anyone will take sirous with C/laahi goverment. How he reach their it up to him, but it shuold be soon.
  18. "A/Y squandered one opportunity after another" that is how I see it. It is not about firing these warlods including Bare Hiiraale but also taking control hearth of southern somalia. He could take advantage the war in moqdisho both politically and military. Now one want help somalia any more with it is weak goverment in Baydhabo.
  19. The reality is, the only accetable outcome of this isue is. IRAN must stop it's nuclear technonlgy. Otherwise America and it's allied will do everything from diplomicy to military to stop IRAN getting nuclear technolgy. President Ahmed have no other choose. to give up or treated by west as another Sadaam. oppoinion of a liberal writer in America who is defedending IRAN mean little the big popular media in America. Final decision will be made by isrealis.
  20. The only good people I know are the poor and civilian in moqdisho. I also blame them, we do not hear their voices. whether Dayniile.com, BBC or Hornafrica website is presenting their voice.it is not their intrest to to broadcast the real voice of the people. the most suffering are not belonging any group and never belong any group. They do not have any means and any where to fly. They cannot even afford to take their woonded children the few hospitals still existing. We all part of their suffering and we are all guilty for not helping them. If we do not stand our religion and national duty now when are we going to stand for. It is time to create the Somali Liberation Front. Simply the country and poeple need to be liberate.
  21. the secesionist printed their own money from India. for 14 years, they could not convince Burco inhibatant to use it. I wonder who will exchange them the day a somali goverment take controll in Hargeysa.
  22. very good move from TNG. One step in right direction. the Local politics are working with the goverment, gives hope and strenght the TNG. The next move from Bay and Bakool to other south region will be intresting.
  23. very good move from TNG. One step in right direction. the Local politics are working with the goverment, gives hope and strenght the TNG. The next move from Bay and Bakool to other south region will be intresting.
  24. very good move from TNG. One step in right direction. the Local politics are working with the goverment, gives hope and strenght the TNG. The next move from Bay and Bakool to other south region will be intresting.
  25. well, I am not going to discuss my name. it has multiple meaning. However I know London have huge somali population, coming from all other EU countries. But Minnesota itself have huge somali population, increasing very fast. Now estimated over 70,000. overall 320,000 somalis in North America much more those in EU.