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  1. I agree with you 100%...Man you should be next President of Federal Government of Somalia. @loool Regards, Where is my quote…..Coming Soon
  2. Nice words, but I got question…. Why do girls use Diana and other light skin Creams? Regards Where is my Quote…..Coming soon.
  3. Salaam alaikum Don’t we have the rights to post what we want without offending anyone? So far all I saw in SOL was decent people with clean post, NOW somehow nomadz feel scared to express themselves, please let everyone post what he/she likes to post as long as they not offending anyone. I hope I am not banned cuz I came up with this topic. Thanks all Regards Where is my Quote….Coming Soon.
  4. Well. It’s ok to hit once she doesn’t get what you telling her. To bring back to her sense. Regards Where is my Quote…Coming Soon.
  5. Well. As long as he is a Moslem, you can marry him no doubt about that. My cousins are married to white Moslem guys and I reckon its working for them. But there is always cultural differences. If you can handle that than marry him. But I won’t recommend you to get married to non Somalis. Regards. Where is my Quote…coming soon.
  6. Hey Salaam. Welcome on board. You gonna have fun. The nomads here are more decent. In fact this is best Somali Site. Regards, Where is the Quote…Coming soon
  7. Lucky and Batuula salaam to both of of you sistas, thanks for the warm welcome,and the time you took to reply my post . nice seeing you both.. Batuulo u got funny nick was that ur great grand mam name?.. loool..kheer ban idin rajeenayaa. Isma dhaafno Regards Where is my Quote….Coming Soon.
  8. -G- You are crap in bed! hehehehe....u failed there...that is totally untrue....cuz I am still vergin. Keeping it for the right woman…my future wife …looooooool funny haa Regards Where is my Quote…Coming Soon
  9. Well I am gonna visit there in mid fall, I heard there are Good MAFRESH in London. Best place to chew QAT. Loooooool By the way I am Qat free. No chewing Regards Where is my Quote…Coming Soon.
  10. Wait I am counting how much time it takes to say I luv u ….7 seconds..i hope I give an answer loooooool. Regards Where is my Quote…Coming Soon
  11. Originally posted by Unkown213: Who Knew THIS About Beautiful Women? Handsome men produce the best quality sperm. HoTsTePPeR is handsome, does that mean he got good quality Sperm?. Regars Where is my Quote…Coming Soon…
  12. Well I am not generalizing, but that is what most of you girl do, I am sorry if you don’t like my post but that is fact, ask any guy. Be a playa it works..atleast for me now@lool Rudy, she means “Nagaha na saas waaye”, in another format “Nagahana waa sidaas oo kale” Bari_Nomad….you are more experienced than I learn things the hard way @loool Regards Where is my Quote…Coming Soon
  13. Well Good question….. if just can’t figure out the reason read this “Dumari waa sheeko, Ragna waa Shah”….. one thing they are expert at is talking and talking and Talking. I hate my gal when she talks to me inside the movie theater Regards Where is my Quote...Coming Soon
  14. Why ladies let down those guys who are good to them once they know the Gentleman is inluv and crazy after them. In fact once they know you are dating with some other girl they run after you…. I just don’t understand why can’t they stick with you when u nice to them at the first place. Inshort woman like jerks and playas…… Peace n luv Regards Where is my Quote…Coming Soon
  15. Waryaa you good man, you got guts, u do that in their own court yard. Loool I like case # 1, 3 , 4, 8 and 10, damn case 8 was the funniest #CASE 8 A happy marriage is a matter of give and take; the husband gives and the wife takes Man we always give we get nothing in return except at the bed. Peace gals Regards Where is my Quote….Coming Soon