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  1. loool @ section6er doesn't ayaanick have an email or a messenger.. lol
  2. SIMPLE WOMAN soo simple Beside my own name i like runaway^virgin ... everytime i see her nick i picture a virgin in a wedding dress fleeing lool i don't know y.. i guess i just have a wild imagination And Darman becuz as soon as i saw it i remembered this guy i used to like for a while called darman. He claimed his name was somali and i didn't know if it was or how the hell it was pronounced in somali.. and till today i still don't
  3. come on guys he is going to make her wear JAWAAN That had me rolling on the floor.... Cute_lil girl "WE HEARD OG_Moti SIDE OF STORY...SO WHERE ARE YA LONELY ME? " looool @ lonely me Clown.... "i know she shouldn't marry that stupid Afghan coz he's gonna dumb her stupid @$$ as soon as he's had her @$$." .. ur sad and soo disrespectful Lovely Me.... Congratulations walalo.. maybe Allah bless ur marriage and make it a blisful one inshallah
  4. NAZRA KIBIR? lol is dat suppose to offend me... My kibir is none of your concern you should worry about **********EDITED********. Every paragraph that you write contradicts the other. You made mistakes and I corrected you.. you're supposed to thank me instead of making excuses. Don't worry about how sharp my nails are. You need to realize that your Muslim first and foremost and Somali second. Stop immitating the kuffar. I wouldn't be surprised if i saw you on MBC a couple of years from now relating the event of the mutilation of your kintir. Your f****** confused... and i feel like im wasting my time even replying to you... so don't holla back at me seeeeeeeeen 1 [ May 02, 2003, 06:18 AM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  5. Angeleyes... simple woman....i think by giving the first letter we can figure out the rest of might as well give it all at once... take a wild guess and its not simple woman Second letter... SO_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  6. lose track... lol tamina.. just make a group called nomads.... lol Stay tuned 2morrow for da next letter of my msn addy lol
  7. lol nice topic... i know everyone is gonna hesitate to post their msn addy.. so ima start off.. but ima give y'all 1 letter per day.... S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ HOLLA BACK
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    See if you can get it.. it had me irritated and confused for a while There were 3 businessmen travelling together.. They needed a motel room for the night. When found one they decided to split the cost. The room was $30... so they paid $10 each. But then the motel clerk told the cashier that the room was actually $25 and so he gave back $5.. but he didn't know how to split $5 between the 3 guys so he gave each one of them $1 and kept the remaining $2 in his pocket.. If each initially paid $10 and got a $1 back.. that means they each paid $9 dollars rite... 9x3=27 and $2 the cashier put in his pocket... 27+2=29... What happened to the missing dollar
  9. Simple Woman


    I'm not saying boycott tv.. because i watch tv all the time.. But i got the brains enough not to go blow someone's head off becuz i saw it in a movie.. or call my mom a b!tch becuz some kid did so on a talk show. But what good is it to boycott pepsi and coca cola and starbucks alone. From my point of view i think its ridiculous. But I see what you mean... Sorta like start out with the small things.. then the bigger things... and its good to see someone who is considerate enough to worry about their muslim sisters and brothers. And to answer your question if somalia was palestin i would still drink pepsi and coca cola regardless... but thats just me.. I heard every penny that Mcdonalds makes on Sunday goes to Isreal.. even though there is no direct prove.. a lot of us still eat mcdonalds even on sundays... The only thing i've seen with my own eyes that made me boycott coca cola for a while is that if you take any coke can.... And trace the letters COCA COLA and read it backwards it cleary says in arabic La Makkah La Muhamed... meaning no makkah no muhamed... its more clear and bigger if you trace it from a vending machine and turn the paper to the other page... And if you look very cleary there are images of naked women and people diving... and ice at the bottom makes out a naked woman too. But this can only be seen on the vending machine itself. At first I was shocked. But really they do so much more we don't know about.... Subliminal messages by free masons are in the lyrics of music that we listen to everyday. Even in little kids nursery rhymes. If you back track "twinkle twinkle little star" it actually says "oh i wish there was no Allah" and Pokemon's catch phrase "Gotta catch em all!" back tracked actually says "OH SATAN, OH SATAN" And so much other cartoons,politicians,musicians and actors are all free masons... and we still listen to their music and watch their shows unknowingly or knowningly... so you see there is much worse things then having our money being sent to isreal. But thats just my opinion and sweet_gal i understand where you coming from and what you mean
  10. I definetly would... If i knew the person for a while and it seemed like everything was coo then why not. I met a few ppl this past summer that i first connected wit ova BP.. 1 of them is on SOL. A lot of ppl come down to tdot during the summer.. so around caribana time everyone i met online wanted to connect lol... some worked out but the othas.. there always next summa inshallah....
  11. The minute i saw the topic this came to mind "You can't handle the truth" A Few Good Men "Atticus, Atticus!".. Scout (To kill a mocking bird)
  12. Simple Woman


    What good will it do if you boycott pepsi and coca cola... first of all more than half the world is drinks it. And jews run soo much more than just pepsi, coca cola and starbucks. The idea of boycotting pepsi and coca cola is ridiculous. What good is it if you boycott pepsi and coca cola.. while ur still watching friends, cnn, seinfeld etc... everything is run by jews including ur favorite tv shows, video games and what have you. Its clearly evident to anyone who has half a brain how they're exploiting us. We're listening to music video trying to look and dress like the video girls.. and our young brothers have a romanticized view to thug life and pimping women they refer to as "b!tches." Talk shows make it seem okay for children to disrespect their parents, take drugs and do as they please. And the jew who is brining this to your tv set don't have a tv set at his house and his kids attend private schools. Infact the majority of jewish kids attend private school. So you see before you try to boycott pepsi and coca cola.. get rid of cable television in your homes.. because pepsi and coca are only taking a dollar outta pocket everytime you buy it... But cable tv costs more than 30 times that a month.. and it brain washes and manipulates you!
  13. Princess_sexy I totally agree wit what you said. Another thing is your always hearing "how to be a good wife," and "how to treat your husband" and what have you. But I rarely hear "How to be a good husband." I've seen some very respectful and decent house wives.. very traditional indeed, but walahi their husbands didn't deserve them. I'm not saying all men are like that... But its like she was a slave. Even on days when she was sick.. he showed no sympathy and expected his 3 meals, clean house, clean children... etc We don't need to read articles in books/magazines to realize the foundations of a good marriage. We simply need to use the example of the prophet(pbuh)and his wives. But obviously its easier said then done.Then again if both partners in a marriage conducted themselves as they are required to islamically then less problems would arise and less divorces. And of course its not so easily especially in western countries that we're currently living in.
  14. That is the worst thing that anyone could say about me...and i suggest you take that back. Naw thats not the worst thing anyone could say about you.. i could say more but i'm not disrespectful and i don't want the admin on my case... You suggest i take it back??? loool what are we in 3rd grade. I suggest you click that edit post button and erase everything you wrote. Because first of all you make no god damned sense, secondly you're insulting and degrading our somali mothers and aunts referring to them as animals.. and all of that just for a little attention. And I see you commenting on people's vocabulary and spelling mistakes.. when you're obviously in no postion to be doing that. keep the fail language out of ur mouth Its "foul" language NOT fail FOUL.. what in God's name is fail language. But this issue can be re-solved Its RESOLVED there is no hyphen... change that tone of urs Tell me how you can detect someone's tone of voice through a written piece of work?? and i hope i don't have to teach you to close ur legs too. Now what the hell does this have to do with anything?? Did you run out of words and insults or did someone borrow your thesaurus. You contradict yourself, you have no idea how ridiculous and annyoing you sound and your topics are almost always stupid!... Now its my turn to suggest that you stop posting this irrelevant pile of bull crap and save your fingers for something useful!
  15. the community still exists just look up, up above at the black line that says Home | Chat | Forums | Add a site | Community | Private Messages | Contact us | Giving the nomads their piece of the net
  16. I am not even the least bit scared even with a cold and a headache lool.. im concerned though but i'm not scared. Inshallah i won't get it.. Shyhem I understand what you saying.. but "i guess that means Millions will die before it gets to me." you can't say that.. if Allah wills for it to happen to you, regardless of how strong your immune system is.. then by all means it shall.
  17. Nazra macanto im sorry to say you're confused, mentally abused and you've taken on the mentality of the kuffar. You're a victim of scripted talk shows and today's kuffar dominated society. "I am simply suggesting, Three nights a week." As opposed to what?? 7 nights a week? How many somali parents do you know engage in sexual intercourse even once weekly let alone 3 days. And what gurantee is there that you won't get pregnant if you only do it 3 nights a week without condoms, pills or injections. I'm not saying i support pills and injections. But you're speaking out of stupidity. You're contradicting yourself!!!!! Lateafha Is that how far your willing to go to get a good fight out of a Thread? Or shall I say to get ATTENTION! & For a change LET others Be! It's their BUSSINESS! Just Speak for yourself and do what's best for you but don't expect other to fall into your Stupid LIST! I couldn't have said it better.....
  18. that was soo hilarious loooool somnet forums and finest sista 2005 had me cracking up
  19. If ur second last post wuz meant for me sophine wat im tryna say is.. if you love da man so much you wouldn't care wat qabil he is.. and try to make ur family understand you love him and you want to marry him regardless of your culture. And of course you want them to approve of him but its U who'll spend the rest of your life with him not your family. Becuz wat kinda question is... "IS IT WRONG FOR A GIRL AND BOY WITH TWO DIFFERENT TRIBS TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER." But you know wat like you said in your own words "LET FAITH RUN ITS CHORSE"
  20. If ur asking dat question.. maybe u ain't in love wit this guy after all.. Qabil??? come on now!!! Only ignorant somali ppl still debate about such topics.. and its the only reason our country is in the condition that its in rite now... I think its time we all grow past this ignorance
  21. Miskeen this is one sad sister... But i know as well as the next person wit half a brain.. u'll probably make anotha nick and come back.. And as haruun pointed out... u probably already have. U ain't a kid so stop actin like one naya! Peace out shawty
  22. Miskeen this is one sad sister... But i know as well as the next person wit half a brain.. u'll probably make anotha nick and come back.. And as haruun pointed out... u probably already have. U ain't a kid so stop actin like one naya! Peace out shawty
  23. Miskeen this is one sad sister... But i know as well as the next person wit half a brain.. u'll probably make anotha nick and come back.. And as haruun pointed out... u probably already have. U ain't a kid so stop actin like one naya! Peace out shawty
  24. Miskeen this is one sad sister... But i know as well as the next person wit half a brain.. u'll probably make anotha nick and come back.. And as haruun pointed out... u probably already have. U ain't a kid so stop actin like one naya! Peace out shawty
  25. . I am in shape. ROUND is a shape That had me cracking up.... loool