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Non Kilil Somalis: Should Kilil Somali Party join EPRDF in Ethiopia? Have your say.

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This was contentious issue in the 80s. Even within WSLF.

The current governing party in the kilil the Somali Peoples Democratic Party was formed from 4 Somali parties and organizations including WSLF, SDL (Somali democratic league)..etc.

In the 80s when EPRDF was started by TPLF and ANDM in northern Ethiopia, the Somalis were not sure whether will stay in Ethiopia or have to separate. Around 1988 the majority of Somali organizations including WSLF had decided that the Somali people will stay in Ethiopia under following conditions:

Ethiopia should be federal

The Somali people will be completely self governing

EPRDF agreed to both conditions and actually championed for implementation. This was implemented to complete satisfaction of the Somali people.

So most of Somali organizations did not see the need to be member of parties with other peoples. The Somali people can participate in the running of the country by Somalis joining ministries, aarmy, foreign service and all activities of federal government.


So far this has worked fairly well for the autonomy of the Somali people, but there are times where it is necessary to be full member in political parties that have chance of governing the country. That is where the situation is right now.



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So far:

Somalilanders generally are not keen to this idea, they prefer to deal with their brethern across a border as autonomous, yet do not want to face a Somali in Addis Ababa where even their delegation cannot gossip or chat among themselves about an idea before they give it to the Xabeshi.

Irridentists definitely not want this.

Djibouti is ambigeous. Want to use their good relation with the Somali to pressure Ethiopia, on the other hand they also want to pressure their Brethern by Ethiopia, so Djibouti is OK either way.

Puntland, HiirShabelle, Bay who ever is close to Ethiopia wants this to happen, since support for their regions will increase.

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    • By galbeedi
      It is official. The era of despot Cabdi Illey is over in the Somali region. 
      After closed door deliberations, the DDSI party had elected Mr. Ahmed Shide as the new leader which officially ends the 11 year painful rule of Illey. 
      This selection will pave Mr. Shide as the new president of the region very soon. Also, the Liyu police has been disbanded as the security force of the Somali region. For the last few days the Liyu have been looting and pillaging communities while abandoning their positions. 
      Also, members of Illey family are been investigated by the authorities for the theft of millions of dollars. 
      It is an end of a painful chapters for a lot of Somalia. A very small group of blood thirsty group,  created and organised by the Tplf and Cabdi Illey have been overthrow thanks to the Oromo uprising. While many Somali including my self were looking to preserve the old order for the sake order and continuity, millions of Somalia want the total demise and the removal of the tyrants who oppressed them for so long. Just like the Oromo celebrated the demise of the Tplf order, for the millions of Somalis the end of Illey and his henchmen is a great relief and a new era of freedom. 
      There were some security concern about the disbanding of the Liyu police and the threat of anarchy and outlaws in the countryside, yet for most people, their disbanding was a relief. Analysts believe that the Liyu is too criminal or murderous to be a force that might fight for independence or even tribal reasons. They were trained to kill and abuse Somali and will not be needed in a land where people are seeking justice and freedom. 
      It is mind boggling how a small ruthless group had managed to oppress and control millions of Somalia for so long. They acted like there is no one else but themselves.
      Now, Illey and his supporters must accept the new order and collaborae for the peace and development of all Somali. He and Tplf wanted to finish off the Somali and createa long  civil war between the Somali and Oromo. There were a lot of victims, but we hope the worst to be over. He gambled to the lives of thousands of Somali to save the Tplf order. After he lost the gamble, he continued to the destructive route until it is too late. 
    • By Old_Observer
      Very sad news.
      Nothing is known yet from the police, but the media is reporting that he died from gun shot and the hand gun colt has been found in the car.

    • By Old_Observer
      Why didn't you bring the most important news for you, the oil well to be drilled announced by Abiy?
      Why this go around to bring civil war among Somalis? What do you gain?
      Why is the area where the pipeline to pass more useful to you than the area where the prospective well is?
      Why cover with Iley why not say the main motivation for you the trade route?