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  1. This was contentious issue in the 80s. Even within WSLF. The current governing party in the kilil the Somali Peoples Democratic Party was formed from 4 Somali parties and organizations including WSLF, SDL (Somali democratic league)..etc. In the 80s when EPRDF was started by TPLF and ANDM in northern Ethiopia, the Somalis were not sure whether will stay in Ethiopia or have to separate. Around 1988 the majority of Somali organizations including WSLF had decided that the Somali people will stay in Ethiopia under following conditions: Ethiopia should be federal The Somali people will be completely self governing EPRDF agreed to both conditions and actually championed for implementation. This was implemented to complete satisfaction of the Somali people. So most of Somali organizations did not see the need to be member of parties with other peoples. The Somali people can participate in the running of the country by Somalis joining ministries, aarmy, foreign service and all activities of federal government. So far this has worked fairly well for the autonomy of the Somali people, but there are times where it is necessary to be full member in political parties that have chance of governing the country. That is where the situation is right now.