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All opposition without exception are so confused, become anxious and suspicious of each other. Everybody is suspecting somebody of making deals with the EPRDF. One of the opposition parties openly asked: "How can a country the size and prestige (empty prestige with starving people - mine) run without PM". They forgot the PM is still active until next PM is elected.

Some have already accepted defeat and are thinking next cycle or next opportunity.


Tigray, Afar, Amhara, Somali, Gambella, Benshangul Gumuz is all quiet and waiting.

Oromia: lots of problems and particularly now competition between west Oromo mostly Protestant and Eastern mostly Muslims. The middle what can be termed as Amharized is still working in the stystem.

South: Problem with one Ethnic, Gurage these are traders and business people scattered all over Ethiopia but home base is in South. Ginbot 7 is mainly Gurage.

Hareri are watching carefully since they are sarounded by Oromo and not far from Somali, but no land connection. Is like city state.

Addis and Dirdawa is all quiet.


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Update on Somali Oromo issues:

Investigateion has so far revieled that the Somalis that were killed inside Oromo state was fault of Oromo Police. The Army gathered the Somalis whom the army thought was at risk and brought them to police station to be protected. When the Oromo mob came the Oromo police simply abondoned the Somalis.


The Somali Regional government has prepared a security and social work plan of returning Oromos that were sent for their safety under protection of Somali kilil police. The plan has been given to the federal government and Oromo government. Very practical, humaine and thoughtful plan that is actionable. The case is in Federal and Oromo states to respond. Federal also has to finance the return arrangement.

Until the political termoil is settled, I am not sure the Oromos are focused on this, since its part of the tools they use in politics.


Jewar does not say anymore Somali kilil. He calls the kilil by the name ONLF calls it. I don't know what the tack is, but there was meeting called in Minnesota and titled the Oromo and the O ongoing border issues.


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So far you did not say anything , other the usual Oromo is panicking. Who is the next guy. Time is running out. 

The opposition is burining things i Oromia every day. THere is also a campaign in the Somali zone targeting Illey. Here are some:

DAG DAG DAAWO SAWIRADA Waraaqo lagaga Soo Horjeedo Dawlada Ethiopia iyo Madaxwaynaha ililka5aad oo Lagu Daadiyay magaalada Jijiga+Wararkii ugu danbeeyay Ethiopia

Posted by admin on March 21st, 2018 12:43 PM | NEWS  


FB_IMG_1521633095138.jpg?resize=720%2C96JijigalJijiga(SBN)Waxaa Xalay/shalay lagu daadiyey magaalooyinka Jigjiga iyo Godey waraaqo lagaga soo horjeedo Maamulka hada kajira Ethiopia gaar ahaan Kililka 5aad waxaana Taariikhda markii ugu horaysay lagu daadiyay Waraaqo ay ku taalo loogada (Dulmidiid) oo ah koox kacdoon wadadayaal kasoo horjeeda madaxwaynaha Kimilka Cabdi Maxmuud Cumar warqaaha ayaa waxay ku  Qornayeen afafka Soomaaliga, English-ka iyo Axmaariga.

Waraaqahan ayaa lagu sharaxey ujeedada Dulmi-diid iyo dalabkooda kawbaad oo ah in Madaxwayne Cabdi  maxkamad la horkeeno. Kuma caddo qoraalka talaabooyinka ay qaadi doonaan dhalinyarada Dulmidiid haddii dalabkooda la fulin waayo, balse waxaad moodaa kacdoonkii Dulmidiid inuu dal iyo dibad isqabsanayo mar hadii ay badheedheen kuwii gudaha joogay



Dhanka kale Wararka naga soo gaadhaya magaalada Addis Ababa ee xarunta Itoobiya ayaa sheegaya in uu magaalada kasocdo shirkii EPRDF

Sida xogta aan kuhelayno waxaa kulankan soo xaadiray dhamaan golaha dhexe ee EPRDF, kuwaas oo kakooban 180 xubnood oo si iskumid ah ugu qaybsan qabiilada afarta ah ee kumidaysan ururka EPRDF.

Xubnaha golaha dhexe ee kulanka sooxaadiray ayaa lagu wadaa in ay soo magacaabaan raysal-wasaaraha la isku maan dhaafsan yahay ee  ka dhex dhaliyay khilaafka badan, kaas oo mudo dheer magacaabistiisa la isku mari la’aa.

Qabiilada afarta ah ee kumidaysan  EPRDF ayaa lasheegayaa in qolo kasta ay doonayso in raysal-wasaaruhu uu iyaga noqdo, taas oo keentay in khilaafka kooxdu uu aad usii bato isla markaana lasoo magacaabi waayo raysal-wasaaraha.

Xog ay heshay Warbaahintu ayaa muujinaysa in siwayn la isugu afgaran la’yahay awooda uu yeelan doono raysal-wasaare cusub ee lafilayo in lasoo magacaabo, waxaana lasheegayaa in qoomiyada Tigreegu ay raysal-wasaaraha ladoonayso nin maqaar saar ah oo iyaga ka amar qaata.

Dhinaca kale qoomiyadaha Oromada iyo Axmaarada oo iyagu isku wada in ay raysal-wasaaraha qaataan ayaa doonaya in uu noqdo nin awood leh oo gaadhi kara go’aamo wax ku’ool ah oo isaga ugaar ah.

Sidoo kale waxaa lasheegayaa in kooxdu ay siwayn isugu afgaran la’dahay waxa laga samayn doono xukunka dag daga ah ee wadanka saaran magacaabista raysal-wasaaraha kadib, qoomiyadaha Axmaarada iyo Oromada oo xukunka loola danlahaa ayaa lasheegayaa in ay qabaan in uu raysal-wasaaraha cusub kago’aan gaadho xukunka iyo howlihiisa.

Sidoo kale kooxda TPLF oo iyadu ah hogaamiyaha ruuxiga ah ee wadanka ayaa arinkaas gaashaanka kudhufatay waxayna doonayaan in mudada lixda bilood ah ee xukunka lasoo rogay ay iyagu wadanka siimaamulaan loona wakiisho iyaga, taas oo siwayn looga hor yimid.

Isku soo wada duub oo waxaa lafilayaa in uu shirkan noqon doono mid raaca kuwii kahoreeyay oo natiijo la’aan kudhamaan doono.



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There is a person from Jigjiga that has been arrested, but not confirmed. This person is an activist to prevent the city taking land and also demolitioning homes. The compensation given is too little.

That is to be supported.

The rest is simply trying to join the Ethiopian opposition in case they win. The Ethiopian opposition has been dyding and praying day and night for something like this.

QERO Shabab Somali kilil version.

Look at things with some doubt, not every facebook page is genuine or grounded.

On a lighter note:

Sorry to disappoint you with the real news that the Oromo are as far away from the Palace as before. And if they get in, you will still be disappointed.

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EPRDF central council will be meeting tomorrow also to go over report of Executive council on how the previously agreed reform steps were accomplished in each regional party.


Who ever will be selected or elected has to come shining in these reports. Otherwise how is the EPRDF supposed to tell the people to acccept this or that leader.

You know how left leaning parties operate. remember the 5 year plans that used to kill or reseract leaders.

Remember the issue of  between Somali-Oromo killings:

First few days the Oromo went all out, pulled all stops and many people thought they could be victims. Then they over used it. Even preventing Oromos returning to Somali kilil which is extreme.

Now the tables have turned. The Oromo police were at fault, The Somali kilil acted nobly, The Somali kilil followed up with even more noble plan for the displaced Somali and Oromo.

Now the Oromo are stuck. Cannot be reasonable since they used it to rise their folks, cannot continue since even leaders can be put in jail by federal government.

That is one of the biggest issues in the meeting. All Ethiopians want to know, what happened, who is responsible for suffering of hundreds of thousands people, what steps have been taken to punish responsible and prevent for future.

Please advice your Oromo friends how to navigate to Arat Killo Palace over dead poor folks.

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Latest prognostication for PM and deputy from Ethiopia is:

PM - Demeqe Mekonen Hussien (Amhara region- ANDM chairman)

Deputy PM - Shiferaw Shigute Adalaw (SNNP -chairman same party as Hailemariam Desalegn)

This is just speculation based on:

Tigray not competing. Oromo not so enthusiastic on Abiy Ahmed.


12 people have been arrested including 3 that were recently released. Something fishy. From the police station they gave interview to VOA and they said that they were meeting in secret and had the old Amhara big flag. Yet he is explaining this from the police station to VOA.


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If true, i feel sorry for the Oromos.  niyoow they fought hard to win something and they may end with nothing. 

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Too many demands and some unreasonable.

Wanted PM, wanted their language to be all Ethiopian language by decree etc..

Today one of their prominent internet facebook/youtube personality said the following and really created a storm:

There was 4.9 rector scale earth quake around Dallol Afar depression. The QERO (Sahabab) internet activist said that this is punishment from Allah (swt). Oromo prayers being answered on Tigray.

It was really bad for the Oromo activists, but the rest of the people thought it shows how weak minded the Oromo are. The people are OK except for the temporary panic. People who live in the area are Afar but since its much closer to Tigray region, Its the Tigray that got there first and the stupid Oromo did not even stop to think about it.


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30 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:


No, that was God breaking Greater Somalia from the rest of the Horn:D


Everyone sees through own glasses, but yours is lighter side. Great.

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Great news for food self sufficiency in Ethiopia. Unfortunately the Somali and Afar kilils are not there yet.


Grain output situation improves in Ethiopia

March 26, 2018 - by Eric Schroeder

Search for similar articles by keyword: [Corn], [Wheat], [USDA report]


Corn production in Ethiopia is estimated at 7 million tonnes in 2017-18.

WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. — Better-than-expected weather coupled with only minor losses from Fall Army Worm buoyed grain production in Ethiopia during the 2017-18 marketing year, according to a March 9 Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report from the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


“Production of all major grains increased in MY17-18 due to favorable weather conditions, particularly timely and adequate rainfall in the western and central highlands of the country where most of the grain is grown,” the USDA said in the report. “In contrast, rains in the lowlands, especially in the eastern half and southeastern parts of the country were insufficient, resulting in lower-than-expected production in these areas. Meantime, (Fall Army Worm) related crop losses were relatively minor throughout the country.”

Wheat production in Ethiopia is estimated at 4.2 million tonnes in 2017-18, up from 3.9 million tonnes in 2016-17. The USDA said wheat output in Ethiopia has increased steadily in recent years and is up more than 50% since the 2008-09 marketing year. Most of the growth is attributed to better yields resulting from expanded access to improved seed, mechanization, minimal pest and disease pressure, as well as the opening of commercial farms, the USDA noted in the report.

Looking ahead to 2018-19, the USDA has forecast wheat production to hold steady at 4.2 million tonnes, with yield and harvest also forecast unchanged at 2.6 tonnes per hectare and 1.6 million hectares, respectively.

Consumption of wheat in Ethiopia is estimated at 5.95 million tonnes in 2017-18, up from 5.697 million tonnes in 2016-17. The forecast for 2018-19 calls for a slight uptick in consumption, to 6.050 million tonnes, the USDA said.

Citing a survey conducted by the Central Statistical Agency (CSA), the USDA said 60% of wheat production in Ethiopia is consumed by the producing farm household, 20% is sold to the market, and the balance is used for seed, in-kind wages, animal feed, and other minor uses.

Wheat imports in 2017-18 are estimated at 1.8 million tonnes, up from 1.5 million tonnes in 2016-17. The USDA said imports are forecast to fall back to 1.7 million tonnes in 2018-19 due in part to the government pulling back on imports because it recently replenished government-held reserves.

Corn production in Ethiopia is estimated at 7 million tonnes in 2017-18, up from 6.5 million tonnes in 2016-17.

“This increase is primarily attributed to favorable weather conditions and, to a lesser extent, the ongoing rollout of improved seed and fertilizer,” the USDA noted in the report. “At the same time, the impact of FAW on overall corn production was relatively minor because of various government and development partner-supported interventions, including manual removal, pesticide application, and other measures. In addition, the longer-than-expected rainy season (Meher) was also said to have suppressed the spread of the pest due to the cooler temperatures.

“In the coming years, corn production is expected to continue its upward trend as more farmers start using improved seed, fertilizer, and other inputs. The Ethiopian government, development partners, and private sector are continuing to devote resources aimed at increasing corn production since it’s an important food security crop as well as an increasingly important ingredient for livestock feed.”

Looking ahead to 2018-19, the USDA has forecast corn production to increase to 7.1 million tonnes.

Consumption of corn in Ethiopia is estimated at 6.872 million tonnes in 2017-18, up from 6.644 million tonnes in 2016-17. The forecast for 2018-19 calls for an increase in consumption, to 7.025 million tonnes, the USDA said. The increase in consumption is expected to be absorbed by consumers, but also an increasing amount going toward livestock feed, the agency noted.


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Stop recycling old news.  The Usual "Oromo became greedy, and now got nothing"is old news. We did not ask you about the grain.


The real news:

Nine members of the opposition arrested. They were celebrating their earlier freedom when arrested.

Abdi Illey arrest dozens of elders and otherin Jigjiga for slogans thrown in the city.

EPRDF deadlocked for the second week,

Ethiopian foreign partners are worried.


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8 minutes ago, Wajaale said:

Galbeedi, Oromo will never amount to anything in Ethiopia. Keep that in your heart. 

Will never? You mean you can see into the future?


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12 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

We did not ask you about the grain.

Food production and food self sufficiency is probably the single most important thing in Ethiopia and very important for the  Somali.

I don't know if its important for the Oromo, you would know

12 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

Nine members of the opposition arrested. They were celebrating their earlier freedom when arrested

They were 12 that got arrested. According interview given to VOA from the police station by 2 of those arrested is they were having meeting with big old Ethiopian Amhara opposition flag. That is one question they asked and one of them spoke abusevely and threatened the police officer. From the horses mouth.

13 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

Abdi Illey arrest dozens of elders and otherin Jigjiga for slogans thrown in the city

fake news. Where did you get it from Oromo Media Network?

What Illey arrested was a community activist who is asking why the compensation given to homes being demolished in Jijga is very little. Almost all Somalis in the kilil are asking the government to give reason why he was arrested.


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  • Similar Content

    • By galbeedi
      It is official. The era of despot Cabdi Illey is over in the Somali region. 
      After closed door deliberations, the DDSI party had elected Mr. Ahmed Shide as the new leader which officially ends the 11 year painful rule of Illey. 
      This selection will pave Mr. Shide as the new president of the region very soon. Also, the Liyu police has been disbanded as the security force of the Somali region. For the last few days the Liyu have been looting and pillaging communities while abandoning their positions. 
      Also, members of Illey family are been investigated by the authorities for the theft of millions of dollars. 
      It is an end of a painful chapters for a lot of Somalia. A very small group of blood thirsty group,  created and organised by the Tplf and Cabdi Illey have been overthrow thanks to the Oromo uprising. While many Somali including my self were looking to preserve the old order for the sake order and continuity, millions of Somalia want the total demise and the removal of the tyrants who oppressed them for so long. Just like the Oromo celebrated the demise of the Tplf order, for the millions of Somalis the end of Illey and his henchmen is a great relief and a new era of freedom. 
      There were some security concern about the disbanding of the Liyu police and the threat of anarchy and outlaws in the countryside, yet for most people, their disbanding was a relief. Analysts believe that the Liyu is too criminal or murderous to be a force that might fight for independence or even tribal reasons. They were trained to kill and abuse Somali and will not be needed in a land where people are seeking justice and freedom. 
      It is mind boggling how a small ruthless group had managed to oppress and control millions of Somalia for so long. They acted like there is no one else but themselves.
      Now, Illey and his supporters must accept the new order and collaborae for the peace and development of all Somali. He and Tplf wanted to finish off the Somali and createa long  civil war between the Somali and Oromo. There were a lot of victims, but we hope the worst to be over. He gambled to the lives of thousands of Somali to save the Tplf order. After he lost the gamble, he continued to the destructive route until it is too late. 
    • By Old_Observer
      Very sad news.
      Nothing is known yet from the police, but the media is reporting that he died from gun shot and the hand gun colt has been found in the car.

    • By Old_Observer
      Why didn't you bring the most important news for you, the oil well to be drilled announced by Abiy?
      Why this go around to bring civil war among Somalis? What do you gain?
      Why is the area where the pipeline to pass more useful to you than the area where the prospective well is?
      Why cover with Iley why not say the main motivation for you the trade route?