Mogadishu , the land of the free

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Allow Muqdisho nabad ka yeel.


This is the place,  despite it's instability,  the free Somali spirit lives.  Bombs and bullets are flying, markets are bombed , yet they raise the next day.  These resilient people deserve good leadership and wise people to guide them to the right direction. The same thing goes in Baghdad, where people are maimed, bombed and killed by dozens every day, yet the great people of Iraq rise up , go to work, and  sit in cafes sipping tea  and smoking the Shisha . They bury their dead and rebuild the shops destroyed by the evil terrorist.


Yesterday, thousands of Somalis freely demonstrated in the streets of Mogadishu objecting the Trump announcement which denies the Palestinians their capital Qudus. Since this city holds so many important holy places for diverse religions communities, it should have been designated as international neutral city. Yet this provocation and hasty decision by Trump was loudly objected by the free people of Mogadishu.



This demonstration will not affect or  changes  the reality on the ground, but it is a symbolic gesture by those who are free. In America , you could see white nationalists, anti fascist and right wing zealots marching freely, because they have the freedom to assemble. By the way,  there is nothing more illogic and backward than the so called white nationalists. Anyone could be white whether they are Muslim, Christian or Jewish. THen again if they claim to be white christian , how about their black christian brethren?.In Mogadishu, just like America, you  could see people marching with Osama bin Ladan pictures, albeit in small numbers eve in 2011. The issue is the Somalis of the capital are the last free people among Somalis in 2017. No one in Hargeisa, Garoowe, Kismaayo or Djibouti would dare to protest. In Hargeisa, a paramilitary group called RRU will shoot you immediately if you protest against the government or even speak up against some government official taking your property, #am in the morning.


Ahmed Guray ma uu dhiman

Ma gablamin darwiishkii

Geenyada ma daalana


Ma af beelin Gamstii

Waxan uga goleeyahay

Haddii Geesi Ii kaco

Geyaankayga Waan Heli



Biciidkaan dili doono......... Waxaan ku riyooday habeen hore anigoo :


Wiilasha Hargeise  Calanka buuluuga diiday, , Kuwa Mudug iyo Bari Jooga,, Kuwa Hiiraan iyo labada webi ku dhex wareeray, kuwa banaadir nabada U diiday Iyo Kuwa Jubada Sawaaxiliga gabaadsadayba,,  Anigoo Police ah iyo iyagoo budhcad ah oo katiinad kuwada xidhan oo dhar hurdi (Jaalle) ah xidhan.


Illaahayow run ka dhig.









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Mogadishu residents are the most resilient. It is obvious they didn't like Trump giving more legitimacy to Israel's occupation of Islam's third holiest site. In hindsight, It was a good thing that Farmaajo refused to meet Natentahu in Nairobi before the Jerusalem controversy started. 



Senior Hamas member, Mousa Abu Marzouq, said: “With the example of these leaders, attitudes have value and meaning, and their country has respect and appreciation, and their people have dignity.” Hamas’ Izzat Al-Rishq also thanked the Somali president’s position which he said “reflects the authenticity of the brotherly Republic of Somalia in standing with Palestine and rejecting any normalisation with an entity which occupies land and holy places.”


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good people niyoow. let them voice their opinion and they should have right to do it. it shows they also want to make their city normal where nobody is afraid of shabab terrrorist and people can come out and demonstrate however they like. instead of running around city doing criminal things, a peaceful demo for something you believe strongly is good niyoow.

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