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Mintid Farayar

Africa Confidential on Farmaajo's Election

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However, Farmajo is not a newcomer to Somali politics. He may have changed in the six years he has been out of office and in Buffalo, United States, where he has been a transport manager. He can be as emotional as the crowds on the Somali street: he is sometimes nationalistic to the point of chauvinism, rude to his opponents and arrogant. As Prime Minister, he got the SNA paid after a gap of several months and always asserted his determination to fight Al Shabaab and build an SNA that would make Amisom redundant.


Yet, by the end of his term in 2011, Farmajo was not considered honest as such, only 'less corrupt than the rest'. In 2011, there were several allegations of embezzlement for which he has not been held to account (AC Vol 53 No 5, Cashing in on chaos). A few years ago, according to one US diplomat, he was depositing US$9,000 in cash every week into a Buffalo bank, hoping not to attract the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation by crossing the $10,000 cash deposit threshold, which triggers automatic investigation. 'Mortgage ministers' was the nickname then attributed to the diaspora people who came to Mogadishu to make money and go home once they left office (AC Vol 53 No 19, New president, new laws and old enemies).


Whatever else Farmajo wants to achieve, he will have to clarify what powers are devolved to the federal entities and agree on power and resource-sharing. The men ruling those states won't simply obey him. He will need to prove himself and display a talent for diplomacy that no one noticed when he was Prime Minister. He will have also to manage relations with Ethiopia and Kenya. Two days after his victory, a Somaliland delegation was invited to Addis Ababa and important commercial agreements were signed after months or years of procrastination. The same day, the UAE obtained a military base in Somaliland. These moves, undertaken without reference to Mogadishu, are a challenge to Farmajo's authority.

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Mogadishu is corrupt. One needs deep pockets and personal connections to make it to the top. Only fool would think Farmaajo won the election solely on honesty. He is at best the least corrupt of the lot. The public's reaction to his election is merely emotional, not based on facts or ideas. They are looking for a savior.


What I don't understand this frenzied attack on him? By your admission, Somalia poses no threat to Somaliland's quest for international recognition. Somalia does not have the resource or political influence to thwart Somaliland's ambition? So why would empty words from Xamar matter? After all, Somaliland can enter any agreement with any government?


How is Farmaajo's election going to affect Somaliland or change the reality on the ground?


P.s The Yanks know anything and everything that goes on in Somalia. Farmaajo can't fool anyone.

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Che, saxiib,


Why the lamentations re:the citation from a reputable 'private corporate intelligence' publication? I'm simply rounding out the story-line on the new man in town. I'll post further info as it becomes pertinent to the issues at hand.



Don't be surprised by Farmaajo's aggressive beginning re: the Somaliland question. Besides his own sentiments, two(2) of his closest advisers happen to be from the Maakhiri and Awdal communities. Both these diaspora individuals are long term anti-SL camp members. Expect further shots across the bow from this administration. *This will make sense to those cognizant of certain leanings within certain diaspora communities.*

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Mitid, I am not adviser to Farmaajo or the government yet, but we do believe the success of the Somali government is the success of the whole Somali people. Also, I hope you realize the hardship and the suffering the Somali people facing around the world. Regardless of the success or failrure of this government, it is really a weakness to hope it's failure. Further more, you do not base your future and destiny about what others do.


Che said,

"By your admission, Somalia poses no threat to Somaliland’s quest for international recognition. Somalia does not have the resource or political influence to thwart Somaliland’s ambition?


Che , you are wrong to say a Somali president would not speak out or prevent recognition or the dismembering of the Somali nation. Regardless of who is the leader , whether that is Farmaajo or Hassan Sheikh , it is their duty to prevent that before the final negotiations.


Guys, we are in the 21st century. The idea of Somali army or tanks invading another Somali town like Hargeisa is remote., but that does not mean Somaliald can not be confronted peacefully and politically. . Somaliland is very venerable in so many ways and personally, in this treads i do sense that people are using the victim card and other tactics to put pressure on Farmaajo. I hope the president will have a backbone and will not be swayed by pressure.


If Somaliland loudly says , it want to separate what prevents the Somali leader from using that same zeal to stop them.


If Somalilnd openly seeks recognition, it is the duty of the president to use peaceful , diplomatic, economic and other pressures to prevent that action. The biggest issue here is the Somali leadership does not want to hurt economically or otherwise on the innocent ordinary people.


These guys in SOL, do not understand that Somaliland is not only protected but also tolerated by the Mogadishu leadership for the last 20 years, either by their weakness or collusion.


I said in these pages last year that if capable men with a backbone took charge in the Somali leadership , Somaliland could be brought to the union without firing one single bullet. In the meantime, If they misbehave , I would shut down Berbera and Hargeisa airports for two weeks. No international airline would land without our permission, and will keep closed until they play ball. Walaahi, it so easy .


Well, as I said , now is not the time . We have more fish to fry and clean up the south. So, boys , if I ware you I would not rush for confrontation.


Oodweyne, there will not be any " Afweyne iyo SNM" or any other saber rattling. The days of open war is over. We will have more legal and legitimate ways to bring the brothers without firing and bullet.
















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Wow. That was quite a response! I hope the unmasking of certain 'advisers' to the new Mogadishu president didn't bring that about.


It's always amusing to read the circular logic of certain posters here. Claiming to separate attacks directed at Somaliland's gov't from the people of Somaliland (whom, with crocodile tears, they claim as their Somali brethren), yet crying wolf and not comprehending the same separation when charges are brought against 'Somalia's leadership'. Then in the latter case, a charge against Mogadishu leadership is an attack against the Somali people!


The hypocricy knows no bounds...


I'll leave it at that without entertaining the late night fantasies of Somaliland being brought back.

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Miyaanad TV-yada ka arkin kuwii siyaasadda ku saaqiday nearly 30 years ago oo daayeer gaboobay u wada eg oo godadkii ka soo baxay, kulina waxay our Galbeedi kala siman yihiin cadaawadda ay u qabaan Somaliland. Ina Saleebaan Dafle iyo Moorgan iyo inta la fikirka ahi; waxay Shoodhe Afweyne u haystaan Afweyne - reincarnated, odayaal ooyayana aragnay oo TV-da taagan , sida hebelkaa Cashara, iyo kuwo qoraal noogu sheegay inay iyagoo cimri ah ooyeen markii la doortay Shoodhe.

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Oh, snap! It's amazing the reaction a little backgrounder on the new President brings out from certain quarters. Like all new office holders, Farmaajo has the focus on him currently. Who is he? What's his history? What can we expect from him? Etc., etc.

So, we're bringing the image into focus, in answer to Che's question.


From past performance and current behavior, I'm not impressed. He's just as weak as his predecessor(Hassan Sheikh) in standing up for Somali rights. Case in point, he's a Somali president who happens to be a US citizen. Yet not a peep about the Trump administration's Somali ban on travel to the US. No statement nor appeal, either publicly or privately. To add insult to injury, he does a photo-op with the US Ambassador where he accepts a hat inscribed with a variation of the controversial Trump slogan, "Make Somalia Great Again". Instead of diplomatically declining the hat, given the pain this travel ban has brought to Somalis, he lamely accepts it and proceeds to do an international press photo-op with it. While the American press was commenting on how cringe-worthy this scene was, the new President and his advisers saw nothing wrong with the scene.


Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction!



Infamous Photo

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War DUULKU been badana, Subxaanalah, Sheeka raqis ah, Sareeya Guuto Ahmed Saleeban Dafle , wax ka dhigey, Siyaad marku gabadh ka guursadey, Waa been, anaga wax barney, oo wax ka dhigney, it is not about who your father is, it is who you are, waa been, the guy , as young block, was self made, and youngest member of supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC) that made the coup in 1969. Ma afki iyo caytan baa ku ciil bixi, iyo aaburud waxan jirin. he was solid member of SRC, danbi iyo wanaagna la wadaaga.


Waa nasiib daro,Odaygan Ooweyne, Islaanta Barwaaqo, in maanta HABAAR iyo baroor la dul taaganyhiin ummada SOMALIyeed, oo rajo u muuqato, Xafiduhu Allaah Farmaajo and Khayre, YAAHU baanu idin niri, War sidee wax idinka yihiin? Waxa ummad Somali dhib haysta, Jab iyo Halaag, halkaad uga duceeyn lahaydeen, hadeeydaan awoodin iska aamisu lahaydeen , bal in EeBe masiibada ka dulqaado, ba habaar la dul fadhidaan. SOMALINIMO hadaad rabin, YEELKIIN, idinka ku liita.


I am in the process of launching Counselling service, Tiraanyo BIXIN, for those sick people, aad u buka, iyo qaarka ay xasaasiyad ka qaba in SOMALI hagaagto, WAX noqoto,


Waxaana lagu gartaa, and are emotional trauma triggers, few examples

-Good news coming from Mogadishu

-Soomali is jeclaatey, Dhibkasta oo dhex marey, dib isku noqon

-Heesta Calanka

-Astaanta CIIDANKA xogga dalka

-MAANTA MAANTA marka la qaado



I can only do now funding for Oodweyne and Barwaaqo, please send me your numbers, seriously , you need help.


Mintid, isagu waa fiicanyahay, and a bit more rational,It is OK to want to want to secede, but to wish ill the Somali brethren, that is different.


Oodweyne, talks about "defeated lot" and faqash, seriously, who is defeated, stuck in the past, angry, emotional, irrational, trying to defeat an enemy you can touch.


My final word to you.

TOOSI luquntaada, Caadi iska dhig. :) and wish the best for SOMALIS wherever they are, May they prosper.

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