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Xafladda Caleema Saarka Galmudug

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lool@caleemo saar of dhagajuun. niyoow ninkaas ma fiyooba. i think he is the worst person galmudug community could have elected. my good people of galmudug wasted opportunity to reach higher and they were tricked by qoslaye who i think is trying to destroy them and keep them away from his ambitions.


this project has failed before it even started niyoow.

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By making HAG settle for a one-and-half-Gobol Interim Administration, President Culusow has outwitted the HAG on-behalf of his own Unuka family, who will now have no problems establishing their own legitimate, and I might add-- constitutional Federal Member State in the Shabeellaha Dhexe and Hiiraan provinces where they will have an absolute majority.


On the other hand, Guuleed's Interim administration, per the constitution, will have to come directly under the political aegis of the Federal government, since it does NOT fulfill the 2 or more gobols requirement to form a Federal Member State.


Thus, it seems the Caydiid vs Cali Mahdi beef that started in early 90's will soon come to an end, with Unuka dealing HG family a knockout punch in 2016 :D



To all the anti-Fedralists on this forum: You guys are loosing...



And to prove things ain't as rosy for HAG, our very own Damjadiid mouthpiece Malistar hasn't posted anything worthwhile of that Galmudug inauguration in Cadaado.


In any case, cheer up sxb...I'm sure the new Galmudug Interim Administration will be taken care of whoever replaces Culusow in Villa Somalia post 2016. :D

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Galmudug is done deal , Pirates can scream from the desert , Complaining and crying to IC embassies in Kenya will not stop Galmudug ......





Maybe the IC /UN rep Nicolas Kaay can convince pirates since the Pirates worship foreign






Hiiraan and Shabelle dhex state Next

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