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Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao

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Mayweather Pacquiao sells out in seconds – tickets worth £94k


The few tickets made available to the public for the Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao next month sold out less than a minute after going on general sale, nine days before the Las Vegas showdown.


Within minutes of the sale, tickets to the bout began appearing on websites for as much as $141,000 (£94,000) reports the BBC. The most expensive tickets to the fight next Saturday have a face value of $10,000.


The row over tickets threatened to derail the fight but was finally resolved earlier in the week. With tickets worth so much money "the size and location of the rival camps' allocations at the MGM Grand's Garden Arena [became] a key area of negotiation," explains the Daily Telegraph.


The camps have been using their ticket allocations to add to their income. "The more than 16,000 tickets withheld from the public sale will be split among the MGM Grand, the networks and the two camps, allotments that can funnelled directly to brokers at far higher prices than face value since they can fetch still higher prices on the secondary market due to extraordinary demand," says The Guardian.


"The 16,800-seat venue adjacent to the MGM Grand has been scaled to generate a live gate of $74m, which is greater than the top three gates in Nevada boxing history to date... combined."

The two boxers will make even more money from closed-circuit broadcasts of the fight, which will be shown at MGM properties, with up to 50,000 tickets being made available at £100 each.

The weigh-in, due to take place on 1 May, will also be an all-ticket affair. The move is unprecedented, but deemed necessary because of the amount of interest in the fight. Perhaps unusually in the money-obsessed world of boxing, funds from the weigh-in ticket sales will be donated to charity.



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