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Happy Birthday ALPHA!

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In celebration of our resident troll's 27th birthday, I've made a list:


27 Reasons Why I Love Alpha Blondy


1. He has the amazing ability to effortlessly balance brilliance and absurdity in his posts (see: Golisia proposal)

2. He is equally brilliant and absurd in person

3. Yet he's somehow shy too, which is quite endearing sometimes

4. He has a great sense of humour

5. He lives in Hargeisa, my mom's hometown (its denizens are superior individuals in every respect)

6. He has a really nice British accent

7. He was a gracious host during my time in Somaliland

8. His real name is awesome and not Abdi or Mohamed (not that those names aren't awesome, they are my brother and dad respectively, but you know what I mean)

9. His SN is based on a great

, though he has shown questionable musical taste in the past

10. He helped me construct elaborate lies to escape my meddling relatives and hang out with him

11. His phone is so old and pathetic it sounds like he's talking through a tunnel when he calls, and that's IF the call goes through

12. He's an introvert who finds his outlet in the form of an SOL troll

13. He really does kinda look like Omar Epps

14. He knew the way to my heart was to buy me tibs at an Ethiopian restaurant

15. He used to text me things in Amharic, which impressed me until I found out it was his doorman texting me on his behalf

16. It's almost cute that he gets jealous of any male attention I receive. Almost.

17. He doesn't find me threatening to his manhood, or whatever

18. He reads books

19. He's passionate about the library/centre he's creating

20. He's an expert on The Wire

21. When he's not insulting me, he can actually be quite kind

22. I get to insult him too, except I'm not kind and he doesn't mind

23. His desperate need for internet attention knows no bounds or limits

24. His infatuation with me is adorable

25. He's only able to say certain things in text/chat, like how he thought I looked pretty on Skype, because he has no balls

26. He's counting down the days until I'm in Hargeisa again this summer

27. We are kindred spirits and the best of friends :P





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Happy 27th birthday sxb, you have shown the Jamaahiriya or the great masses what you can do and offer the rest, you have grown wise, a lot wise since the last time you were sitting at the bridge.


I would like to say thanks to Safferz for keeping this Alpha intact and making him even a lot wiser since their last encounter, it was me who pushed Alpha to meet Lady Safferz at the last minute, and look what we have achieved, an Alpha Delta who is productive, non-trolling, and has grown shades since his Youtube Days when he conquered the Social Media sites, sadly, Safferz did not witness those smashing years of Alpha, I am sure he has kept some records of his to showcase to her.

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Safferz;991385 wrote:
In celebration of our resident troll's 27th birthday, I've made a list:


13. He really does kinda look like Omar Epps

Ninku waa Bantu miyaa


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slightly correction, if you will......:P


Alpha is not 27 but 29. thanks for editing y'all. :)




two more complimentary statements would suffice.....:D


p.s - walahi i got qarxised BIG time. lakinse, i'll be a sport and play along. it's my BD after all. :D


p.s.s - i don't know whatever possessed you to start this disgusting thread. i'm not happy about this balse i will respect your freedom of expression.

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Happy birth day AL, i wouldn't have stayed on SOL without you and your cantarabbaqash corner.

I thank you for making me a certified Somonicst :D


You ow me inaar, and i'm very pleased to hear you have found the best friend.



Saff and Al .. Friends Forever ;)



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