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Kaluun Somaliland: The Corner of a self-proclaimed 'reformist'

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Ladies and gentlemen, forumers, Xalimos, Faraxiins and Biito-Biito ciyaaras welcome to the corner of a self-proclaimed Reformist; The Kaluunist of all Kaluuns under the blue ocean and sometimes above.




This will be my little self created corner that will update about the blessed land in the troubled corner of the Horn of Africa.

Nothing will be spared when it comes to Somaliland; the good, the ugly, the development, the corruption---you will get 360 degree HD view with me. Faan iyo wax la so dhoodhobay oo kaliya laga ma hadlaayo. It's about time someone said enough with the lies and with the 'defensive attitude'; its time we addressed issues for truly how they are. Ruunta wax kastaba lagu hagajiya.


Without any further ado, I will now inaugurate; Kaluun & Somaliland with the blessing of the one and only one Mandeeq. Mandeeq is the traditional name of Somaliland and no one makes more sense to this land than her and her music.



No doubt there are people against our people, their aspirations, their achievements, their dreams but you are the only one who can derail your own dreams and aspirations no one else.


Dhagolayashi (deaf people) waxay lee yahin, hashi Maandeeq is lost forever lakin waxan lee nahay we can still hear her koor...qalaw qalaw qalaw...its just matter of time before we catch up with her. No doubt wa bahal socod badan.






Thank you for visiting.






Somaliland sidi hogasha robka aduunba ii hilaacay




....I declare Kaluun & Somaliland OPEN!!




Together we will celebrate each and everyone who contributed to our people. Whether recognized or not, today our people live in great tranquility, decent life and not just any shelter but under amazing homes of lime stone, bricks and glass. We thank Allah first. We recognize those who made it possible with the guidance of Allah.


First edition recognizes EDNA ADAN ISMAIL. We all know her contributions and does not need MC. She is old lady today and we gonna have to need one of the bright Gashaantimo to step up and fill up her big shoes. I believe our girls are the most capable. The Garoodi girls organization impressed me the most. I hope they can find ways to work with Edna then eventually fill up the gap one day.





NOTE: Kaluun is part of the Hawdian Think Tank Group...Kaluun is the deep diver when it comes to intelligence and information gathering. He will go at the depth of the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea to dig out gem, gold and sometimes wax qudhmaay. You will never know what you will get with him :)

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Haa heeey Waan ku soo daweeyney. Ku soo dhawoow with Caliin qoyaan iyi Cano Geel. Geesiga dhalkiisa. JSL Maanddeq allow dhowr. M Mooge Libaan kusoo daar and his brother Axmed.

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Nice pictures reforming is always good aslong as it betters the lives of the people. Certainly africa needs allot of reform in terms of economy how to deal with mismanagment and new visions are needed.

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Brothers thank you for your input and these photos were taken by halyeey Landers such as Yusuf Dahir. He has amazing online account with rare photos:


Hargeisa exploded in the last two years as far as the eye can see. It will soon greet Haleeya on the north towards Berbera, Sheikh Aw Barkhadle and even Ubaale to the east and south...while in the west it has already past Xeedho and beyond the mountains of Boqol Jire.




Reducing the gap between the have and the have-not is a key ingredient to success. The picture is a testimony of the huge gap between those who have it and those who don't. You can see a man with a mansion with two replica homes inside his perimeter and below is aqaal Somali




The key to our success is the readily available and humble young men and women who are ready to serve and protect. Allow Dhowr.




Somaliland coast is endowed with a rich long coastline that is home to extensive list of fish and marine species including tuna, albacore, lobster, swordfish, kingfish, sardines, mackerel, crayfish, shark, snapper, grouper, grunt, trevally, emperor, barracuda, goatfish, parrotfish, sea bream, mullet, shrimp and crab. It remains fully secure from pirates and illegal fishing by foreign boats. It is also untapped and open for investors. The current annual fish catch is estimated around US$32 million.


The country has several existing fishing companies including Ceeldaraad Fishing Company, Las Qorey Tuna Trading and more about to be established including Pontus Marine. London-based investor and local millionaire, Mohummad Yusuf, the CEO of number of companies including Pontus Marine plans to inject $5 million as an initial investment into the Somaliland fishing industry.


The Somaliland word for fish is Kalun/Kaluun.



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Nice pics indeed. Kalluun, i am expecting more pics from other cities and towns and our beautiful landscape including the virgin beaches at the Red Sea.

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Insha Allah walaalaayaal. I think already its pretty diverse.


For instance I believe this photo is the backyard of Borama




The road with the mountainous view is Sheikh Road and the Gollis ranges.


The last photo with the ports is Berbera and Edna is probably somewhere outside Hargeisa in her farm.


The rest is majority Hargeisa and not sure about the camel with the koor.


Thread update:


Rageh Omar supports the construction of Somaliland's National Library. Photos coming soon. The dream is becoming realistic. It all began with one man and that's the Somaliland secret. Every soul has a role to play in society regardless.



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Just something different some of you might find it worth knowing. Here is a rare already edited picture of Gaafaane Fuel Station in Hargeisa. This is the most modern fuel station in any Somali speaking territory including Djibouti. It cost him several good millions. The last time I was in Hargeisa it was under construction. It is on the Boqol Jire road on the way to Borama, just opposite Ilays School and just past Omaar Company warehouse before reaching the Check-Point.


From economic and business perspective, that main road has several close by very decent and modern fuel stations including the French owned Total, Khalid Fuel Station, Boqol Jire Fuel Station and now Gaafaane. There is enough traffic for all of them and people re-fuel before and after a long trip to Xeedho, Arabsiyo, Gabiley, Borama, Wajaale.




Ina Gaafaane, some say its actually inaa Gaafaane (Gabadh) who runs the fuel business for them, made his money from qat like Ina Afdile who is estimated to be worth $300m in Ethiopia (top ten richest in Ethiopia with his wife Suhura Ismail Khaan).


For our people to switch business not only for the long term interest of their own business but for some of them to realize dirty business such as khat should be something one should quit when he or she gets the opportunity. I welcome Gaafaane's investment in our people and for him to innovate and diversify his business strategy and products/services.


I encourage others to follow.

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This is for those of you who requested pictures from the other region. Well I found few new pictures that have not being seen before by many.


Remember this thread is not always about pictures, we will cover other issues as well. Whenever I post pictures, I will try to give credit to the photographers and equally promote their work. The following photos will give me the opportunity to promote a potentially lucrative but largely ignored industry in Somaliland and its small players.


The Somaliland government does not at all recognize nor promote tourism at all. In fact, when I carefully went through their National Development Plan for 2012-2016, I did not find a single mention of the word tourism.


According to the Somaliland Minister of Commerce and International Investment, Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, his government will focus on the following six sectors as priorities:


1) Banking & Finance; reaching urban and rural communities


2) Agriculture; research centers, promote commercial farming


3) Livestock; Research centers, new markets


4) Fisheries; Establish fish stock in territorial

waters, establish cold chain/refrigeration/ice industry from port to markets.


5) Industry; including the re-starting of Berbera's cement factory (they have been saying this since 1995)


6) Energy; Promote investment, renewable energy


The minister and the other planning ministry both under valued the tourism sector. Tourists are the best sales people who would spread Somaliland's hidden gem and unexplored markets by word of mouth, blogs, photos, reviews, discussions. The minister should review his plans and give tourism more attention. Unlike industrialization that requires huge capital, tourism can instantly take off and improve the overall image of Somaliland as a new destination.


Following photos were made possible by: Safari Travel Tour and Culture. Visit their website:


Rare photos taken from the tomb of the Sheikh in Maydh, Sanaag, Somaliland.




Maydh in Sanaag is the rest place of the founding father. This place has great tourism, fishery and agricultural potential that remains untapped.




Somaliland is rich in history and culture. The rock paintings in Dhagah Maroodi in Gabiley and Las Geel cave painting are testimony to Somaliland's ancient history and culture.




The islands of Sa'ad ad-Din in Somaliland's northern Awdal region were named after the 14th century Somali Sultan of the Ifat Sultanate. It was here and during his rule that the first written record of the word 'Somali' was inked. When Emperor Yeshaq I (Isaac/Ishaaq) invaded present day northern Somaliland including the then capital Zeila of the Islamic Kingdom of Adal he composed a poem in his native Ge'ez language. It was this poem that historians would later discover the word 'Somali' which likewise mentions Zeila and Sultan Sa'ad ad-Din.


Remarkably that's the connection between Somaliland, the word Somali, Sa'ad ad-Din and Axumite Empire not to mention the man who invaded Zeila was named Emperor Yeshaq I (Isaac/Ishaaq)




Somaliland's emerging small tourism market...not much to do but a lot to see. Just being away from all can bring out the best smile you never though you had it in you.


This photo was taken in Wajalle near the Ethiopian border. Somaliland is completely safe.




The one below is taken in Sanaag, in the far east. The landscape like its people is always full of surprises.




Other travel agents that can help you make your visit to Somaliland both possible and pleasant.


1) Visit Somaliland -


2) Somaliland Tour -


3) Somaliland Travel -


For this particular entry, my choice of music is no other than two Somaliland legends, the son of Erigaavo (Ceerigabo); Muse Ismail Qalinle (AUN) and his gorgeous wife Sado Ali Warsame (she was married to him before he died).


Our music is ancient just like our culture. Gentlemen let us always keep it original hahahahaha.


Muse Ismail Qalinle & Sado Ali Warsame - Sidi Hilaaca




Sado Ali Warsame had amazing voice and today she remains largely misunderstood by mainstream Somaliland.


There are a lot of dhaqan-celis kids roaming the net. They need this kind of post/thread where they can pick up a thing or two.


Notes from those who have been to Somaliland:


Christina from Spain


Good day to all of you in Somaliland Travel & Tourism Agency office, please tell Mr. Abdinasir the manager that we are very satisfied with the tour and that we are also very happy to have Hussein as our driver/guide, he did take good care of us, and also many thanks to Mohamed Arab for being patient with us. We really enjoyed every moment of the 8 days tour and we saw many unforgettable, beautiful places in such a short time and my daughter enjoyed her time in Berbera very much and we are telling friends about you. Somaliland is indeed a very wonderful country to visit over and over again, (we have been to many countries; America, Europe and Asia) but Somaliland stole our hearts and we will surely come back! Wishing you more success and hopefully we will get in touch in the near future. Again, thank you for everything.

Hung Mo from Sam tours in Taiwan


Thank you so much for your kind support to our group last September in Somaliland. We received feedbacks from our guests about the tour and we are very much thankful for your service. Now we are planning one more group for Somaliland...

Melisa and John from England


One week ago we have skilled the best tour we have ever had, the 3 days tour of Somaliland. We have very fresh in our memory the beautiful period we've spent in Somaliland with the great support of your tourism agency... So, we are very happy for the excellent choice to visit Somaliland, a country full of hospitality and friendship, with a rich history and traditions, where we met very friendly people and important sites of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage especially Laasgeel. We have many, many reasons to come back in Somaliland in the future in order to review the wonderful places and to join once again the Somaliland hospitality and friendship. We miss you Jordan Somaliland Travel & Tourism Agency team.

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Hargeisa — Milk traders and local officials in Hargiesa have welcomed a grant worth 4 million euros ($5.4 million) from the European Union and partner agencies to improve food security and increase milk production in the Somaliland region.


The initial phase of the project is limited to Hargeisa, Somaliland Minister of Livestock and Development Abdi Aw Dahir Ali said at the project's opening event on November 25th, attended by representatives from the EU and implementing organisations.


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) will provide an additional $400,000, and is implementing the project with Nairobi-based partner organisation International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), he said.


"The project will have a secondary phase that will extend it to the other regions," Ali said. "It is a chain production of milk, animal healthcare, milking equipment, transportation, containers for marketing and cooling equipment."


To meet increasing demand, the Somaliland region currently imports the majority of its milk as powdered milk, according to the FAO Somalia. The project aims to increase local milk production from camels and cattle to produce 80% of consumption needs.


In the first phase of the three-year project, a milk production plant will be opened in Hargeisa that will provide markets with canned milk, said veterinary doctor Abdi Osman Haji Abdi, a consultant for the joint FAO and ICIPE project.


The project will provide direct small-scale funds to about 40 co-operatives and will facilitate the construction of a sales plant in Gobanimo market, which is one of the largest markets for milk, Abdi told Sabahi. The project will also help the government in the creation of the dairy milk law, which will be important in managing milk production, he said.


About 30,000 litres of milk is brought into Hargeisa each day, Abdi said, while 70% of the milk used in Somaliland is imported powdered milk.


"This project will support all the value chain actors in the milk sector and will provide a boost for employment creation in Somaliland," said EU Special Envoy to Somalia Michele Cervone d'Urso at the launch of the project. "We expect the initiative to increase the income of 1,000 pastoralists and agro-pastoralists communities. It will also allow more than 50,000 households to have access to hygienic milk

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Spartus that's fantastic news. We need to empower our local herders and farmers to start producing local milk for the market. We should reduce foreign import.


Here is my other update.


Our people too often only criticize or give credit to politicians but don't understand that artists have equal if not greater role. They can mobilize hundreds of thousands and their work can have dramatic affect on whole society.


Since the beginning Somaliland was always the home of Somali culture, arts and traditions. From the funky and energetic Saylaaci, Bataar to Jan-dheer our tradition remains unique, rich and ancient.


Our history teaches us that the likes of Abdillahi Qarshe, Mohamed Haji Ali Guhaad (San Yareh), Mohamed Ismaaciil "Barkhad Cas", Yusuf Haji Adan, Mooge brothers, Omar Dhule, Hussein Aw-Farah (founder of Walaalaha Hargeisa) and many others including Hadraawi, Hudeidi, Mandeeq, Gacayte made great contributions to our culture and art. It has been sometime.


I feel its time we updated the list. It is always hard to fill up the shoes of the legends above but we got-to restart from somewhere and today I feel there is a small group in Hargeisa that deserves credit, support and nurturing.


That small group I am talking about is no other than Laab Salah, Ahmed-Weli Furinle, his wife Asma Ahmed Ismail (Asma Love), Mursal Muse, his wife Khadra Sinimo, Yurub Geenyo, Mohamed BK (Baki), Nimcaan Hilaac, Mohamed Ciiro and the beauty queen Hamda Abdi Kinaal (Hamda Queen).


This young and fresh group led by Laab Salah and Furinle did not only revive our music after so long but they went extra mile to rejuvenate the passion that our people were known for their culture and music.


Almost all of their songs and videos on YouTube have over 100,000 views and hits. Every person that sees them gets a piece of Somaliland today. The other day I was with a group of southern Somalis when the girls began asking me questions about Nimcaan Hilaac, Somaliland and his music.


"I saw Nimcaan, Hodan Abdirahman and Asma bring the house down in Hargeisa. Ma kula tahay ina adi karno next summer," was some of the exchange. I replied: "as long as you don't carry biometric blue passport, we can escort you to Crown Hotel, owner Osman Hindi likes Hindi movies like most of you." :)


They created huge interest amongst the people in our region and the Diaspora.


Today, I would like to introduce Hamda Queen, who was introduced into mainstream music only one year ago.



Below is her latest music after a year. She already made history by becoming the first Somali artist with very modern, cutting edge music video that truly is worthy of an award.

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It's been only two months and her video Mil-dhahaabo (produced in Addis Ababa) already received almost 100,000 hits on YouTube (


However, I do like to share her Lover (Loofar) video which remains my favorite. Also filmed in Addis Ababa.




She recently got married in Hargeisa to her long time lover. We would like to congratulate them and say: Gurigina guri kheir, gurigina guri nagi, guullow ka yeel'




Likewise, we congratulate Ahmed Weli and Asma for their newly born baby girl, which is their second girl. Masha Allah, Allah ha so barbaariyo, Amiin.




Respect to our people whether politician, journalist, academia, activist, rights, artist, religious or simple nomad. We all need to respect each others and coexist and make something happen together.

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Kaluun, while I enjoy these rather colorful posts of mediocrity of yours, don't you suppose it would have been better if you'd posted it in the General section of the forum?


Please have the admin move it there.



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