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Ilaa 2 Garoon oo waaweyn ayuu Turkiga hada ka dhisayaa agagaarka Garoonka diyaaradaha, waxaana uu ugu tala galay ineey ku ciyaaraan dhalinyarada dagan Nawaaxiga Eelaboorka ilaa deegaan weeynaha Madiina.









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Daqane;961801 wrote:



THIS PICTURE IS IN HARGEISA. its in an area called Jigjiga-yar, West Hargeisa. the cars belong to Raaxo Taxi Company and they're parked outside Soorsan Restaurant.




please refrain from posting pictures of Hargeisa, the Capital of Somaliland and presenting them as being of Mogadishu. please check the source of your pictures and ensure at all times that you take extra care when posting them on here.



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warsamaale;961940 wrote:
why the arabic script, i thought it was xamar ??:confused:

Arabic is Somalia's second language, you wouldn't have a problem with Italian or Uganda's language.


It belongs to the KSA, its their National Relief Campaign for Somalis.

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