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Sheikh Sharif to Visit Somaliland

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Islam boy wonder Sheikh Sharif to visit Somaliland



ARGEISA (Somalilandsun) - The formed Sheikh Sharif Mikidadi Matongo is at long last coming to Hargeisa for a ten day Duah Transforming.


This was learned during an excutive interview with his elder brother and Ibrahim. First we started by asking Sheikh Sharif brother Abdillahi Mikidadi Matango to brief us on the history of Sheih Sharif in which he said that Sheikh Sharif was born on 10th October 1986 in Kiloleni area within the municipal of Tabora region. During the time his mother while in her firth month of Sheikh Sharif pregnancy started developing stomach upsets and complications due to this she went to Tabora for further treatment while in Tabora he condition worsened and she developed serious stomach complications and she even become paralyzed both her legs and hands. This condition prompts her to be taken to the government hospital known as Kitele Hospital were she went extensive check up and diagnosis. Which resulted to scoanning of the womb the doctor said the fore futures was dead and was decaying in the womb so he advised her to go an abortion or else she die then on the 10th of October 1986 at around 3:30pm she was laying on her bed she bad someone making the azzana (The call for prayers to the mosque). Then she fell unconscious and gave birth without any ones help soon other ladies from nearby room came to her room and found out that unconscious with a baby laying beside her which stunned the nurse on duty at the time because hoone attend to the mother when she gave birth, this was itself termed a miracle because only "Allah subhanallah" know what transpired after that the mother fully recovered after that she was discharged from hospital.


This was the beginning of greater things to come out nine months Sheikh Sharif spoke to his mother reminding her to read the (Hakika) child dedication according to Islamic custom and teaching, he also reminded of now she delivered him alive and she was cured of all her diseases, then he insisted his mother should read the Hakika for him. At the same instance Sheikh Sharif that he wanted to be a Muslim and all this happened when eh was just nine months old.


As expected from a devoted Christian family the ignored his wishes especially because it concerned Islam so they turned a deaf ear, but the young boy didn't give up quest and insisted the Hakika to be read for him at long last they granted him his wish and the read the Hakika realucently so his parents realized the were fighting a loosing battle the finally relented the decide to let him convert to the Islamic faith of which he dearly cherished which resulted non eagerness for both his parents to learn and understand finally convert to Islam.


Between May 1994 to December 1994 Sheikh Sharif preaching in Dar es Salaam . The Coast region, Lushoto, in Tanga region, Morogoro in Morogoro region and in Zanzibar. Whereby a total of 6870 people reverted to Islam. From March 1995 to December 1995 he preached in Dar es salaam, the entire Coast region, Lindi region. In Mtwara region and Songea, Tunduma, Mbinga and Ruvuma, region, whereby a total of 7805 people reverted to Islam. From May 1996 to January 1997, he preached in Morogoro region, in Tanga region, Iringa region, Dodoma region, Singida region, in Arusha, region, and Moshi in Kilimanjaro region. This was the same year that Sheikh Sharif begun his international venture by going to Kenya. While in Kenya, he preached in Mombasa, Malindi, and Voi, at Kitui, Matinyani, and Mwingi. Then we moved to Nairobi City. During our Kenyan visit, a total of 38,942 people reverted to Islam. During this year we were also through the Saudi Arabian Embassy where King Fahad personally invited us to attend the pilgrimage in Mecca. We were five in number, Sheikh Sharif, his mother, Said Suleiman, Said Omar and Myself. In October 1997 to March 1998, Sheikh Sharif preached in Dodoma Region, Arusha region, Msoma in Mara region, Mwanza region, and at Bukoba in Kagera Region, whereby a total of 6200 people converted to Islam. March 1998 to 8th June 1998 He preached in Kenya starting in Nakuru, at Kericho, Narok, Migori, Kisii, Kisumu, Mumias, Kakamega, Bungoma, Kapsabet, and Malaba boarder, whereby a total of 3478 people reverted to Islam.From 8th June 1998 to December 1998, he preached in Uganda, starting from Mbale Soroti, Jinja, Lugazi, Mukono, Kampala, Entebbe, Hoima, Masindi, Nakasongola, Ruwero, Wobulenzi, Masakia, Lukaya, Mbarara, Kabale, Kisolo, Kihihi, Lukingili, Ntungamo, Bushenyi, Kasese, Port fortal, and Arua, whereby a total of 9781 people reverted to Islam. On December 1998 to February 1999 he preached in Rwanda, starting from Kigali, Rwamagana, Gisenyi, Ruhengeli, and Butare. Whereby a total of 5430 people reverted to Islam, after which we traveled and entered the Democratic Republic of Congo, at DRC he preached in Kivu province, at Goma town for a week whereby a total of 514 people reverted to Islam. After this endeavor we traveled back home to Tanzania where he continued preaching without going to any school to be taught or being taught by anybody. By the this time a total of more than 73, 076 had reverted to Islam through his miraculous da'awah endeavor. In June 2000 Sheikh Sharif revisited Kenya at the age of four years old, while in Kenya he preached in Isiolo, Marsabit, Moyale and the Kenyan Ethiopia boarder. In this second trip to Kenya 4230 people reverted to Islam. After a short break in Kenya we traversed Kenya starting from Garissa, Wajir, Elwak and Mandera where a total of 560 people reverted to Islam, the number of reverts was few due to the fact that this is the North Eastern Province of Kenya where 80% of the residents are Muslims, while in Mandera he also had an opportunity to speak to Muslims from Somalia and reminded them about the need for peace in Somalia and there need to be in one accord as Muslims, he condemned the war in Somalia and to some extend his speech brought a commendable outcome in that region. This meeting was held in Burhayi and Burhawa where its in record there was peace for some time in the region after the meeting of Sheikh Sharif. We then went back to Tanzania, and continued with da'awah in many cities, towns and villages for four years. In this endeavor over 85000 non- Muslims reverted to Islam.On 28th April 2004. Sheikh Sharif made a tour to Middle East. He started in Oman, accompanied by Sheikh Issa John Luvanda, who was a senior Pastor in Tanzania before reverting to Islam. Together with them was his brother Abubakar Mikidadi Matongo.On 7th July 2004 he went to United Arab Emirates in Dubai for one week then went back to Oman up to August 2004 when he went back to Tanzania.While in Tanzania Sheikh Sharif continued with da'awah in all regions and provinces of Tanzania, whereby an estimated over 50000 people reverted to Islam. He did non stop preaching from town to town.


By January 2006 as I write this biography over 208076 people have so far reverted to Islam guided by Allah through Sheikh Sharif's preaching just at ten years old. May Allah fully reward him for hiswork and grant him jannatul Firdaus. May he strengthen him and continue using him to spread Islam.


Sheikh Ibrahim said that during his ten day stay in the country Sheikh Sharif will give summons for three days in various mosques in Haregisa then he will proceed to Burao of which he will stay for another three days, hw will also visit other major towns of the country. He urged all Muslim to come out in large numbers so as to benefit from Da'wah.

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I think they should invite the real Sheikh Sharif to H-town, no reason why Somaliland shouldn't sit down and have productive discussions with him now. Advance its cause and set him straight on the khatumo stuff since he seems a little lost when he talks about it. Discuss matters of commoninterest to helping him further his presidency beyond the Transitional mandate, I think he can prove to be an ally if Somaliland can put its diplomacy into action. Sure him being in Hargeisa will serve as propaganda for all the simpletons but that shouldn't deter Somaliland from talking to anyone.

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Hargeysa (Somaliland.Org)- Madaxweyne Ku xigeenka Somaliland ahna Ku simaha Madaxweynaha Md. C/Raxmaan Cabdilaahi Ismaaciil ayaa maanta xafiiskiisa ku qaabiley wefti uu hoggaaminayay Sheekha caanka ka ah dunida islaamka ee dhalinyarada ah ee Shariif Makididi oo socdaal ku yimid magaaladda Hargeysa.


Wasiirka diinta iyo awqaafta Somaliland Sh. Khaliil Cabdilaahi Axmed oo ka hadlay kulankaasi ayaa sheegay in Sheekh Shariif Makididi mutunga uu yahay caalim weyn oo faafinta dacwadda islaamka isku xil saaray oo waddamo badan oo adduunka ahna muxaadirooyin ka jeediyay.


Wasiirku wuxuu sheegay in muxaadirooyinka sheekhan dhalinyarada ah ay ku islaameen dad lagu qadaray sideetan kun iyo lix boqol oo qof oo ku dhaqan wadamo kala duwan oo adduunka ah.


Sheekh Khaliil waxa uu intaasi ku daray in sheikh Shariif Makididi uu hadlay isagoo sagaal bilood oo qudha jiray, taasina ay noqotay mucjiso aad u weyn oo uu ILAAHAY ku galaday.


Sheekh Shariif Makididi oo kulankaasi ka hadlay ayaa culimada, wasiirka diinta iyo awqaafta iyo madaxweyne Ku xigeenka Somaliland uga mahad celiyay sida diiran ee ay u qaabileen, waxaanu tilmaamay in Somaliland tahay dalkii 11-aad ee uu muxaadirooyin iyo dacwada faafinta islaamka uu ku tago.

Waxa uu sheegay inuu muxaadirooyin u jeedin doono dadweynaha ku dhaqan magaaladda Hargeysa maalinta khamiista ee fooda inagu soo haysa.


Ku-simaha Madaxweynaha Somaliland ahna Madaxweyne Ku xigeenka Somaliland Md. C/Raxmaan Cabdilaahi Ismaaciil (Saylici) ayaa u mahad celiyay Sh. Shariif Makididi, waxaanu tilmaamay inuu shacbiga iyo xukuumadda ka heli doono soo dhawayn wanaagsan.

“Waxaan u rajaynayaa mudada aad joogtid Somaliland inaad khayr ku dhamaysatid socdaalkaaga shacbiga Somaliland-na diyaar ayay idiin yihiin inay muxaadirooyinkiina. Dawladduna waxay diyaar u tahay inay ilaaliso amnigiina,”ayuu yidhi Madaxweyne Ku xigeenka Somaliland.


Ugu dambayntii waxa uu sheekhu halkaasi ka soo jeediyay duco aad u dheer oo uu Somaliland iyo bulshada ku dhaqan ugu duceeyay khayr isla markaana uu ILAAHAY uga baryay inuu sii adkeeyo nabad-gelyadooda.

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Hargeysa (Somaliland.Org)-Waxa maanta is heer sare ah loogu soo dhaweeyey garoonka diyaaradaha ee Cigaal International Airport ee magaalada Hargeysa Sheekh Shariif Makididi oo ah wiil mucjiso ah oo u dhashay dalka Tanzania, isla markaana ah xaafudul quraan mujicso ku noqday dunidda islaamka ka dib markii uu hadlay isagoo sagaal bilood jir ah, markii isaga oo yar uu hadlay. waxa uu meelo badan oo dunida ka mid ah ka soo jeediyay muxaadirooyin diin ah.


Waxa madaarka Hargeysa kaga hortagay Wasiirka Diinta iyo Awqaafta Somaliland Sheekh Khaliil Cabdillaahi Axmed oo marti-qaadka uu dalka ku yimid isagu u fidiyay iyo culimo-awdiin tiro-badan iyo Guddiga wanaag farista iyo dadweyne kale oo aad u tiro-badan.


Sheekh Shariif ayaa sheegay inuu aad ugu faraxsan yahay socdaalkiisa Somaliland qeyb ka yahay safaro uu ku marayo dalalka Afrikaanka.


Sheekh Shariif Makididi oo ka hadlayay socdaalkiisa Hargeysa wuxuu yidhi “Horta inshaallah ILAAHAY (SWT) ayaanu ugu mahad-celineynaa ILAAHAY amarkiisa iyo awoodiisa ayaanu ku soo gaadhay Somaliland. Anigu safarkaygan aanu Somaliland ku nimi ujeedadiisu waa safar diini ah oo afrika oo dhan ayaanu ku wareegaynaa, waxaanu samaynaynaa.”


Wasiirka Diinta iyo Awqaafta Sheekh Khaliil Cabdilaahi Axmed ayaa sheegay in shacbiga iyo xukuumadda Somaliland ay niyadsami ku soo dhawaynayaan Sh. Shariif Mekididi, waxaanu yidhi “Muddo 10 maalmood ah ayuu Sheekhu dalka joogayaa oo culimada oo dhan ayay is arkayaan oo madaxda dalka ayay is arkayaan, waxaanan rajanaynaa ILAAHAY subxaanuhu watacalaa inuu karaamadiisa khayriisa siiyo.”

“Aniguna walaaltinimo iyo kalkacayl aynu ku soo dhaweeynaynaa waa dalkiisii labaad ama han idhaahdo dalkii koowaad waa qof muslin ah oo karaamo leh,”ayuu yidhi Wasiirka Diinta iyo Waqaaftu.


Wiilkan Xaafudul qur’aanka ah ayaa la filayaa inuu maalinta khamiista ah ka jeediyo beerta xorriyadda muxaadiro diiniya oo uu u jeedin doono dadweynaha reer Hargeysa.

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Hargeysa boys ayaantaan wax walba waxaad ka dhigaysaan a topic; malaha waxaad ogtihiin in magaca Somalia aad wax ka xambaarsan doontaan soon marka waad ka gaarsiineysaan:)

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