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Puntland Administration's Betrayal of the SSC People

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A_Khadar;727394 wrote:
The person above me ^ iska aamus ama dhako kale keen. Mere baac baad shubaysaaye.

More like don't bust my group's myth :D

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Of course I am not putting the entire blame on the current Puntland leader. When he came, one of his very first promises was he will liberate sool from Somalilanders, a promise he hasn't fulfilled yet. You do know that an attack on any Puntland territory is an attack on Puntland entirely, it doesn't matter if certain members bring an enemy to the house. That's the responsibility Puntland leaders failed to address


Now the other 30% of the blame must to go the crooked sool leaders, who sold their soul and dignity for peanuts. We all know Somaliland have no balls to come to a steamed SSC regions and impose their ideology without ardent support from the people in the region. We all saw what happened to them when they tried the trick on Buhoodle. That's the difference between Buhoodle leaders and Las Anod leaders. One is stood up for his dignity and the other sold theirs.

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