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Somalis Behind Bars Thread!

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Not doing this to embarras, or harras anyone. Just little interest/curiousity. Its all public stuff anyways, its out there for anyone. Just putting it all in one place.

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Public records doesn't make it right. Any good investigator can find your most personal information online. Almost everything is public records nowadays. Please naga daa sxb. For I all know, some of these could be alleged crimes, not yet convicted or found guilty. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty baa buuggaga ku qoran. Anyways, maxaad ka heli if you gather up all the maryooleey criminals?

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LOL. Walee waad iga qoslisiisay.


Waa iga su'aalee raggan maxey kuu dhimeen intaan bornimo kaama ahee? Ma midbaa put out a hit on you or deal idinka dhexeeyay kugu xumeeyay?

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The Zack   

Nin-Yaaban;710434 wrote:
Well, the one i was in was min-security. Nothing really went down there. Just ur usual fight over T.V., loosing a game of cards, and just other petty stuff. It mostly housed inmates with 2yrs or less sentence. So you didn't have to worry about gettin' stabbed or the more other serious stuff that you hear about going on in jails.


Now, some of these guys are going to be doing 15+ yrs, so they are def going to prison. Now those facilities are more dangerous than the i was in. You literally live in fear on day to day basis.

Just two years, huh? Rageedii! I know that is nothing for some. One of my former classmates always gets himself in trouble being. Arrested is like going to a coffee shop for him. If I had to guess the dude has been behind bars about 12 times lol. That always amazes me. Based on the information I have from it, the place ain't fun sxb. I am glad you are out of it now, Nin yaaban. Stay out of trouble and stop hitting your wife in the face dee duqa :D

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Those charged in the indictment are identified as:


Abdifitah Jama Adan, aka “Shorty,” aka “Faleebo,” aka “Kuzzo,” 28;


Abdullahi **** Afyare, aka “Forehead,”19;


Ahmad Abnulnasir Ahmad, aka “Fabulous,”23;


Yahya Jamal Ahmed, 23;


Abdikarim Osman Ali, aka “Homer,” aka “Big Abdi,” 22;


Musse Ahmed Ali, aka “Fat Boy,” 23;


Hassan Ahmed Dahir, aka “Mohamed Ali Hussein,” 21;


Fadumo Mohamed Farah, aka “Naana Naana,” aka “Gangster Boo,” aka “Barnie,” 25;


Idris Ibrahim Fahra, aka “Chi Town,” 22;


Yasin Ahmed Farah, 19;


Abdullahi Hashi, aka “Kamal,” 24;


Fatah Haji Hashi, aka “Jerry,” aka “Jr,” 23;


Abdirahman Abdirazak Hersi, aka “Biggie,” 20;


Muhiyadin Hassan Hussein, aka “CD,” 22;


Dahir Nor Ibrahim, aka “Dahir Lucky,” 38;


Abdifatah Bashir Jama, aka “Cash Money,” aka “Ohio,” 23;


Andrew Kayachith, aka “AK,” 20;


Abdigadir Ahmed Khalif, aka “Awali,” 24;


Bashir Yasin Mohamud, aka “Br,” 26;


Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed, 22;


Fuad Faisal Nur, aka “Hanjule,” 24;


Abdifatah Sharif Omar, aka “British,” aka “Pinky,” 25;


Liban Sharif Omar, aka “Sunderra,” 21;


Mohamed Sharif Omar, aka “Moe D,” aka “Mojo,” 26;


Hamdi Ali Osman, aka “Big Hamdi,” aka “Boss Lady,” 22;


Haji Osman Salad, aka “Hollywood,” 20;


Bibi Ahmed Said, 19;


Ahmed Aweys Sheik, aka “Rear Hammer,” aka “Abdul,” 24; and


Yassin Abdirahman Yusuf, aka “Junior,” aka “Black Cat Junior,” 21.

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Nin-Yaaban;710472 wrote:
So you've never done anything wrong in your life Alpha? Everyone did something, some just get caught.

lets just say i was the rose that grew from the concrete! lol!

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Nin-Yaban..I hate to be the priest- of the -church of the painful truth I think your thread is wrong on many levels...Take the advice and please don't dig into peoples affairs.......

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