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Mother and son chop off father’s genitals

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anti-women, you mean ur wife, waryaa waxbaa kaa khaldan, mida kale maxaa dumarka kale isku kiin keenaya unless aadan aheyn faashle smileys.gif

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Peace, Love & Unity.











Peace, Love & Unity.

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Jacaylbaro;692826 wrote:
I just bought Anti-women pants ........... just in case u know , ,


And you also need insurance,,,,,,just in case something happen while taking shower:D

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He deserves it. ***** iyuu guursaday, ***** ayaay u dhashay. Nacal shaklak.



asaa isku keenay yaah....





Wareer Badanaa!!!

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Jacaylbaro;692778 wrote:
A woman connived with her son to chop off her husband’s genitals during a quarrel over money.


Mr Momanyi Okwemwa of Riang’ombenene in Nyaguta sub-location in Kisii was attacked on Tuesday night after he failed to account for Sh150 from tea earnings of Sh400.


Mr Okemwa, a father of seven sons, tried to explain to his wife on getting home how he had spent the money but she insisted that he produce it all.


Sought son’s help


When he failed to do so, she sought the help of one of her sons and beat the man before cutting his penis with a knife.


The two fled and left Mr Okemwa bleeding profusely in his bed.


Area chief Zipporah Anunda said Mr Okemwa was taken to Kisii Level-5 hospital where he was stitched and discharged.


Mrs Anunda said police were looking for the woman and her son.


She condemned the incident and urged families to strive to solve their differences amicably.


“Families should avoid unorthodox means of settling disputes. If differences arise, they should approach the relevant authorities for arbitration,” Mrs Anunda said.




Source: Daily Nation

Glad it was not me:D


NGONGE;692804 wrote:
More on the Saudi story.

Police report gives new twist to Jazan acid attack case




Published: Jan 26, 2011 23:23 Updated: Jan 26, 2011 23:23

JAZAN: A case of an alleged acid attack on a Yemeni woman by her Saudi husband has taken a new twist with the revelation that she had already admitted sustaining the burns accidentally.


“The 25-year-old woman, named Wafa, was exposed to acid while she was using it to remove the block in the wash-basin pipe in the kitchen at her husband’s house,” said Capt. Abdullah Al-Qarni, spokesman of Jazan police. He said the Saudi man, who was arrested in the town of Samta, Jazan province, for allegedly throwing acid at Wafa, was released for want of evidence.

“We are investigating all aspects of the case,” Al-Qarni told the Arabic language daily Al-Watan.

Wafa approached the police last year with a request to refer her to Sabya Hospital for treatment for acid-burn injuries, the spokesman said. She testified that the accident occurred while she was working at the kitchen of her husband’s house and that no one else was injured in the accident. But later she lodged a complaint with police alleging that she was a victim of an acid attack by her husband.

Earlier reports claimed the Saudi attacked his wife during a domestic dispute. Wafa claimed that her husband has been torturing her for several years and even threatened to attack her again after she had undergone treatment following the alleged attack. Wafa called on the authorities to punish him.

Adel Bahashwan, a prominent local businessman, offered to bear the cost of Wafa's treatment at a specialized hospital.

“Such inhumane treatment is totally alien to the religion of Islam. It is not at all permissible for any individual to attack his wife in such a manner. He should either treat her gently or divorce her in the event of a lack of reconciliation,” he said.

In another development, Wafa's brother Khaled claims that not only did his brother-in-law attack his sister with acid, but he also destroyed documents proving that Wafa was in Saudi Arabia legally.

“Perhaps this is part of his tricks to blackmail her,” he said.

Wafa’s younger brother had also alleged that the man tried to attack him with a knife when he tried to stop him attacking his sister.

“One day Wafa came to our home in a state of utter despair and bewilderment," he said. "There were marks of torture on her body. After a short while, her husband also came and started shouting at her. In the midst of lambasting her, he tried to beat her and drag her away. When I tried to stop him, he pushed me forcefully and took out a knife that was concealed in his pocket. He even tried to stab me with the knife. I escaped with light wounds on my stomach,” he said, adding that the man also threatened to set their home on fire.


© 2010 Arab News

Wa Racist waxani:p

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