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A Somali Muslim women gets a fine and losses her job for wearing Hijab in Switzerland

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loooool, little do you know, white man lover.


little do you know.


God made me muslim dumb*ss first. Thats why my loyalty are to my muslims first, secondly my state. you took a personal insult at me, but comming from a guy named peacenow i dont really think much of you anyway.


I AM CANADIAN in London. Graduated with a 2:1 degree from a top london university politics and international relation. Have my recruitment company. Growing up in canada I dont believe in welfare. So that answers your question?


As for Arabs, loool, arabs are arabs, they have been living off of dates and milk for the last 5000 years, i introduced them to meat, i dont care about there countries cause Allah blessed me with my own. They are masters of there realm i am master of my realm.


Answer me this question, white man lover?


are you a gal or muslim? are you one of those confused homosexual somali's in North America and the U.K. embrassing christianity cause saxib if your a fruit be a christien clearly we have no use for you. you cant fight, you cant have children seeing that women are not your cup of tea.


embrace it and say hi to st paul in hell for me when you get there.

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So I was right. Why are you living in a 'gaal' country for then. Your lives are built on hypocrisy and the distorted version of international politics and demographics.

Why don't you move to all of these muslim countries you love so much. It would be hell wouldn't it? You wouldn't survive for one minute in them. Crying down the phone line for them to 'help' you.


Recruitment company? Erm.. I work in banking. So, in the pecking chain that would make me, ahead of you. So next time, I have a order for staff. I will no doubt call you.

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Originally posted by GAAROODI:

looooooool, saxib peacenow dont talk to me heye...walahi this dude is strange. Your one of those online European secret service agents, cause i know no somali would say that. Hey wanna know were bin laden is, he lives in my basement, come and get him the guy is making a huge mess downstairs.


you related to iman or ayan xirsi .....? looool !


Saxib European are the biggest fools, read what the ancients said about them when they came to jerusalem and Cordoba islamic spain.


"they drank their own piss and smelt like feases". Thats your beloved white man.


There entire civilisation was built on the back of islamic intellect.


Combenthia - in spain was the first form of multiculturalism

The founder of Oxford university was educated by muslims in spain.

12345678910 - the very numbers you type with are islamic saxib, before they met muslim they were writing this.




dame fools, there civilization is nothing more then debt, there cars, there houses, there t.v. are all debt.


dont tell me about the so called greatness of Europe. These people are nothing more then drunk, highly charged,pagans who use to drink there own piss before muslims tought them soap.


Islamic spain, Bagdad, Damascus and Mecca had street lighting when the people of paris were sleeping in the marshes.


The islamic STATE stretched from Spain in the west to the gates of China to the east and Russia to the north, you tell me what civilisation reached that many people and instilled on them 5 daily prayers and a code of ethics followed till this very day?


no one.


ISLAM....WILL SWALLOW EUROPE IN 50 YEARS. We already have the middle east and south east asia, Russia is taken seeing that in 25 years there 23 million muslims will double and make the majority.


in 5-7 years Islam will be the largest religion in the world. out doing the false cross and St pauls bull.

You sure have a big mouth for someone who comes from a non-existent state.

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Sherban Shabeel, Shuuuban shebelle!


thats rich comming from people who were once used as bridges.


Is that why you call yourself shebelle, you miss lieing face first in the water while a white man walks over you.




My forefathers acheieved what other africans couldnt dare, saxib.


"yaa naga calan dheer".


"Cuqaal talisa Boqor caaddila iyo culimo miisaan leh

Ilaahi Carshiga Nuuriyoow kaaga caban mayno

Caddaankaanu wada loollanaa madaw cisaynmayno"


saxib, read the history books, and sit back down.


as for my friend peace-now...looool ! the funny man.


You work in banking ayyy.....loool ! do you own your own investment company, noo.


I have my own company saxib, in healthcare recruitment. Do you know who bank roles us.


The richest public company in the world the NHS saxib. Keep working for another man. Thats were we are different i work for myself.


stay face first and abused like your friends shuban biyood.

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looks like thats proves it then. Peacenow is NOT A SOMALI after all. such a simple question, yet its gone quiet on the 'Peace' front.


Get lost Peacenow your clearly a wind up merchant on these here forums.


The question is who are you?


why the such interest in Somalis?

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