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Col. Abdilaahi Yusuf: Waa nala siray!, Abdiqasim: Guul ayaa laga gaaray!

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The ongoing Somali conference in Kenya has indeed reached a turning point. If it were anything, the signing of the peace agreement in Safari Park was a landmark. For the first time, all of Somalia's warlords and faction leaders came to the platform and put their hands on the pen to reach peace.


Apparently, at a time when the Somali refugees in the Kenyan camps are jubilant about the deal, cracks are eminently appearing between the different warlords.


Col. Abdilaahi Yusuf, who feels like he has been left out, politically that is, as he put it in his own words "Maan akhrinin waxaan saxeexnay, Waa nala siray!".


The SRRC, the brainchild of the Ethiopian government, is itself in dissarry. Key players in this grouping, are divided over Col. Abdilaahi Yusuf's new tactics. Hussien Aided, along with Mohamed Omar Habeeb had reportedly told the colnel that he was on his own, if he doesn't obey the peace agreements reached.


On the other hand, Gen. Morgan the warcriminal aka butcher of Hargeysa (A cheerleader for Col. Abdilaahi Yusuf) along with other politically insignificant toy-figurines including the deposed Hassan Abshir and Col. Shaatiguduud have sided with the colnel.


With the Ethiopians not as close as they once were, because of Col. Abdilaahi Yusuf's recently developed relations with the terrorist organisation ONLF. Analysts

are fortelling that Col. Abdilaahi Yusuf has bitten the dust in this latest developments.

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Originally posted by Lixle:

terrorist organisation ONLF.



While I may have a different view of things about politics in general, I must say I didn't expect this comment to be coming from another nomad for the mere intention of vilifying and demonizing Somalis from other qabiils.


Allow sahal Amuuraha.

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I really hasitated to reply this topic .

LST, I would use ur word and say "SubhanaAllah "

I may add "Some one's terrorist is other's freedom fighter"



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Lixle, dont get too excited son, the governemnt is coming. Here is an insiders view from the conference and its English as well ;)



IGAD meddling hinders Somali peace talks

- Sunday, February 01, 2004 at 18:37


Nairobi (AllPuntland) – A peace accord hailed as a significant achievement was signed a few days ago at Safari Park in Nairobi subsequent to a 10-day Consultation Conference that brought about a congruous agreement among Somali leaders for the first time since the start of the Somali peace talks in October of 2002.




Unfortunately fresh round of disputes among IGAD heads of State and Government impede the Somali peace talks.




Material inconsistencies, last minute insertions, and litigious procedural amendments to the original terms of agreements reached among Somali leaders lie at the centre of the these recent fall-outs. Disputed are the identification of members of the Leader Committee, and the interpretation of the provisions of “article 30, section i” of the transitional constitutional charter which addresses the issue of who appoints members of the parliament (MPs) in the final leg of the peace talks, and who should be classified as legitimate leaders in process of power sharing.




It states that “Parliament envisaged under Article 28 shall be selected by sub sub-clan political leaders as recognised by the TNG, existing regional administrations, faction leaders recognised by the conference, and must be endorsed by genuine sub sub-clan traditional leaders”.




And even though the conference thus far had recognised 25 leaders, the new draft states there to be 39 recognised leaders. And there lies the predicament.




For the duration of the Consultation Conference at Safari Park, it was agreed that only permanent 25 Somali leaders were to appoint MPs with the blessings of traditional elders. However, in accordance with the new draft that was being distributed to the Somali leaders, deliberate changes and insertions contrary to the peace accord signed on the 29th of January, and unknown to the leaders, had been identified. Consequently, the plenary session that was to take place on the following Saturday to approve the agreement had been cancelled, and is doubtful now will take place on Monday.




Continuous meddling and backhander practices on the part of IGAD Facilitations Committee are said to be the source of the frustrations.




Our local reporter in Nairobi approached Somali leaders for comments. Those contacted pointed out that original terms of agreement had been altered, unbeknown to them.




“It is one thing to think that we [somali leaders] do not read, but to act on that false premise is a dicey precedent” one of the Somali leaders commented.




“What you have here is, mediators [iGAD and others] doing their meddling which further complicates the process. You see, on the 29th January Somali leaders to their credit reached an agreement, and that should have been it, but I am afraid not. It became apparent that drafts detailing terms of the pact, and points of agreement had been changed. This really enraged most Somali leaders” a political analyst in Nairobi whose standpoint our reporter sought said.




“Governments and international bodies who feel their interests are not being represented are frustrating the process.




It is suspected that Mohamed Abdi Afey, Kenya’s Ambassador to the peace talks, and Djibouti’s foreign minister, Ali Abdi Farah had a hand in this” he added




“It is disrespectful and insulting to the intellect of the Somali leaders at the peace talks” he concluded.




Ordinary Somalis are enraged by these latest squabbling and fall-outs which could easily jeopardise the peace talks.




Unconfirmed reports coming out of Kenya’s foreign office indicate that whatever caused the problem had now been resolved, and the second leg of the talks will have been concluded by Monday.




AllPuntland News Desk

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THIS IS A WARNING. *********



Somalia Oline


[ February 03, 2004, 04:44 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]

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now what does that got to do with Qabiil? Unless you are saying ONLF is a Qabiil...

No brother, ONLF not qabeel nor terrorists. Simply they r freedom fighters against our (somali) enemy Ethiopia while others denying even being somali and kissing Ethiopian dust behind for some personal intrests.



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As my old mate used to say “Boowe aa la tahay Gibinka”

Lixle – let us observe the analysis which you seem so passioante about that you could not wait to share as if discovered the famous mountain, shall we?


Betting on the possible proceeds of the potential produce that might be harvested next season is the principal upon which your crude analysis hinges, and once a few layers are being peeled off, up jumps its crudeness, naivety and lack of grasp.


Faction heads in Mogadishu alone, (how many?), approximately a harrowing 13 to date if one only counts the ones that control street corners in the city (operative), and on the increase in a rare, unprecedented proportion have been part of the fixture for the past 14 years. They had been forming political allies time immemorial, thus their seemingly coming together today is no different, if doing so at all to the pleasure of other Somalis.


So, nothing new there, except perhaps AQassim, the new faction head on the block. Releatively smartest of all in the presence of other faction heads, one must admit considering the rest are of no material in any shape or form, and as he managed to convince many young ones incl. yours truly to refer to him as the President of Somalia (which Somalia one wonders).


However smart he might come across when in Mogadishu, terms of the game are of different nature elsewhere. At the table, he is just another faction head with no constituency in the campany of seasoned commandeneers and political heavy weights? I guess you never thought of that, have your sonny?


You seem impressed with the rhetorical daily rations inteneded only for the weary ears of the unfortunate ordinary persons in Mogadishu, which mind you fall on deaf ears. However. travels no more than a few quarters.


Word has it, he has been engaged in negotiations with no other than the man whose sheer mentioning of his name sends spinal gitters, if not instilling gutt-shrinking nighmares (inaYusuf - the de facto leader who keeps Mogadishu factions heads incl. AQassim like a glue) asking for the Premier post of the future federal government. How so, you might ask? That would be telling, would not it, sonny?


It is the same man that the UN, Arab League along with sizeable proportions of Somalis entrusted with the crown jewel in Arta in 2000. Where had it all gone? What does he have to show for it other than becoming a faction head? What does it say about his quality and leadership as a man? You did not bother asking yourself that, did you?


What has changed between now and November 03 when stormy AQassim told the world (as if anyone was listening) in his famous “the conference has failed” announcement? Perhaps you did not think of that either, did you laddy?


Could the USC faction heads ever agree on a single thing? Although most Somalis wish they could once do so, unfortunately that day might never come.


More importantly, the most contentious round of the game has not yet began, and you are already counting your chickens old son.


Is this the hurrying of the USC faction heads of the 90s all over again? If so, may the Almighty bless the poor souls of the former capital and its residents. History if anything to go by indicates there lies ahead a lengthy road should that be the case.


And there you wish to make a case for such madness and mayhem. Other than throwing up such doodle to the displeasure of others, you might be tempted to try to provoke the intellect. Or is that too much for nubile mind, old son?


"As for ONLF being terrorists" - well, well, well, next time you will be telling any one who cares to listen that the USC were Somali nationalist heroes. Aha, and Ouch at the same time.


Try it again,and this time try harder, and do not make a mockery out of yourself, will you?

Learn a little,

And best of luck,


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Since the backstabbing of Abshir Farax and Deerow *****, Abdiqasim's former deputies and representatives to the Peace talks, Abdiqasim undertook a very aggressive diplomatic as well as political endeavour.


Months of hard diplomacy had paid off in the last week's signing of the landmark peace agreement. And you can find your answer to the "how" question in the preample of Abdiqasim's splendid speech at commemoration ceremony of the talks on Friday 29/Jan.


It is also worthy of mentioning that, during the ceremony, Abdiqasim sat next to President Kibaki's and other official participants including the representatives of the Int'l Comm, which in itself was a huge psychological advantage over his archrival Col. Abdilaahi Yusuf who was seated among the fanction leaders.


With befriending the Kenyan leadership, along with the Ugandan leader Museveni, at the same time having Djibouti's blessings, Mr. Abdiqasim surely feels like he has courted Ethiopia in a corner. And that was exactly what happened in the last few weeks. The Ethiopians felt the pressure, and that was the reason why they didn't participate in any of the meetings.


Now, Col. Abdilaahi Yusuf is only waking up to Abdiqasim Salaad's political coupe.


more insider insights coming...


keep writing...

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Well, all right then Lixle -


Interesting how you so lavishly go on the attack where Hassan (Arta Premier) & Derow (its Speaker of the Parliament) as concerned, yet wholeheartedly promote if not dotting over AQassim (its President). I always though they were the same. Then again, what do I know, except one happens to be of USC whereas the others are not. Could you spot the NOT! What would a right-thinking person call your approach? Let the jury decide, eh!


Let us review the rest, shall we?

IGAD and IPF reps thought an agreement could be reached if bury contentious issues in the fine prints. Did not do the trick, did it? Deemed fraudulent in principal by the majority of those at the meeting, it only brought matters to ahead that avoidance to deal with issues head-on, in other words pushing ugly body parts under the mask only to be discovered at dawn, only prolongs the process. In fact, if anything it will further complicate things, and minimise the influence that IGAD and IPF reps have with Somalis. I suppose we shall find out pretty soon as to where this latest impasse all ends.


Now, AQassim is seeking one thing and that is for him to be seen as the saviour of the USC factions. It is very unlikely this will happen since there is no clear, undisputed leader amongst the USC. This might seem on the onset, and to some, a good thing with dozen of them at the table, but it is the epitome that saw the collapse of their faction heads, and shall precipitate their downfall in the future.


I see no difference 'ween the AQassim of Nov 03 and that of the 29th of Jan. Period!


A sense of security, resilience, perseverance and credibility are what is required in these negotiations. Unfortunately, none are in AQassim's repertoire.


Any leader who succeeds in building multi-platform, cross clan coalitions will win the jackpot. I very much doubt AQassim possesses traits of a first class striker to put the ball behind the net. A mediocre winger with a name, but no talent to match it, or stamina to get past the mid fielder – that is where he fits amongst Somalis!


As for the speech, it is no more than repetitions - and if you really take the trouble to read past the first few lines, you will notice it is confined to the last few days of the meeting. It speaks to those at the gathering, but fails to reach out to those it matters to the most – the people of Somalia. A sign of disjoint and disparity in AQassim's Somalia – his greatest letdown to capture the heart and minds of the people, and failure to win grassroots supporters.


It addresses NOT the issue of future rounds, what to expect and what might come next. A sign of rejoicing the moment, and failing to envisage what is to come.


It concentrates upon ill-feelings of why and how the Arta malferious TNG had failed, yet sidesteps the reality in Somalia of today.


It is a speech written by someone who considers the 29th of January agreement to be the last and most important phase of the talks. Conditions and the political situation in Mbegathi would advise us otherwise.


It is a speech that might have perfectly suited the final day of the Somali peace talks, not at the end of a 10-day consultation rounds.


What can I say, both you and AQassim feel the final whistle to have been blown albeit the first round of a 90-minute match has just been concluded.


I must admit I enjoyed reading the diplomatic bits and pieces you managed to throw in as though certain of yourself – that Uganda, Kenya and Jbouti all in favour of Aqassim. I suppose we shall never be the wiser until cash-in days beckon, if ever.


For further elucidation regarding the event, and who signed what, and as what, perhaps you want to refer to the last paragraph of the Feb/4 press release by Kenya's Foreign Minister.


And by the way Lixle - before you haemorrage some internal organ, which might prove debilitating in the long-run (and we would not want that), in trying to unearth a phenomenal theorem with regards to AQassim & Co, read the attached remarkable note which precisely depicts the dilemma facing USC faction heads. Note how I refer to them as “faction heads” as opposed to leaders- rather telling, would not agree?


Here is the miidii ....

Bal u fiirso C/qaasin, xuseen caydiid, siciid bulbul, Cismaan caato, cawaale qaybdiid iyo qaar kaloo badan intaasoo isku jufo ah iyo Muuse suudi, maxamed dheere, cumar finish, bood, faarah Wahaliye, iyo qaarkaloo badan oo isku jufo ah iyo Qanyare oo jufo ah iyo rag kale oo wadada kusoo

jira sida ILqayte, xeef, deelaaf, intaas oo isku beela oo dhamaantood doonaya inay kursi helaan mid walibana doonayo saami. Miyaan dadku arkayn

maxaa loola hadli waayey oo loo odhan waayey isku beel ayaad ka soo jeedaana isu tanaasula.



Cheers. Here it is

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