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How about this for a solution: take - Protocol, Oodweyne, Dhulqarayn, Redsea and Africaown - and make them face the shooting squad. :cool:


would that be any good - or would someone from the south say - "oh no! all hell break loose - there is not a single one among them from the south - why should they get this special treatment??" :D

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Adeer weey kuu qayileen ma is tiri? :D Why the firing squad of all things?


Lol@search me. Imprudent thing to do to a man led to the wall smile.gif .

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lol. All of that nonsense, just proves how much of a coward you are. To quote jackie chan "I let people talk who like to talk.It makes easier to find out how full of shit they are."


Nothing but hadal, you will no doubt piss your pants at the sight of a Kalashnikov.


Btw, is general morgan still giving you guys nightmares after all these years?

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Oodweyne, if you were sent to the firing squad, you would have to shorten your last words,probably to something less than a 3000 word essay. :D

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Originally posted by Oodweyne:



Did it ever occured to you, that I may have seen more gore and blood in real life than you have ever seen in movie theatre in your life,
dear lad


As for
Morgan, Adeer, cowards, are the ones who run away when things are about to be decided on the front...


And on that score,
was always and has been an
kind of guy from any battle he was supposed to be involved in (
and that is all throughout his life


Which means, I can tell you that the guy is very smart cokie. For when things get bit dicey, then all one will hear is
, he is gone for good...


In other words, he always will fight his battles in the
like the
Somali service, instead of the ground where it mattters the most...D

No it never occurred to me, and you are nothing more than a bullshit merchant. We both know it. No doubt at the very sound of gun fire you would flee in a heartbeat. I bet when the civil war was going on, you fled to england for some tea and biscuits.


Also, the SNM khat rebels were the weakest rebel movement, and without ethiopian assistance and other somali rebel movements(ssdf, usc etc), morgan would still be in hargeisa today. Consider yourself luck old man.

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