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Shame on you Somaliland .

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Somaliland(read hargaysa , borco and berbera) needs somalia , somali people need one an other, we are one people with one culture ,language ane one religion and one color , so i am asking hargayesa govreNment to stop the madness and leave poor somali people from southren somalia alone . i am from puntland state oF somalia , and from las anod in particular and we will welcome and help our somali people , they are welcome in our houses after they been harassed , beating and kicked out of hargayesa , burco and other somaliland cities , WE WILL GIVE THEM SHOULDER TO CRY ON , AFTER ALL THEY ARE OUR BROTHERS/SISTERS.

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Ayoub sheikh you make some valide points, and in my view we cannnot allow people in the country simply for the fact that they are somalis, because among the innocent assylum seeking southerners could be hidden war criminals. But before any of this is made plausible, we come back to the question of border control. It is imperative that we control our own borders, even though it might be costly economicaly it is a significant step in demonstrating sovereignty. I am aware the government has already began a passport iniative, but what is a passport or a citizenship worth if we don't know who is coming in and out of our country? another question that arises when we talk about borders is where to draw the line and what to do with the furthest axis region of SOOL? It seems the people in that region not only feel geographically isolated from the rest of the country and government, but it's known that a majority of the people feel mentally or ideologically seperate. So where to draw the line? would it be at lascanood (including that city) ? or would it be just outside of lascanood (excluding that city, including the rest of the region)? would it be outside of the entire region of SOOL? if so what are the reprocutions? It seems each question leads to more exponentially increasing questions. The only thing I can guarantee is that these questions have to be answered before the state can start making significant pogress.

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Thanx. I also consider the governments decision laughable. There happens to be a long running draught in the eastern regions and yet you would not think so by the actions of the government. If they would concentrate on the priorities they could have dealt with the people's needs and those of their lifestock a while ago and the situation would not have been so dire.


Methinx we have a poor leader at the helm of a government where ministers are busy speaking on other ministers portfolios and seeking fisticuffs. I believe that the elections were carried out under the weird premise of 'just vote for me' rather than 'here are my policies now vote for me'.


Throwing a group of people who are vulnerable out of the country will do nought to address pertinent matters such as health care, employment, etc. Unless he has been got at and bitten by a bug when he was last in djibouti and was informed just as the djibouti government were informed that he should carry out the same purge.


I will always support Somaliland and our people no matter what but the goverrnment can go hang if they think that they can just sit back on the throne and run the country like a fifedom.


Bring on the next election, I still have the receipt and can therefore return this government and get a replacement.




I must say that i am most impressed by your measured tones of late and look forward to further cordial discourse.


Man of Wisdom


You most certainly are not! You have been on a crusade against Somaliland for a while now and for you to use the tragic situation at hand for your own motives is repugnant.

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The whole issue regarding the geographical demarcation of Somaliland is a red herring. It is simply a ploy which has been formulated quite recently to encourage indecision and self doubt. The borders of Somaliland are indisputable and comprise the same as the period when Somaliland first gained independance and was initially recognsed as a sovereign state. I am satisfied with that and will gladly move on to more meaningful matters. The government must extend its presence permanently to the limited area over which there is so much bruhaha post haste. Lets get this nonsence behind us and concentrate fully on further development.

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Is the current Somaliland government incompetent? Yes. Is the action they took regarding this matter accurate? Yes.

Are the people of somaliland supporting this effort? Yes.


No one shed a single drop of tear for the average Somaliland citizen when they were destroyed in the hand s of these so-called Somali brothers. Somaliland government are not killing or torturing any one and there is no ethnic cleansing going on in Somaliland. They politely asked these individuals to leave and go back their homelands for security and economical reasons.

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Originally posted by Jaylaani:

No one shed a single drop of tear for the average Somaliland citizen when they were destroyed in the hand s of these so-called Somali brothers.

Did ya shed tears for other killings before the one in Somaliland? How about the one after?


Whatever gone is gone saxib. If ya don't move on, there will never be peace between our people na'mean.


I agree with Lander. Riyaale shouldn't kick those masaakiin Somalis out na'mean.



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To all


It seems that we all agree that the actions of Somaliland government regarding the Somali refugees are wrong. Poor destitute people should not be used as an excuse for the failure of security ( the killings of the foreigners). It was an easy remedy; however I doubt that this will create any lasting security solutions.


My Somaliland brothers are hiding their disgust well by as usual comparing this situation to that of their collective pre war experience. I for one do not see the point of this constant remaindering of the Siyad era and what this has got to do with these poor people who came to Somaliland for survival. It shows how ignorant we have become that most of us who are or have been refugees in these western countries which we reside, how many times have we felt little, weak unwanted and insignificant alians in these cold countries? We have remedied this by acknowledging the fact that these (westerners) are people who have welcomed us even though we share no culture and religion and we should put up with the bad actions because we have no choice its not our land.

Image being cold and insignificant in a place where people share your religion, culture and ethnicity , now how do you remedy that?


If people should be deported because of the actions of Siyad we should start with Coloner Riyale, Faisal Cali Warrabe and the rest of the former regime cronies . Siyad’s old government like that of Riyaale's present has used the people as a tool to keep power, creating animosity suspicion and hatred between brothers. Siyad did this and failed and no doubt Riyaale will fail as has proven you can not divide brothers.


Farax , many thanks for the kind words


Djabouti’s actions is also scandalous and no one condones it, the idea that there is a sinister targeting of Somaliland is wrong; Somaliland and Djibouti are both wrong with these ridiculous policies.

No innocent Somali or for that matter human being should be treated in this way, it goes against everything we as Muslims believe in. I know that you all agree with this, even though at times you (Somalilanders) suffer from a siege mentality.


Lander brought some interesting security issues, such as border controls and ways of implementing this by the Somaliland authorities, however as with everything the reality is overlooked, Somaliland is in no state to control borders, it has been evident that this administration has very little control outside the major cities.


No insults people lets get to the point where do you stand on this issue, I for one am against these tyrants ( Riyaale & Ghele) deporting refugees.

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Somaliland, in my opinion are on the right course, for cleansing its heritage from Hyenas.What is wrong with , when one protects his being? unless you have no confidence in ur own being, then the only option that is left is to dehumanize the good action that somaliland is taken.Why on earth you want be there? if the ppl in Landers support this dissassociation of non somalilanders, will it hurt your being or enhance it? that is the question one must answer first!I do support unequivalently what the landers are doing, and i hope they will even go fruther by deporting any 1 who does not have any legitimate claim why they have to be in somaliland.Garbage in Garbage out.

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King 450, thanks for your frank remarks, these poor people are Haynas? or the whole southern Somali's are Hayenas? please answer this point for me. Such logic, who's well being are you enhancing? Or are you currupting the moral dignity of a people?

Look dear friend its not good to call your own people such words or are your own people those from your clan?


Your views are your own, but where are the people who have claimed the moral highground? How can those who suffered against Siyad be so easily led to cause such suffereing and then flaunt their actions?


Or is the case of the victim becoming the victamiser?

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I agree with mobb_deep ,somalilanders (read hargayesa,berbera and burco) did not shed any tears when said bari region were killing other somalis ,Infact somalilanders did take part in those killing .


About some of y,all talking about my state SOOL let me make it clear that SOOL ,CAYNE(HAUD) AND SANAAG BARI are part of somalia and they will stay as part of somalia , ITS PEOPLES OF THOSE REGIONS WHO WANT TO STAY AS PART OF SOMALIA AND NO POWER IN WORLD CAN DENAY THEM THAT . somali lanD borders is till caynaba .



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One more thing is that alot of soamlis are angry about hargayesa action here is litter written by somali person in and he said like:



Ugu horayn bahda Somaliweyn iyo dhamaan ummadda muslimiinta ah Ciid



Intaa kadib sida laga wada warqabo beryahaan waxaa gobollada waqooyiga

Soomaaliya qaar ka mid ah ka socday fal ka mid ah falalkii ugu xumaa ee ka

dhaca geyiga Soomaaliya Qarnigaan kaasoo ay ku kaceen maamulka la magac

baxay Somaliland ee Hargeeysa iyo Burco ka taliya. Ficilkaas aadka u foosha

xun oo kooxdaasi sameeyen wuxuu ahaa Midab kala sooc iyo Cunsuriyad lagu

sameeyey dad muwaadiniin Soomaaliyeed ah oo jooga meel ka mid ah dhulka

ummadda Soomaaliyeed.

Waxaa laga yaabaa dad badan oo aan aragti dheerayn inay ku doodaan Maxaa

ku jaban dadka haddii la tarxiilo maadaamaa Soomalida dhami qabiil qabiil

isku laynayso? Taas yaan lagu hungoobin sababtoo ah Soomalidu waa jirtaa

inay qabiil ahaan isku layn jirtay weligeed ama haddaba uu ka dhexeeyo

xafiiltan ku dhisan xukun ku tartan, hase ahaatee Taariikhda Soomaaliya

horay ugama dhicin koox ama Maamul sida kan Hargeeysa Tarxiil ama isir

takoor ku sameeyey muwaadiniin Soomaaliyeed Xataa Dagaal oogeyaasha ugu

shaqsiyada xun Soomaaliya illaa hadda ma jiro nin ficilkaas ku dhaqaaqay si

kasta ha u nebcaado Qabiilka uu la dirirayee!, arintaanina waxaay noqotay

dhacdo taariikh madoow ku reebi doonta kooxdii arintaan ku dhaqaaqday

runtiina ku soo biiray sooyaalka dhacdooyinkii taariikheed ee Soomaaliya.


Maamulka Hargeeysa ee uu Madaxda ka yahay Daahir Riyaale Kaahin markii ay

Go,aankaa Arxandarada ah ku dhaqaaqeen dadkii la tarxiilay waxaa jidka

intii ay ku sii jireen ku le’day dad gaaraya 26 qofood kadib markii Baabuur

si aan macquul hayn loogu raray kadibna uu ku rogmaday Magaalada Garoowe,

xaaladaasi markay dhacday waxaa Bayaano iyo Ashtakooyin ka horkeenay Kooxda

In Riyaalle dad wax garad ah una dhashay magaalooyinka Burciyo Hargeeysa ,

waa rag gartay Duug waxaay noqon iyo in Waranka cirka loo qanaa uu dib ugu

soo noqon doono Hargeeysa iyo Burco runtiina ragaasi waxaay mudan yihiin in

la bogaadiyo.


Bayaankaas makii ay raga waxgaradkaahi kaga dhawaaqeen Hargeeysa ayaa waxaa

qoraalo iyo Warsaxaafadeedyo Sumaysan soo saaray Kooxda Cunsurigaa ee

Faysal Cali waraabe kuwaasoo ay ku ayidayaan in la sii kordhiyo tarxiilka

lagu hayo shacbiga Koonfureed taasoo ay weliba ku cadaynayaan inay iyagu

fikirkaan markii hore soo jeediyeen haddana ay ku taagerayaan maamulka

Riyaalle Kaahin.

Waxyaabaha laga xishoodo ee kooxda Faysal Waraabe ku doodayaan waxaa ka mid

ah dadka Koofurka yimid in ay Hargeeysa u joogaan Dawarsi ama Tuugsi kadibna

lacagta ay dawarsadaan ay u diraan Koofur iyo Baydhabo, taasina ay

Hargeeysa dhaqaalo daro iyo Xasilooni daro ku riday. Bal halays weydiiyee

qof Dawarsanaya dhaqaalaha uu dal ama magaalo ka qaadi karaa intuu la

ekyahay? Waxaa kaloo loo baahan yahay Kooxdaasi Ucid inay ogaadaan horta

Soomaalida waqooyi ku nool ee Koonfureed iyo Soomaalida koonfur ku nool ee

waqooyi kuweebaa badan? Haddii ummadu iswada Tarxiishose ma qolo keliya

ayay u daran tahay ? weliba Haddii la sii Cadeeyo Beesha uu ka dhashay

faysal Cali Waraabe ee Garxajis ama Ciidogale iyaga ayaa ugu badan Isaaqa

Koonfur jooga ama danaha dhaqaale ama Siyaasadeed ku haysta Magaalooyinka

waaweyn ee Soomaaliyeed .

Hadaba Faysal miyaanu u ekayn ninkii Laantii geedka ahayd ee uu ku taagnaa

yiri waa goynayaa, Xaqiiqduna waxaay tahay sideedaba Kooxha ama shaqsiyaadka

Cunsurigaa sida sykin headska oo kale waa dad aad u shaqsiyad liita oo

cuqdad ka qaba bulshooyinka kale umana kala Soocna xumanta iyo wanaagu,

waxaayna u haystaan in ummadoo dhami cadowgooda tahay.

Waxaan qirayaa inaan dadka ama beesha Isaaqu isku raacsanayn raalina ka wada

ahayn dhibaatada lagu samaynayo beelaha kale ee Soomaaliyeed hase yeeshee

kooxaha Cunsuriga ama dhibaatooyinka wada waxaay u dhasheen beesha ***** ,

waxaana taas daliil u ah ilaa hadda ma jirto magaalo kale oo dad Soomaali

ah laga Musaafuriyey sida Boorama, Gobolka Sool, Sanaag Bari iwm. Waxaa

Xusid mudan Jawbuuti dad ka yimid kuna jeeday Koonfurta Soomaaliya in ay dad

u dhashay beesha ***** ay u diidaan la dhexmaro dhulooda dakiina lagu

silciyey inta u dhexaysa Xuduuda Loowyacado iyo Jabuuti , ugu Dabayntiina

dad u dhashay Beesha Gadabiirsi ay dadkii u ogolaadeen inay u soo gudbaan

Boorama halkaasna ay ka aadeen dhulkii ay u socdeen .

Ugu Dambayntii ummadda Soomaaliyeed gaarahaan Soomaalida Koonfureed waxaan u

soo jeedinayaa inaan dhibaato aargoosasho ah loo geeysan dadka Soomaaliyeed

ee waqooyi gaarahaan beesha ay dhasheen kooxdaan Faysal Cali waraabe oo ay

isaga qaldantay Soomaalinimaddii iyo siddii lagu gaari lahaa xukun beel u

gaar ah, Sidoo kalena waxaan Amaan u soo jeedinayaa inta ka dhiidhisay

Xumaanta & hurinta Colaad dhexmarta shacbiga Soomaalieed meel kasta ha

joogee, waxaan ku soo gunaanadayaa illaah ummadda soomaaliyeed Bogeeda

burcad haysu mariyo hana ka saaro burburka iyo dhibaatada.



Wabillaahi Towfiiq.


Jaamac Cismaan Faarax.

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Even though I droped in to check on some friends I had to comment on this issue.


First of all it is not the average Somalilander who bears the responsibility for whichever actions his government takes, it is rather president Kahin's poor judement.



We as Somalilanders have an obligation towards those whom we share with common language and blood. Somalinimo a side, we also assume a human obligation to assist the less foutunate amongst us.



This ill-advised decision taken by the government

with no thorough consideration will only damage Somaliland's overall good reputation.



Shame on the government not the peace loving :cool: people of Somaliland.

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jaber! i feel u bro! i dont care what rats a$$ some talking head says! but this action signifies the first time that a nomad has been discriminated under a peaceful nomad region! so the q's is whats the purpose of this? quite simply it point to greed! warlords & thugs of cry babyland (oops) i meant s'land wagging their tales to the white house policies of evicting nomads they assume harbor alqaida! talking about selling their souls for the $! once a thug always

thug yall!

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It seems that already the tone of argument has gone out the window due to the tone of guraad and rudy, and porbably several others who haven't felt the urge to step up to bat wiith their true feelings.




Talk of sool and sanaag is it? Well I see you and I raise you a come back when you've mastered another note.




That's qute, your already playing on words! Back to the same old song! So much for your concern for fellow somalis.


Don't get me wrong, I dislike the policies that are in place in Somaliland but here are some facts.


1. Those people were asked to leave in good time. They were not rounded up on the spot and escorted to the border at gunpoint.


2. They could leave with all their belongings. They did not have their property looted and or confiscated.


3. They were not subject to abuse from the government and or the local population.


4. The accidents that occured were due to negligence on the part of the carrier. The lorry driver and or the owner is directly responsible for carrying people in a safe and secure manner. This was missed by the police in both Somaliland and their destination.


I agree that these and other people should leave Somaliland, I just disagree with the timing. This is a situation which has been manifested by those who have a pathalogical hatred for Somaliland and who encourage people to do her and her people harm.

I love my country and will stand by her no matter what. The views of some people who think this is an opportunity to take a cheap shot at the country and its people are but silent and futile fist shaking underscored by the pitiful callousness as they desperately search for any 'bad' news on the Somaliland front.


Heck, my eyes are turning square and I think that I have been too frequent a poster so will grab some fresh air.

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