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2005 Champions League

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Its that time of the year again when the best international club 'football' starts.


Here's the draw:



Olympiacos (greece)

Liverpool (england)

Monaco (france)

Deportivo la Coruna (Spain)



Real Madrid (Spain)

Bayen Leverkusen (Germany)

AS Roma (Italy)

Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine)



Bayern Munchen (Germany)

Juventus (Italy)

AFC Ajax (Netherlands)

Macabbi Tel-Aviv (Israel)



Olympic Lyon (France)

Sparta (Czech Rep)

Manchester United (England)

Fenebahce (Turkey)



PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Pananthinaikos (Greece)

Arsenal (England)

Rosenborg (Norway)



Celtic (Scotland)

AC Milan (Italy)

Barcelona (Spain)

Shakhtar (Ukraine)



Bremen (Germany)

Anderlecht (Belgium)

Internazionale (Italy)

Valencia (Spain - Supercup winner & UEFA Cup winner 2004)



FC Porto (Portugal - 2004 Champions league winner)

PSG (France)

Chelsea (England)

CSKA (Russia)


toughest groups are Groups C, F, & G and i'm not saying that because my two favourite teams are in there. Man UTD & Fenebahce have an easy group.

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salams Mojam


I disagree bro :D


I think Groups B G F are the strongest. But it should be a very strong and entertaing Champions League this year.


Milan v Barca, Valencia v Inter, Bayern v Juve, and Roma v Real are the draw's of the first round for me.

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^^^ Welcome back Sujui, i here your first stop was Edgware road straight after getting off the plane at Heathrow :D


Well Liverpool are in the pot and we wil come good when it counts, just wish Jermain Defoe was a scouser :(

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Thx Bruv,


Ahh any temptations to take detour's were quickly dismissed by the weight of my Baggage redface.gif , and bro for £7m De Foe could have been yours but the Departed Houllier decided to splash £14m on a player who is looking distinctly out of place in the premership lol oh well he scored for Le_Frog's mid-week so he might yet still find his feet.


Group C is not as tough as tough as it looks as Bayern are strugglin in the Bunda's Liga yet again, a Fact confirmed by the 4 - 1 Drubbing at the Hands of Bayer (In roma's group :rolleyes: ) plus Ajax have lost ibrahimavich whilst Happo should prove to be the wipping boy's of the group.


Bremen champions of Germany and Valencia Champions of Spain mixed in with a rejuvenated International and Anderlect looks a stronger challange.


My prediction goes like this for the first round


Group A






Group B


2.Roma (I hope, Bayer perhaps)




Group C



3.Bayern Munich



Group D



3.Olympic Lyon




1.Arsenal (England)

2.PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)

3.Pananthinaikos (Greece)

4.Rosenborg (Norway)



1.AC Milan (Italy)

2.Barcelona (Spain)

3.Shakhtar (Ukraine)

4.Celtic (Scotland)



1.Valencia (Spain - Supercup winner & UEFA Cup winner 2004)

2.Internazionale (Italy)

3.Bremen (Germany)

4.Anderlecht (Belgium)



1.Chelsea (England)

2.FC Porto (Portugal - 2004 Champions league winner)

3.PSG (France)

4.CSKA (Russia

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its a shame what that Roma fan did, its a dark day for football and they need to put them straight!! whats goin on Mr Roma??

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its early days bruv, a point away and with some players out and coming from behind 2-0.. Am happy..


liverpool played some great football but dont get too excited..

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Its been an interesting start for many ateam....Real were taught a lesson, ManU had anarrow escape and so did we the favourites....Goooners...but then again we have never won an opening so I guess the jitters of Inter came back to haunt the gooners.....ah well we got the three points and thats what matters most. Liverpool did very well and Chalsea I guess are a force in the championship. Ultimately each team has to get the three points and we did. Shame Roma are still living in the stone age and throwing stones or was it the improved versions coins... :D


Oh by the way Middlesboroug though not in the championships did quite well and for me they are avery improved side firing on all cylinders....


Good luck to all ....

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man i did not watch a single champions league game, not even high lights.


what happened to Roma?


my predictions for the round of 16:


A - 1) la coruna 2) liverpool

B - 1) Leverkussen 2) Madrid

C - 1) Juventus 2) Ajax

D - 1) Man U, 2) Fenebahce

E - 1) Arsenal 2) Panathinaikos

F - 1) Milan 2) Celtic

G - 1) Valencia 2) Inter

E - 1) Chelsea 2) Porto

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What happened Winger? well our board members remain unfortunately. You would have thougth they would have learned from recent leasons at Milan towards the end of last season, and the abandoned game against Lazio, but they continue to hide the heads in the sand hoping for the best. Luis i hope so to bruv. I hope the kick in the teeth that would be expulsion from the CL would force the administration to change the way to run teh club and introduce more disipline and rigor to the football club, Quite simple we got to many Bad examples that are mirrored by the Supports behaviour.


Am just glad we got Voller in charge of teh team, i am confident he wont tolerate any prima-dona behaviours from anyone including cassano or totti and thats what roma need right now if this season is not to be a complete and utter disastor

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i cant believe they got away with it!! whats this world coming to?? its okay to lop an object at the Ref??


they are sh!t anyways!!lool.. 1-0 down and they marsh up the ref.. how embrassing!!

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