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Your Favourite Song/s

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This summer's been all bout being a "raggaemufin"...right now..Iam feeling' the Album by Chaka Damus & pliers...(early 90's-club favs)(there is Sean Paul in it anywaz when he was yound & underground). IF you bump this CD..I guarantee is gonna be a "jump off" up in here...


But still not any song is still toppin' the Maxi Priest's " "Some guyz got all the luck" in the album the BEST OF ME...whoow! I mean is it me or this song or the album is addicting? ;)

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my fav song right now is " i will love you like my peanut butter" by Mandela.


before it used to be "if i hit you with a table will you say I LOVE YOU" by Winnie.


but i have heard there's a new song and it is called"i am too sexy for your toothless grand ma"

by united ugly brothers.


so those are the three songs that shake my AQAL SOMALIGA now.

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this summer im feelin

112 Feat. Supercat - Na Na Na

Ginuwine Feat. S.T.R.A.W.S. - In Those Jeans (Remix)

Monica Feat. Busta Rhymes & Missy - So Gone (Remix)

Outlandish- Guentanimo

R.Kelly- Snake

Craig David- Personal

Talib Kweli feat Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes - 'Got To Get By'

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whoah..i don't fav song(s)?? a lot of em...




Can we Talk-Tevin Campell

Seasons of Luv, Bendin' Knee, Don't let REal luv Pass U By-Boyz II Men

I wanna Be down (or summin like dat)-Brandy

Freak (i think itz called..goes summin'like.."imma a freak until day to da early dawn...")Some of yall know wat i'm talkin' bout..(n' no i aint no freak.. :D )


Fantasy-By Mariah

You wont' see me tonite-Aaliyah/Nas

My name is-MnM

LUv is Blind-Eve


Tell me-Dru Hill

It wasn't me-Sole ft. Ginuwine

Best Man-Ginuwine, Case, Tyrese

Sweet Lady-Tyrese

Butta Luv-Next

Missin' YOu-Case

I Get So High, Breath Again-Toni Braxton

Anytime, Back at one, 6 months-Brian McKnight

Until the End of Time-2pac ft. RL

How do u want it-2pac

Gangsta Party-2pac (makes me feel

Bounce wit Me-Lil..i mean ..Bow Wow

HardBall-Lil Rascals

Promise,Gotta Be-Jagged Edge

Dangerous, Give me Some Mo, Hoo Haa GotYallInCheck-Busta Rhymez

I need a Girl, Part I & II

Break u off-Roots

Come Close-Common

Luv of my life-Ericka Badu(gotta put his lady next to him)

Sc8tr Boy-Avril Lavigne

Give it to me-Busta ft. Mariah

Letchu Go-Fabolous ft. Lil Mo


Bonnie & Clyde,Crazy in LUv-Jayz ft. Beyonce

n' da list goes n' on n' on....just of a few of ma fav tunez...n yall aint even got in to ma Somali Collection.. :D

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