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  1. born in banadir hospital where else :cool:
  2. the make-up speaks out.. i guess comes always a right time for a stone with two blows - releasing wearied american opinion and soldiers having hard time. would the progeny ****** enough to stay in the same house when the most powerful army is on their path? :confused:
  3. boycott


    When does human life begin ? that is ze big Question thanks for asking somealien. I think the moment that a woman knows she is pregnant or any test can proove it the evil is already alive and kicking for about a week! in other words its got a heart that's beating on 21st day, a liver, eyes... how small it might be. Whether it should be considerd human being or blood clot at that stage is a matter of ethical appreciation cause what is it if its not a human life. for me I'd consider life exists when fertilization is done and zygote is formed to start mitose and embryogeneses.I'am totally for womens right and this a case sensitive but what am saying is there no matter of conviction about life its a reality, no need to wait 40st day. Prochoice sounds more like a feminist thing but sometimes does it really make sense? those kind of girls can only make their lesson by rising their kid, why kill it to carry another one that is meant to be? 4 week picture
  4. boycott


    The debate should be directed towards the substance for having an abortion. I don't think those screw up kids were victim of rapist so lets speak rather about careless fleshy moment, and fruit of 5 min legs up in the air. Should one commit the crime for all that to fall through an existing life? do you think pro choice does apply in such case? or the guy should be held responsible for his dids (if there is ever one around). what about parents failed on their educative roles? what about the doctrine of permissive society in contrast with islamic position? whats the future for having an abortion?... I have heard some girls who never recovered having an abortion, now what on earth takes a mother throw her baby (once had) in the garbage?
  5. I got the most suggestive
  6. freaky yeah when you believe it :eek: :cool: but i've already cracked up! should i tell how?
  7. Here is the article for the new one startribune set a cookie on each visit so you need a registration to view more than one article.just delete the cookie or register. in your browser goto tools, internet option, delete cookies then ok. (gives you 1 more chance to read another article!)
  8. Allaha u naxariisto I've just read another article on murdered somali cab driver 5 yrs ago... Also another where the police killed a mentally ill somali brother.. its like hate growing up there in MN
  9. 1915 was the italian reign I dont think they went to chicago for a cultural exchange.. actually i'wouldn't say they are not somalis cos their dress code and hair style is related to the one in that era..
  10. wish him a very good re-establishment
  11. well i came to this situation but not for the same reason! not further than yesterday i was trying to repair my dashboard lamp that was broken for a while. with the intention to do so i pulled back the dashboard but then the speed indicator cable wich connects to the gearbox is withdrawn. it was too short to put it back and i hardly found the space to put my hand in so i gave up, closed back the whole stuff but my meter was wedged to the max while the round meter was working‼ intersting in't? at least i have a good excuse to tell if i'am caught over speeding
  12. [NAS] ... "Don't grab Boo" They started chattin, was only bout a minute, flat when they jumped in the back of the Jeep laughin We followed them pollyin, he thought the hoes were Somalian Probably wanted to hit the Holiday Inn I grabbed the phone and called the Mobb and them We layed low about a hour or so, these *****es movin too slow... Actually Nas isn't muslim but would you guys hear his songs with the same passion like b4?
  13. i don't hate the black art that hes promoting, he sounds underground actually i'm proud of it. but not evreybody knows about marketing stragey with record companies. his audience is already targeted, black muslim women but its all good. Knowing that in the black community being muslim is becoming a way of life and the lack of respect for women is obvious someone says in his intreview black men are pimps. the problem is your religion is something personnal you don't use it to sell out... its something spiritual between him and his god, nothing to yell out
  14. not my favorite but i can't get this song out of my head, keith murray here to listen.‼