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Barre Hiiraale Takes Over Beled-Xaawo

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Originally posted by Gallad:

Kacdoonkii shacabka Gedo iyo Juba hada ayu toos u bilowday.

Alla maxaa magac shacab laga been sheegtay.

Maad iska dhahdid adeerkay haduu weerarkii bilaabay asaga iyo moryaantii lagu uruurinayay doollow?


Waxaa xaqiiqa ah labadii talaabo ay moryaantaas qaadana in eey ayagu dhuunta isu gali.

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Hiiraale's 'shacab' are in Gedo, but he's headed to Kismayo - what an irony. If he wants to do anything constructive, tell him to build a university in Bardhere instead of a villa in Kismayo - the old fool still thinks its the 90s Morgan-Aidiid era. If he was a constructive leader like the guy in Cadaado, Shabaab wouldn't even kick him out of his territory, but the geriatric thug was minding other peoples' business in Jubboyinka. Good luck to him in his vain mission but he doesn't stand a chance outside of Gedo this time around.

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