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This is for all my fellow Somali Male spiceis!

WHO AM I: the voice of all Somali man, the Faraheenta undercover in the states, the masked Farah in Somali and the the faceless Somalian male in Canada.Plus the the Farah who is playing the roll of extras in Great Britain.

Ow brother, brother, deariest brother, I think it about time we join hands to combat, this desease investing in our community, They are the shame we bare today, the useless facter, that will cause the end of 'Somali man'.

They are the sin that drove us out of our land, because behind every commen male their is a WOMAN, unfortunately my brothers, for us it happens to be a 'SOMALIAN WOMAN', the mother of all chaos, the sister of the mayham, the daughter of distruction, don't look too far, for the answer, why our race is doomed, why we turned out to be a blood thurst savages.

I think it's about time we march, hand to hands, united in the struggle of putting to end the fangus, so called "Somalian woman".

Brothers It's know or never!

I can go on for ages just opening the chapter of the pain & suffering this 'WOMAN' have caused us, they are the reason Somali man are disabled, in the way of forward.

Look into the dept of your volcanic hearts, can it bare the heat any longer.

Take a look at the Bushes infamous"axis of evil", who the laible would soot better, if you ask me, I will tell ya, it was invented for Somaliwoman, of course, excluding my mother! and all those mothers out there.

Brothers, somebody once remarked that the mostimportant word in the political vocabulary is 'WE', saying the word, "we" as Somali man, makes my tongue bitter, how I would love to exclude myself from the word, 'WE', but my epadermous flacks at every mension, meaning the word hits far beyond, what the toungue exercises, perhapes even ferther then blood ties.

I strongly urge you, my fellow man to come forth, and join, this movement, that would restore our man hood, return the alian word to us, 'pride', and the uncommen word 'dignity'.

"The time is now, it now or never!"

Fella I as you a simple question, when was the last time you had your chin up and faces a Somalian woman with full eye contact, never ha.

Then come proudly under the banner to march and repersent us. I am not promising a sudden victory, but a faith or a glimmse of hope, i feel you brothers, I feel your pain, it surely is scandles.

I call for our dignity, pride, self steam, most of all man hood, self-respect, I call for a revolusion, I call for a Somali man for a none Somali woman.

I say Somali woman down!

My fellow man it's now or never! come, come in the hundred, thousand, come & defeate the enemy(Somaliwoman).

The future is ours!




--WE WILL DEMONSTATE IN EVERY COUNTRY, that the fungus(somali woman) is at large!







THANK YOU! redface.gif :mad:


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Macalin brotherman!

i have to say u such an eloquent man.

your piece inspires man.

i feel ur pain o brotherman

i am with you yet am not with you brotherman.

i see the pain yet i dont know the pain that caused you to say "somalianwoman".

i would like to feel ur pain o brotherman.

i would like to know who is this somalianwoman.

and most important o brother o bitterman.

is what has she done this somalianwoman.

that so made you to make a movement of "ainti-somalianwoman.

that you want ur fellow brotherman

to aforcome and "diss" this somalianwoman.

help me o smart brotherman

help me help you fight the in YOU bitterman.




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I am not sure if I understand much you are banging about but there is something i am sure 100% you are one confused little cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How come all somali women are shame to u except ur mommy!!!! certainly if they are you mommy should make the list


My advice to u delete ur rubbish before it gets in the ears of the many people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh please.....not another lost brother :( ...I am not gonna even bother replying to your so called "anti-somaliWomen" movement


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Mr new comer to this nomad website. Slow down your travel speed this website is free from any hate or discrimination or gander war. The rules & regulations of this side does not meet your input so I suggest u apologies & clearn ur add b4 the admin warns u. one little advise:- if u r new to a house don’t feel home yet unless u aware of all the rules & regulations. somaliaonline isn't another somalinet so seal ur lips or it will be sealed 4 u. :rolleyes:

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What kinds of Xaliimos have you gotten yourself mixed up with in your lifetime brother? There are good and bad humans in every society, no need to stereotype the masses based on your limited social circle. As a Somali Man, I do not share your blights and the Somali women in my social circle are far better humans and Muslims than you have depicted them.

So stop imposing your generalization on all of us, instead, look hard and deep into your soul and character and ask yourself “what have I done to attract such bad women into my life”. Then and only then you would realize that the problem lies within you and hopefully you will stop blaming all Somali women for your shortcomings. Otherwise you will continue to fit the proverb “Misery Loves Company”.


Make Love Not War.

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You are talking about "Somalian woman", I dont know any people called that name! :rolleyes:

Brothers and sisters We are Somalis, God knows who this guy is referring to.

Every woman is someone else`s mother, wife, daughter or sister. If you want people to respect women related to you, respect others.

Plz take MCC`s advice, look in to yourself!


PS: Why dont you learn how to spell first.

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Where is your sense of humour, for heaven sakes!

No offence, but, as a student doc, I would advice you lot to take an untideprsent tab, please don't take it out on, ya Allah!


Helllllo, I was begotten by a Somalian woman and raised and bread by one, come on, put you hallowness a side and enjoiy the joke, be entertained by it, don't let it catch you emotionally.

I love my sister, and female relatives, even the sister down the street, though it a different kind of love!

Most topic I read were rather too libral or too personal, I just wanted to give an eye catcher and a joke.

I apologise to any Somalian woman that took it personal, for any man that misunderstood my objective, please go to your local pharmacy and ask for 'PAROXETINE TABLETS 150MG' It's should also clear you consciouse.

Hey everybody has a substance called a 'serotonin' in their body. Low levels of serotonin in the brain are thought to be a cause depression and other related conditions ie lack of humour.

smile.gif Any you lot, I have a too big of heart to hate, plus my mama tought me better!

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Dr., That was FUNNY :D and nicely put...I'd be more than happy 2 join your movement...

I dont think it should matter than I'm a girl....



I'm not a girl, not yet a woman, all I need is time, a moment that is mine, while I'm in between ;)

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Salaama all...


Hmmmmmm, Interesting!.....With all do

respect..for a minute there I thought

you were one of those "Proud to be Gay" kinda

fella's we have down here in

San francisco....Since your Call is for

Anti-Women...and their call is also

for Anti-opposite sex relations..why don't you

join hands with them???.....I

mean atleast they understand your

"pain".......It's "now or Never brotha"

think about it......



Ma'salaama...didnt mean to offend you! just a


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DrRomantic, I don't know if you understand the rules of this site, but we don't use name calling here. This is a clean site. Please respect the rules of this site and stop calling people names here.



Somalia Online



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Dr. Romantic,


I will support your group from the side-lines only if you join mine, its deals with Airheads, and giving them advice on ways to be good muslims (the group is called TAQWA). So far the members are me, and Macruuf. As far as Lady Fatima goes, well your out of the line on calling her an airhead, because I would greatly be happy to list a few names of Airheads in the forums for you, but surely Lady Fatima meant it in a good way, Gay as in being happy I hope. :)I'm sure she can defend herself.


So what do I get from supporting your group, since I have no problem with women in general as long as they stay away from where I walk. ;);)

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Well well well, you see, brothers are waking up to the facts.


Dr. Romantic


I'm gonna be a member in your club and also TAQWAs movement. All i am after is goodness in our community, so does you and taqwa.


I will write more later i hope

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TAQWA hi macaanto

Though this will damage my reputation as ainti-somali woman, I wouyld to say i am honored to join your movement, and for any God loving and fearing man or woman, should join you!


Hey people am steel (ainti-somali woman), brothers don't loose faith in me!


We have to keep the ground we stand on solid and hang on it fermly.

Stout stick fright foe!

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