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  1. Poetress, you are way out of the topic. Be consistent and stop the B.S philosophy.
  2. Burco's first lady, JUST SHUT it woman. Thats your reply for now. ------ Hey everyone, i am back
  3. Maxaa kuu geeyey ayaa iga heysato. As the above girl said, lets end the quarell. Everyone has expressed him/herself. PS: LazyGirl, everyone in this site gets enough attention. Please quit trying hard
  4. Mataan you reasoning like a woman now. drop the non-sense coz there is nothing to argue about.
  5. See? Some people dont get it at all. They only oppose something, which is not meant not to be opposed or proposed to. I have proven that in this topic, now what we must know is that they simply follow others. If one opposes they all oppose and if one proposes they will all do the same. Why? they don't know.... God help yah... See things your way... NB: The composition belongs to a young fella from featherstone high school, who asked me to publish it for him. It wasn't a big deal.
  6. I have written it to trap only the light-headed ones. You proved to be one of them No offence intended..
  7. Anyone who comments on this topic is only commenting for the sake of it without no purpose behind it.
  8. don't loose your temper on a fiction story sxb
  9. Originally posted by WILDCAT: "[Admin - It's clear these chaps are being deliberately provocative...let me say my piece...allow them to take it on the chin like men]" Have i provoked any soul?
  10. You are irelevant, stay out of my sight. I don't wonna waste time