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A Somali website puts together a who is who of Somali warlords.

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Already International Crimal Court is investigating, according to this officially unproven document below.




A free Dutch translating service on the net amateurishly translated the document as:


S omalia War Crime


(1) Abdullahi Yuusef Ahmed: war indictable offences mass assassination and rape


(2) Mahamed Saiid Morgan: crime against humanity war indictable offences.


(3) Barre Hirale: mass assassination


(4) Muuse Suudi Yalahow: war indictable offences and rape


(5) Osman Ali Aato: war indictable offences and mass assassination


(6) Mahamed Qanyare Afrah: war indictable offences and mass assassination


(7) Mahamed Omar Habeeb: mass assassination and war indictable offences


(8) Mahamed Nuur Shaatigadud: crime against humanity


(9) Shiikh adan Madowe: mass assassination


(10) Shiikh Yuusef Mahamed Siyaad Inda'ade: terrorist and war indictable offences



Head of the national governing board (up to October): Abdiqasim Salad Hassan


Head of State of the federal governing board (up to October): Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed


Head of Government of the federal governing board (as from December): Ali Mohamed Gedi


Head of the republic Somaliland: Dahir Riyaale Kahin


Head of the regional state point country: Mohamed Abdi Hashi (followed in October Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed)


Sentence is maintained International Criminal Court: not signed


UN Woman Treaty and the Optional Protocol: not signed


The first step direction setting up new federal passage governing board was appointing a president in October, after fourteen years anarchy and politically violence and two years peace negotiations lasting in Kenya. In a charter for the transitional period of five years human rights guarantees had been incorporated. Prominent "warlords" that responsible for constant fightings between factions in the middle of south and of the country, products had been however chosen in the new government, as a result of which they did not have themselves justify for human rights violations. Thousands of citizens fled the country or touched homeless. In several areas products journalists and human rights activists arrested threatened. Violence against women was widespread. In the south chaos and anarchy dominated. In Somaliland took place dishonest political processes, which led there among others to the rape of a sixteen-year-old little girl because of espionage, and were bulletins concerning...

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A classic political warfare at its best. It’s amazes me how we utilize technology.


Honesty I think some of you belong to the list and may be as dangerous as the warlords. If you display support and love for them, then you must harbor the same ideology and hatred they have to one another. So why don’t you come out of the closet and list your names so the rest don’t have to engage a non civil discussion with you. The criticisms of these ruthless warlords have become a touchy subject among Somali politics nowadays. I wonder what it takes to break it.


My fellow nomads, remember Muslims (should I say supposed to) forbid evil and enjoin goodness while hypocrites do the vice versa. Which do I belong? I am striving to be the former and may Allah help me. On the Judgment Day, one is with the one he loves. If one loves Abi Jahl, he'll most certainly be with him. Allow saalixiinta na jecleysii.

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Barre had to remove some in order to pacify the terrible quandaries that the city faced at that time,
actions that are justifiable.

Sol's political side never ceases to amaze me. War hedhe what direction was your moral compass pointing at, when you penned this hasty filth you call a response. Since when did murder become acceptable?

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The biggest warlord is C/YEY, in fact he admitted it several times. Here are his famous speeches


"Anigu waxaan ahay ninkii soomaliya oo nabad ah xabad bilaabay, oo walaalahay Ethiopian la saftay :mad: . "


What surprises me more is when the fools in Jawhar club whenever he says that….!!



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